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Ways to be Calmer as a Stay at Home Mom

Ways to be Calmer as a Stay at Home Mom

When I entered motherhood almost 13 years ago, I was pretty calm and patient. But, as baby grew, so did my stress and it didn't take long before I was angry, frustrated, and worn out. Over the years I've picked up some ways to be a calmer stay at home mom, though,...

Reasons Why I Want Another Baby

10 Reasons Why I Want Another Baby

The other day I wrote about how much I love having older kids, and it's true. They bring so much joy to my life and we are able to do so many cool things. But, I am also pining for baby number 6, so I thought it would be fun to talk about that now too. So, despite...

10 Things I Love About Having Older Kids

10 Things I Love About Having Older Kids

I can't believe my babies are already five! I guess that officially means I'm no longer a parent of preschoolers… Everyone's a 'big kid' now! Sure, the littlest ones still need a lot of attention, can't read, and sometimes still wake up in the night, but it's...

Should you have another baby

Should You Have Another Baby?

I have to admit, this is something that's been coming up in our house lately. I'm turning 30 this month and I'm definitely feeling the ticking of that biological clock. I can't have kids for much longer! The 'should you have another baby' question is already on my...

DIY Sight Word Flashcards

DIY Sight Word Flashcards

Are you familiar with Dolch sight words? It's a list of words, broken up by age/reading level, that children should know at a glance. These words are difficult or impossible to sound out or replace with pictures and knowing them will dramatically increase the pace...

How to buy kids clothes second hand

How to Buy Kids Clothes Second Hand

Imagine the cost of buying new clothes for five kids every time they outgrew their size or the season changed? I would need an extra job just to pay for it all. I just read a Fortune magazine article that said on average families spend over $600 a kid on back to...