Marriage is an amazing partnership but sometimes it requires a little bit of work. We have ideas to keep the romantic flame lit and make your marriage stronger than ever.

Why Couples Need Separate Spaces

Why Couples Need Separate Spaces

After months of working from home in a pandemic my partner and I realised this is going to be a permanent set up. Our self employment experiment worked; we didn't have to get jobs outside the house. That also meant that working together in the same office made us...

One of many Types of Indian Cultural Wedding

Types of Indian Cultural Weddings

Marriages in India are held uniquely as they are a grand affair. Be it east, west, north, or south, weddings in India are celebrated with great enthusiasm or gusto. There are so many different wedding types to go with the unique culture that exists across India's...

30 Days of Kindness For Your Husband

30 Days of Kindness For Your Husband

In my opinion, your marriage is something that you should always be working on. Even if it's already pretty strong, if you ignore it that can quickly turn into complacency. For those that want to put a little more work into their marriage, though, then 30 days of...

Why I hate watching TV with my partner

Why I Hate Watching TV With My Partner

I have shared custody of my kids which means my ex gets them half the time. Although most of the time I hate it and it causes me a lot of distress, it also means my partner and I get more time together than most couples with kids. I try and take advantage of that...