Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

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The holidays are my favourite time of year and I absolutely love gift giving. I also know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a mom – especially when she either has everything, or doesn’t seem to want anything. These Christmas gift ideas for moms should hopefully help you find a bit of inspiration.

Especially if you’re buying Christmas gifts for a mom that’s hard to shop for. Christmas will be here before you know it! Check out how many days until Christmas here.

Thoughtful and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Make sure you check out these Christmas gift ideas for moms early, and plan to order as soon as possible so everything arrives on time. That’s especially true if you’re gifting something personalized!

Sleigh wreath hanging on a front door with custom family name as one of the Christmas gift ideas for moms

Custom Last Name Front Door Wreath

Nothing says “thoughtful” like ordering mom something customized. It means you actually had to plan ahead and didn’t just grab something at the store. And trust me, this cute hanging sled “wreath” will look great on almost any front door – so it’s a safe bet too.

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Very Merry Christmas Adult Coloring Book

Christmas Coloring Book

Colouring is a perfect, relaxing activity that almost everyone enjoys. Whether you’re buying a Christmas present for a new mom who just needs a bit of down time or your mom who’s retired, this adult coloring book is packaged with serene Christmas scenes.

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Christmas Cookie scented candles great Christmas gift ideas for moms

Scented Candles

Not just any scented candle, though. Make sure it’s good quality, smells great, and looks nice. Like this Christmas cookie one.

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Womens Knitted Mittens Winter Gloves


Mittens are a great stocking stuffer or inexpensive Christmas gift idea for moms that they’re guaranteed to like – at least if you live somewhere with cold winters. December is usually the start of the season so it’s perfect timing for a new pair.

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Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece


Last year I bought myself a puzzle and my mom stole it, so I know this is a good gift idea. When I was young I’d do puzzles together with my mom so they’re great for families, and now that she’s retired she likes to do them while watching TV.

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Custom jewelry makes great Christmas gift ideas for moms

Custom Jewelry

Normally I don’t recommend jewelry as a gift unless it’s for someone you know really well. Now, you should know your mom (or wife, depending on who you’re shopping for) but that’s not always the case. Custom pieces like this necklace (you can get it with the kids’ first initials), though, are great gifts.

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Trekking The World A Family Board Game

Family Board Game

Get everyone involved in family game night! Board games are a great way to get everyone together even if family members are different ages and have separate interests.

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mom themed party game

Mom-Themed Party Game

Or, instead of a family game (or as well as), treat mom to something a little bit more fun. This mom themed card game is perfect for a night out (or in!) with friends.

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Planter that's customized with a message for mom

Customized Planter

Treat mom to an evergreen (get it?) Christmas gift by giving her a customized planter. This one is cute, but you can get all kinds on Etsy that reflect mom’s unique personality. Add a plant or let her repot one at home! Another great idea is to include a gift certificate to a garden store inside.

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The Little Book of Hygge Danish Secrets to Happy Living book

Hygge Book

If you’re not already familiar with it, Hygge is the Danish art of comfort that is supposed to lead to overall well being. Since Denmark has long, cold winters the principals can be applied to anyone who lives in a cooler climate which makes this a perfect book to give at Christmas.

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Reusable bowl covers

(Nice) Things for the House

Absolutely do not gift mom a vacuum or cleaning supplies for Christmas. But you can give her some little things that make the house nicer and more enjoyable that would otherwise be a “luxury” – these reusable bowl covers are a great example. Maybe as a stocking stuffer idea?

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Smeg kettle

Nice Kitchen Appliances

While I’m not one to normally suggest you get mom appliances as Christmas gifts, I’ll make an exception for this gorgeous Smeg brand kettle.

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Painting Set with Aluminum and Solid Beech Wood Easel

Hobby Supplies

Even if they don’t get enough time for them it’s important for moms to have hobbies. If there’s something she’s interested in but won’t pull the plug on jumping into because of the price, Christmas is a great time to buy (and give) those wanted hobby supplies.

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Cricut Maker 3 Smart Cutting Machine

Cricut Maker

A gift idea stolen from my own mom who got one last year for Christmas and absolutely loves it. You can make all kinds of DIY projects with this thing like t-shirts, signs, paper crafts, labels, and more.

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Custom family ornament as a Christmas present that moms will love

Custom Family Christmas Tree Ornament

There’s something so cute about having a keepsake ornament of the whole family. Anyone would enjoy it, but it would be an especially thoughtful Christmas gift idea for new moms or grandparents.

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The Christmas Train Paperback

Christmas Themed Book (or Any Book Mom Wants)

Winter is a great time to stay in and get some reading done. Bonus points if it’s by the fireplace or with a warm cup of tea. If you’re shopping for a bookworm mom then she’s going to love unwrapping a new novel.

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Apple Watch Series blue

Wearable Tech

Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other wearable tech are great gift ideas for anyone, but especially for moms. Even older folks like to use this kind of technology and they make the busy mom life a little bit easier.

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Holiday cookies cookbook

Holiday Cookies Cookbooks

If you’d like to get mom a cookbook but aren’t sure which to choose this book is set to come out October of 2022. So you know that it will be something new for mom to enjoy! There’s more than 100 recipes with my absolute must have cookbook feature: a colour picture on every page.

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white Mama sweatshirt

Mom Sweatshirt

What better way to fight the cold weather than with some comfy clothes? Go the extra step and get her something that’s cute but also says she’s a mom. You could even get the kids ones to match!

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black kindle


The Kindle is one of my favourite gift ideas for moms. They’re so versatile and handy – you have every book at your fingertips and don’t have to lug around a stack of books. The newer ones are also waterproof.

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Relaxation Self Care Gift Box lavender scented

“Fancy” Toiletries Gift Basket

You know those gift packs that they sell at big box stores around the holidays? Don’t you dare get that for a mom! If you want to give bath stuff or pampering supplies, pick something a little more fancy and high end like this set.

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light blue tainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Travel Mug

I don’t care what anyone says, moms can never have too many travel mugs. They’re super handy not just on the go, but for keeping drinks warm (and safe!) around kids too.

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grey cozy fleece blanket

Cozy Blanket

I have yet to meet a mom that doesn’t appreciate throw blankets, even if they already have a few. They’re perfect for cuddling up on the couch or keeping warm outside during holiday events.

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Farmhouse Merry Christmas sign Christmas gift ideas for moms

Merry Christmas Sign

What better way to say “Merry Christmas” than to give mom a sign that says “Merry Christmas” for Christmas! Seriously though, nice decorations like this are almost always appreciated by moms who are hard to shop for.

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