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Why People Can't Just Adopt a Baby

Why People Can’t Just Adopt a Baby

I’m writing this post today from a place of sadness. I’ve made it no secret that I’ve wanted another baby over the past couple years but it’s just not seeming possible. I actually really want to adopt, but apparently (despite everything I’ve heard) people can’t just adopt a baby. I had no idea. We turned …

21 Books I'm Reading in 2021

21 Books I’m Reading in 2021

As the world ticks over to yet another year, I have once again not accomplished my reading goal. 2020 easily could have been my year, but the pandemic brought on way too little free time and way too much stress to make reading a priority. That changes this year – here’s the 21 books I’m …

Online Holiday Shopping Tips

Online Holiday Shopping Tips

Christmas is right around the corner, and so is holiday gift giving. This year, though, it’s going to look a bit different than years past. With the second wave of COVID hitting most countries this fall, crowded malls and busy toy stores aren’t just stressful; they’re downright irresponsible. Most of the parents I’ve talked to …

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