20+ Hilarious Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for funny gag gift ideas or want to be the star of your dirty Santa party, these gift ideas hilariously push the limits of appropriate gift giving. There’s plenty of ideas here for both men and women so you can find the perfect naughty present for the holidays. What is a Dirty … Read more

Mickey’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Gift Ideas

Mickey's 'A Christmas Carol' Gift Ideas

If you know me then you know that Christmas is my favourite holiday. Naturally, I also love Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ in all forms – including the Disney version. As a Disney fan, it brings so many things I enjoy together: holidays, Mickey Mouse, and Dickens! Whether you’re a fan like me, or you’re shopping … Read more

Call of Duty Gifts for Your Boyfriend (or Husband)

Call of Duty Gifts for Your Boyfriend (or Husband)

As someone who’s been playing COD since the Xbox 360 days, I’m pretty hyped for Modern Warfare 2 to drop next month. But that got me thinking: are there cool gifts out there to get guys who loves Warzone or Call of Duty for their birthday, Christmas, or other holidays? You bet there are! Here’s … Read more