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Disneyland new stroller rules

Stroller Rules at Disnelyand

Taking your stroller bound kid to Disneyland? There are actually stroller rules at Disneyland when it comes to what you can bring in. Here’s what you need to know before visiting Disneyland with young kids. What are the new stroller rules at Disneyland?. As of May 1st, 2019 strollers larger than  31” (79cm) wide and 52” …

Little ways to serve your husband

25 Little Ways to Serve Your Husband

A lot of people think of servitude as a bad thing but really I’m talking about little acts of kindness here. What are some little ways to serve your husband that will make his life better? And what does that even mean? Little Ways to Serve Your Husband There’s a few different ways I can …

Adorable toddler sweatshirt DIY

Adorable toddler sweatshirt DIY idea

This is a post I dug up from my old blog but this kid is just so cute I thought I’d reshare it. I picked up this perfectly good plain white sweatshirt for my toddler at a local thrift store. With no stains and only a $1 price tag I couldn’t pass it up. but …

Help your husband find a new job

How to help your husband find a new job

In a perfect world everyone would be working their dream jobs. Sadly, things aren’t like that – and sometimes, for whatever reason, we need to make a change. When you’re a stay at home mom or homemaker you can feel guilty being at home while your husband struggles but that doesn’t mean you can’t help …

I Found My Calling!
Self care and motivation

I Found My Calling!

Finally, I had a breakthrough last night that I am so excited to share with everyone. I found my calling! Now of course, it’s no great surprise, but it’s something I’ve been struggling with. I Found My Calling! It’s taken me until almost 30 to figure out what I want to be when I grow …

Nosy neighbours

Watchers and the Nosy Neighbours

When we have children, all at once it feels like the entire world is watching, waiting for you to make a single mistake. Every sideways glance feels like judgement, every comment is an criticism, and the tug of war between well meaning advice and your own instincts exhausts you. There are watchers and nosy neighbours …

Painting Birthday Party ideas
Event planning Parties

Painting Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 8th birthday we decided to do a painting birthday party last minute. It was a huge success! If I had a bit more time to plan we might have done a few things differently. Overall we had pretty good lucky putting something together with just stuff we found at the dollar store. …

Blindly Obedient Kids

I Don’t Want Blindly Obedient Kids

It’s exhausting having kids who don’t follow my every direction. They’re disobedient. Stubborn. Argumentative. It’s not easy raising free thinkers who question authority when you’re the authority and you really just need them to obey for 10 damn seconds. You want what’s best for them; deep down I know that I’m not raising children, I’m raising …

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