Self Care and Motivation

Need a little bit of help with your self care and motivation? Whether you’re a busy mom and wife, a stressed out employee, or a dad who never gets a break we have all the best tips to keep you recharged and moving forward.

The Best Hobby Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

The Best Hobby Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

I personally think everyone needs a hobby. They don't need to necessarily be anything crazy, but having something that you do that's just for you is really nice. Especially if you're a full time mother! These are the best hobby ideas for stay at home moms so that...

Editorial picture for Fitness Accessories for Moms for Home Workouts. There is a mom exercising with a stretch band on a yoga mat while her toddler plays nearby.

Fitness Accessories for Moms for Home Workouts

When I became a mom, I gave up getting to the gym. There are just too many moving parts to account for, the drive time, the sitter, the vehicle, the nap schedule, the feedings, the diapers, traffic, weather, class times… the list goes on. That's why I love these...

How to be More Productive With Kids

How to be More Productive With Kids

I have this habit of creating blog posts based around what's going on in my life, and this is no exception. Right now there's so much going on in my life that it feels like I'm drowning. I need to figure out how to be more productive with kids. A lot of...

How Minimalism Can Help Your Mental Health

How Minimalism Can Help Your Mental Health

I'm someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. That means positive mental health is really important to me, and I do everything in my power to keep my life in support of this. One of the reasons I decided to get started with minimalism in the first place is...

Save money on your resolutions

Save Money on Your New Year’s Resolutions

According to Statista saving money tied in the top 3 for most common New Year's resolutions, no surprise there. It's probably on your list too if you're reading this blog but I'm sure it's not the only thing you want to change about your life. Here's a list of the...

How do You Know if You're a Bad Mom?

How do You Know if You’re a Bad Mom?

The first time someone told me they thought they were a bad mom I had no idea what to say. This friend of mine, who I was pretty close with, was a great mom. If good moms think they're doing something wrong, how do you know if you're a bad mom? I'm going to let you...