Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

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Moms are super hard to shop for. I know personally, I struggle picking out gifts for my own mother! It seems like when she wants something she just picks it up for herself. This list won’t help you there, but it is great for those dads (or spouses) who struggle to find Christmas gift ideas for the moms of their kids.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Send this list to your husband as a strong hint if he typically fails on the gift giving. If you’re like me and never want anything, at the very list this might give you some ideas for what to ask for this year.

This post contains affiliate links. That means we earn a small commission when someone makes a purchase through these links.

An Extra Long Phone Charger

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms - phone charger

There’s nothing more annoying than having a dead phone (or tablet) and not being able to charge it from your favourite spot in bed or on the couch. This is an especially great gift to give a mom with a new baby since you really can’t do much else when you’re holding a newborn!

A Great Travel Mug

travel mug gift idea for moms

Travel mugs aren’t just for going out. Working moms will love having that coffee on their morning commute, but stay at home moms also benefit from having travel mugs. They usually mean you can drink your coffee while it’s still hot – which is a nice change. Plus you don’t need to worry as much about accidentally spills or burns!

Cute Home Decor

ceramic planter gift for mom for holidays

I love Christmas ideas for moms that involve something that she’ll love, but probably wouldn’t go out and buy herself. A cute item for the home that fits her personality is going to go over well. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant to have a big impact, either.

New Shoes

christmas gift ideas for moms - shoes

Moms are notorious for not putting themselves first. Force your wife or partner to take care of herself by giving her a new (nice) pair of shoes that she either needs, or wants. Let her have something nice for a change!

Cozy Blankets

cozy blankets for moms xmas gift idea

I hope this isn’t just a me thing, but I sure love having plenty of soft blankets around the house. There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with the kids for a movie night under a nice Sherpa throw!


christmas gift ideas for moms - massager

This is another xmas gift idea for moms that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will definitely love having! Working, cleaning, lifting kids… It all takes a toll on the body. Help her out with a massager that she can use to unwind at the end of the day.

Something Thoughtful

thoughtful sentimental gift idea for moms

There’s a million sentimental gifts out there, but it’s really important that you choose something that not only comes from your heart, but that mom will also love.

Nice Gift Baskets

gift basket idea christmas gifts for moms

Dads, listen up. Do not walk into Walmart and buy the mother of your children one of those bath gift sets that they make up for Christmas. Especially when it’s something she’ll never use! Instead, look for gift baskets that involve brands or products she already loves, or maybe wants but doesn’t buy for herself.

Memory Books

memory books are great christmas gift ideas for moms

Even though I have lots of great memories, there’s even more I’ve forgotten about my kids being little. Guided memory books like this one are a great way to preserve some of that childhood so she’ll never forget what it was like to have the kids just as they are now.

Funny Gifts

funny gift idea for moms

Funny gifts are great Christmas gift ideas for moms from friends, sisters, or even their own mom. It’s nice when you can find something that’s both silly and practical, like this candle. Every time she burns it she’ll hopefully be a bit more relaxed.

Things for when the kids are in bed

Christmas gift ideas for moms - cheese board

No, not like that. Something that makes mom feel like, well, something other than a mom for a little bit. Serving boards, wine glasses, cheese knives… There are all grown up things that moms can enjoy when the kids are in bed.

Cute ‘Mom’ Stuff

mom wine glass xmas gift idea

My SO got me a ‘Mama Bear’ mug (with ears!) for Mother’s Day and it’s one of my favourite things ever. Even though they’re kind of cheesy, every mom I know loves these types of novelty items.

Self Help Books

self help books christmas gift ideas for moms

If there’s something she’s worrying about then self help books can absolutely be great Christmas gift ideas for moms. Just make sure it’s something she wants to focus on, and not you pointing out a flaw.

A Smart Speaker

smart speaker Christmas gift idea for moms

I have the Google Home in my kitchen and I literally use it all the time. It’s nice to be able to put a timer on for my cooking hands free, and play music while I’m cleaning up.

Massage Oil (or a Massage!)

massage oil for moms xmas gift idea

I literally got this for Christmas last year, and it’s become the gift that keeps on giving. Buy this for your wife and she’ll appreciate it – just as long as you actually use it on her.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

single serve coffee maker for moms

If you don’t already have one, these are a total lifesaver for busy moms. With just a push of a button you can have hot coffee – and it’s ready super quick. I don’t know that I’d ever have time to make coffee without one!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

christmas gift ideas for moms - noise cancelling headphones

Moms can’t be ‘on’ all the time. Even when she gets a break, though, hearing the kids can be stressful. Make sure your wife has a great pair of noise cancelling headphones so she can work (or relax!) when the kids are at home being cared for by someone else.

Hobby Supplies

hobby gift ideas for moms

Whether it’s getting her set up with a new hobby she’s been wanting to try or adding to her current hobby collection, there’s no better Christmas gift ideas for moms than something that’s just for her. The great thing about this idea is it can be as big or small as your budget allows.


journal christmas gift ideas for moms

Journaling is a great way for moms to unwind and make sense of their lives. Sometimes you need to vent or work through things, and writing it out (even if no one will see it) helps a lot.


jewelry christma gift idea for moms

There’s few moms who don’t appreciate jewelry as a Christmas gift idea, but everyone has their own taste when it comes to what they wear. If you can afford it, get her something nice. But for those of us on a budget, look for something that is inexpensive and unique rather than a knock off.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Hopefully these Christmas gift ideas for moms will help you at least get some ideas when it comes to what to buy (or what to ask) for over the holidays. As long as you don’t get a mom cleaning supplies you’ll probably be fine.

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