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COVID-19 working from home

Having the kids home during COVID-19

Right now I’m writing this from home during the COVID-19 outbreak that’s shut down the world. Like many families, we’re stuck without anywhere to go and no desire to go out. The kids are out of school and times are tough. Here’s what I think about having the kids home during COVID-19. This isn’t something …

Mistakes Wives Make That Ruin Their Marriage

10 Mistakes Wives Make That Ruin Their Marriage

I know all about running marriages, I’ve already gone through that once. While sometimes partners aren’t right for each other, there’s a lot we can do wrong that sabotages what could have otherwise been a good relationship. In my experience, there are common mistakes wives make that ruin their marriage. If you’re with someone you …

My big family dining table solution

My Unique Big Family Dining Table Solution

One of the reasons I fell in love with my current home was the fact that it had a separate dining room that opened into the living room via beautiful french doors. I had dreams of decorating that space and having big family dinners in there. Or maybe entertaining (I love to party) friends at …

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