How to Host a BBQ During COVID-19

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Victoria Day has passed here in Canada and Memorial day’s come and gone in the US, which means BBQ season has officially started. Unfortunately, thanks to the novel Coronavirus, things are a little different this year when it comes to entertaining. Here’s how to host a BBQ during COVID-19 so you can have fun, and stay safe, all at the same time.

How to Host a BBQ During COVID-19

Personally, I love entertaining. Summer usually means firing up the grill and getting a few friends over to enjoy a nice BBQ. Really, it’s one of the most wholesome, classic, and low effort ways I can think of when it come to entertaining.

Thanks to COVID-19, though, it’s been a lot harder to entertain. In many places, restrictions are still on limiting how much you can go out and who you can associate with. Even if lockdown has eased in your area, you’re probably still worried about your family’s health when it comes to being around others.

But there are ways to host a summer BBQ even when a pandemic is going on! These tips will help lower the chances of COVID spreading during your event.

Please keep in mind that I’m not a medical expert. The information in this article is based on the physical distancing advice provided by medical professionals, but there is no guarantee that this will prevent you from contracting illnesses like the novel Coronations.

First of all, make sure no one is sick

This is probably the most important step you can take to keep yourself and your family safe. If you’re hosting any type of gathering, even if it’s just one other person, make sure they’re not suffering from any symptoms that are associated with COVID-19.

The same goes for you guys too. If anyone at your family ends up with any symptoms, cancel the party.

Check the rules in your area before you host a BBQ during COVID-19

Where I live they’ve upped outdoor gatherings to up to 50 people as long as you’re social distancing. Check the rules in your area to see how many people you’re allowed to have over, or even if you’re allowed to get together at all.

Everything keeps changing, so make sure you confirm on the day of your event that everything is still OK.

Plan for physical distancing

Make sure you set up the space so everyone can keep their distance from each other. Or at least that they can stay within their family unit if you’re having a multi-family gathering.

Have enough tables and chairs ready, and set them up so people will be able to keep apart from the moment they arrive.

Wear masks if you can

Of course, eating while wearing a mask is pretty difficult. But if you expect to be getting closer to your guests (like if kids are running around and playing together) consider wearing masks for everyone’s safety. At least when you’re not seated.

Bring your own everything

Being outdoors far apart won’t transmit COVID, but sharing utensils and touching the same surfaces could. To make sure no one passes along any unwanted germs, have your guests bring all their own food, drinks, sides, and utensils.

If you really want to entertain then create packages for each person and family so no one has to share.

Be bathroom smart

Keep guests’ bathroom trips to one at a time so no one has to come in close contact with each other. Although it should be a given, ask that everyone only touches what they need to and doesn’t go anywhere else in the house.

Provide wipes or cleaning supplies so everyone can wipe the high touch surfaces before and after each use.

Avoid drinking when you host a BBQ during COVID-19

I know, I know, this is one of the staples of a good backyard BBQ. But drinking makes people sloppy, which means they’re more likely to break physical distancing rules. It also means more trips to the bathroom.

Try and keep drinking to a minimum so everyone remembers how to stay safe.

You can’t guarantee anything

While the risk is probably low if you follow social distancing rules, there’s always a chance of spreading COVID anytime you come in contact with others. If you’re worried about this, seriously consider avoiding BBQs or any other types of gatherings altogether.

You should also avoid having people who are higher risk or who have had exposure to people with COVID-19 attend. Children, too, are more likely to break physical distancing rules and spread viruses.

You can still have fun

A pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from having fun. Even if you don’t throw a party, just have a backyard BBQ with your immediate family instead!

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If you must entertain, then these tips on how to host a BBQ during COVID-19 will at least help keep you safer during these difficult times. Stay healthy!