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Shopping for a pair is sometimes even more challenging than gifting to two people individually. But with a couple’s gift you can stretch your budget further or get something even more special. These gift ideas for a couple are great for Christmas, anniversaries, or even as wedding gifts.

I chose these items carefully so that they’re inclusive for all kinds of couples including same sex ones. I also wanted to stay away from anything generic – so if you’re looking for unique, meaningful couple gift ideas I’ve got you covered.

Gift Ideas for a Couple

These gift ideas are great if you don’t know a couple really well, too – perfect for work gifts or real estate agents!

Mulled Wine Gift Set

This is such a pretty gift set for a wine drinking couple. It comes with everything you need to create your own unique spice blend. Then all you need a is wine to mull it with.

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Ultimate Journeys for Two

Adventurous couples are going to love this one. Curated by National Geographic, this book has 75 unique and amazing destination ideas to explore.

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Indoor Date Nights

This set has 55 different date night ideas on cards. You can plan ahead, or draw one at random when you’re feeling bored. A perfect gift idea for a couple that likes to stay in.

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Aromatherapy Candles

Candles are great in general for relaxation, especially with calming scents like lavender and rose. For couples, they can also set the mood during a relaxing evening or during a calming couple’s bath.

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Our Adventure Fund

This is a cute, inexpensive gift idea that couples who want to explore the world will love. Don’t forget to add a few coins – it’s bad luck to gift an empty piggy bank.

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Rivals for Catan Game

Catan is normally for 3 players or more, so it’s not a very good game for couples. This is the 2-player version that a couple can play together for an at-home date night. If this game doesn’t work there are plenty of great 2 player only games out there!

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Movie Night Popcorn Set

Another great date night idea, this set one of those universally loved as gift ideas for couples. Bundle it with a movie or gift certificate for an online rental.

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Toilet Tag

This would be great as a white elephant gift or to give a couple with a sense of humour. It’s full of funny little games couples can trade back and forth each time they use the bathroom.

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Stargazing Book

There’s something uniquely romantic about staring up at the stars together. This book is a great starter to turn that into a real hobby you can do as a couple.

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100 Date Ideas Scratch Off Poster

I actually think these scratch off posters are really fun. This one has 100 date ideas that you can do as a couple. Most are pretty simple, so it’s accessible but still fun! but still fun!

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Breakfast in Bed Tray

What couple doesn’t love making breakfast in bed for each other? Gift two so both of them can enjoy a meal or their morning coffee together in bed on the weekends. Bonus points if you include a meal delivery service gift card so they can order brunch in!

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Luxury Throw Blanket

You can never have too many throw blankets (in my opinion), but super soft plush ones are always a good idea. Cozy gift ideas for couples are the best!

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Kissing Mugs

I am not a big fan of couples mugs personally, but this set is too cute. I like that it’s gender neutral, too.

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Nespresso Machine

You can’t have mugs without something to put in them, right? It’s a bigger gift, but Nespresso Machines are super nice for busy couples. This would be great for a wedding or anniversary!

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Hotel Quality Sheets

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. But sheets are one of those things couples don’t always splurge on for themselves. Why not treat them to something truly luxurious? Not only are sheets practical, but they’re great for a couple who has everything.

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Cookbook for Two

When you’re busy it’s hard to find time to make proper meals, especially when it’s just the two of you. I know my partner and I tend to skip on prepared dinners when it’s just us, but a cookbook like this is a great way to add in make some easy meals together.

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Date Night Game

Pre-planned date nights are fun even for couples who spend a lot of time together. This one is 90s themed and is full of some super-fun throwbacks to those awkward school years.

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Air Fryer

Everyone wants an air fryer nowadays! They’re actually pretty cool, and make a great couple’s gift idea. If they already have one you could also get another small appliance like an Instant Pot.

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Cheese Board Set

These kinds of sets are perfect for entertaining or a cozy night at home. It has some dishes for dips or snacks, and even includes all the cheese knives you need too.

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Food Gift Basket

There are so many options out there but you truly can’t go wrong when gifting food (unless they have food restrictions.) I like this set because it has everything you need to make an Italian themed dinner inside rather than a bunch of snacks.

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How to Choose Gift Ideas for a Couple

When you’re shopping for a couple make sure you think about both people when choose a gift. It’s way to common for it to be one sided – usually favouring the person you know best or, in the case of straight couples, the wife. Gifts that they can do (or use) together are best!

Hopefully these gift ideas for a couple have inspired your gift giving for someone’s anniversary, wedding gift, Christmas, or another occasion!

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