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I have three boys, which means I’m no stranger to searching Christmas gift ideas for boys in the weeks and months leading up to the holidays. Here’s some of the best gifts you can get boys (and tomboy girls) for Christmas – most of them are timeless, so you don’t need to worry about a passing fad.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

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When I shop for my boys I look for things that they’re actually going to play with. Everything on this list was carefully chosen to be something your kids will actually want. And hopefully love! They’re prefect Christmas present ideas from parents, relatives, or to give to friends.


You really can’t go wrong with LEGO when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for boys (or any kid, really.) There’s a kit of almost every age, interest, and skill level – and so many to choose from it’s hard to double up.

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Longboard (or Skateboard)

Skateboards, and especially longboards, are totally back in style. And who can blame kids for wanting them? They’re a great way to get around. Longboards are less designed for tricks and more for riding.

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Collectible Figures

Boys love to display these kinds of toys in their room. It’s a fun way to show off their interests! Funko Pop! figures are great because they have almost every character you can think of, but there’s other brands out there too that have some cool figures to display.

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Bluetooth Smart Speaker

My 11 year old son loves his Alexa speaker. It’s great for putting on music, but also handy to ask questions to including how to spell words. With the skills, kids can play games, practice trivia, or just have fun.

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Made by LEGO, K’Nex is another timeless toy that makes a great Christmas present for boys. Unlike traditional LEGO, K’nex usually does more. This set, for example, has a motor so the rides actually turn.

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Toy Bow and Arrow Set

Archery is a super fun hobby, but if your son is a bit too young to get into it then a toy bow and arrow set is great too. This one is a little more robust than those cheap sets you get at the store, perfect for older boys.

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Action Figures

Depending on the age of the boy you’re shopping for this can mean anything from preschool Imaginex toys to more high quality figures like these Star Wars ones.

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STEM toys are a great way to combine a love of building with a bit of learning. Kids can build up this 3D marble maze then work at solving it!

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Boys like to be cozy too! Mine are blanket obsessed and we add to the collection almost every year with their Christmas presents. Instead of a typical blanket, though, why not pick the boy in your life up something fun like this burrito look-alike!

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Collectible Card Games

I loved Pokemon cards as a kid so I’m glad they’re still a think. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for boys that aren’t into Pokemon, though, there so many different collectible cards out there based on their interests including sports cards, Magic the Gathering, etc.

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My apologies to the kids but socks really are a great Chirstmas present for boys. They’re always losing them or getting holes. Good quality ones like these Under Amour socks are more comfortable and last longer.

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If you don’t want to gift just socks, why not socks and shoes? Heelys are back in style and every boy is wanting a pair right now. If you’re not familiar, they’re running shoes with wheels in the bottom that you can roll on.

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Board Games

Board games are another Chrsitmas gift idea for boys that can really be tailored to age and interests. If you’re shopping for younger boys (ages 6+) Ice Cool is a super fun board game that almost any kid will love.

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Water Bottle

Kids are never without their water bottle and it’s nice to have a good quality one to carry around. This Yeti bottle is solid and the spout is comfortable to drink out of.

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Nerf Guns

Every boy I’ve ever met has loved Nerf Guns. Whether you have a whole arsenals in your house or this is your first one, they’re a super fun, active gift idea for kids.

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Graphic T-Shirts

Clothes in general make pretty boring gifts, but add your son’s or nephew’s favourite characters on it and you’ve just made their Christmas morning.

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Laptop or Chromebook

While gaming laptops are better because you can install more things on them, Chromebooks can often be found really inexpensively now. They’re great for browsing the web and doing homework.

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Bedroom Accessories

He shoots, he scores! Maybe he finally puts his laundry in the laundry hamper! This, and other accessories for boys’ rooms, make great Christmas gifts for boys who have everything.

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Gaming Accessories or Games

If he’s a gamer then Christmas shopping can be pretty easy if you pick up games and accessories for his favourite console. New controllers are always nice, or a new game he’s been wanting to play is fun too.

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Remote Control Cars

These can really range in price so you might want to choose a less expensive one at first to see how much your boy plays with it. Remote control cars can be fun indoors all winter or outside if there’s no snow!

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Game Console

Christmas is a great time to give a boy the gift of a gaming console he’s been hoping for. Whether it’s a PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, or Gaming PC – he’s going to love it.

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Books or a Book Series

My kids absolutely love Rick Riodan’s books, that’s why I’m including it on this list. But you’ll know the boy you’re shopping for best; grab a book or series that they’ll love for a great Christmas gift idea.

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Shopping Tips for Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

  • Stick to things they’re interested in – some kids don’t like sports, others don’t like video games. Make sure you know the kid!
  • Remember that boys like a wide variety of gifts, just like girls.
  • Find out what other toys he has and add to the collection. This is great for board games, LEGO, K’nex, STEM toys, and game consoles.

Hopefully these Christmas gift ideas for boys have given you some ideas on what to pick up. Still need some help finding the perfect gift? Leave a comment and we’ll help you out!

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