Mermaid Gifts for Adults

Mermaid Gifts for Adults set of make up brushes

Who says that you have to stop enjoying things when you get older? These mermaid gifts for adults are a perfect blend of “age appropriate” gift ideas but still bring out that childhood wonder that mermaids hold. They’re great gift ideas for mermaid lovers on their birthday, Christmas, or another holiday. Or pick one up … Read more


Gift Ideas for a Couple

Gift Ideas for a Couple featured image of two people holding a gift

Shopping for a pair is sometimes even more challenging than gifting to two people individually. But with a couple’s gift you can stretch your budget further or get something even more special. These gift ideas for a couple are great for Christmas, anniversaries, or even as wedding gifts. I chose these items carefully so that … Read more

Science Geek Gift Ideas for Adults & Kids

Science Geek Gift Ideas for Adults & Kids

Science is a tricky one because it’s multidisciplinary. Someone who’s into biology, for example, might not be a die-hard chemistry nerd. Of course, all sciences cross over – at least a little bit. Here’s some science geek gift ideas that most people will appreciate – kids and adults included. We tried to put together some … Read more

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Gift Ideas

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Gift Ideas featured image of a Victorian family at Christmas

Christmas is coming up soon and what better way to celebrate than with the the man who basically invented Christmas? Here’s some great Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays. Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is one of those beloved holiday books that so many classic literary fans are … Read more