25 Cute Christmas Doormats

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Are you a seasonal decorator?? I am actually not – I don’t like moving my regular decor to fit other things. But you know what I do love decorating, the front step! I absolutely love a good door mat, typically layered, with a door sign or wreath and coordinated planter or faux tree. So inviting without disrupting the interior of my home haha. Cute Christmas doormats are a pretty inexpensive and noncommittal way to spice up your space, real quick to swap out too. 

Holiday Themed Doormats

I’ve rounded up some of my faves to share with you, there is one out there for every style type. There is enough here to get a cute Christmas doormat for every week of the month – or at least for every door. Would also make a cute host or secret Santa gift!

holly jolly doormat

Holly Jolly Doormat

I love the contrast of the white writing on the natural straw mat of this one. The pattern is very cute and the tastefully subtle. A timeless design to start off our list of cute Christmas doormats.

happy holiday trees doormat

Happy Holiday Trees Doormat

Buffalo plaid is always in! Love the 3 different colours and the Rae Dunn-esque font of ‘Happy Holidays’.

home alone themed doormat

Home Alone Themed Doormat

If you love Home Alone, you will love this mat. Its colours are neutral which extends the length of time you can leave this one out for. We watch all the Home Alones every Christmas season and this is a few of my kids favourite parts of the movie.

red checkered truck doormat

Red Checkered Truck Doormat

Simply says welcome but the truck and Christmas definitely add seasonal flare. Would look very cute on top of a larger buffalo plaid mat.

probably watching hallmark Christmas movies doormat

Hallmark Movie Mat

Hallmark movies are the best (I’ve even fell in love with a few Hallmark shows on the Super Channel app). I love the font and the colour choices too. I think this mat would be a big hit for a lot of Hallmark lovers, there is just something so special about that level of cheese, and that level of acting. Haha.

sneaky grinch doormat

Sneaky Grinch Doormat

This sneaky Grinch optical illusion mat might help make your kids better listeners throughout the holidays? Haha. It makes you feel like you, or rather the grinch is sinking into a black hole to get into the house and steal all your presents! There’s a thin line between cute and creepy, this one almost crosses over from the cute Christmas doormats list.

let's get lit doormat

Let’s Get Lit Doormat

I have a sweater with this saying on it! Let’s get lit, are we talking about Christmas lights, or with adult beverages? Haha, you won’t know til you enter the house! (such a parental joke, rolling my eyes at myself)

joy doormat

Joy Doormat

This Joy mat is a classic, the font, the colours, the holly O – its a very pretty, simple feeling option.

Grinch, Please doormat

Grinch, Please Doormat

Grinch, Please – play on words of a popular phrase in current pop culture. Love the font and colour choice here too. 

nutcracker doormat

Nutcracker Doormat

I love love love this nutcracker doormat. It is so colourful, and I have seen the nutcracker ballet a few times too. The nutcracker is such a staple in Christmas decor and the colours go beyond just green and red. I also love the lighter background here. Might not be great for wiping boots on but could be great inside or for anyone who doesn’t live through and awful winter climate. 

merry christmas

Merry Christmas with Holly Mat

Simple, sweet and straight to the point! Merry Christmas in another tall lean font, black writing with simple holly on it. Cannot go wrong, this mat will go with anything.  

snowy trees doormat

Snowy Trees Doormat 

Love this winter wonderland mat, the greens and the white snow look great on the natural fibre. There are no Christmas words on this one either which gives it longevity, could leave it out until spring. 

white tree doormat

Simple White Trees Doormat

The simple white trees on this mat give me sort of wrapping paper vibes, but in a super cool great way. I love neutral, this will go with anything.

green whimsical tree doormat

Green Whimsical Tree Doormat

This is the first full colour mat on the list! Not intentionally but still, I actually love the lime green with the whimsical Whoville type trees, it’s super cute and I’m sure it would be the one my kids would pick if I let them have a say. 

Here comes amazon doormat

Amazon Doormat

GUILTY!!! …except we live rurally, so all my packages go to the post office. Which is a nice way to filter out what my partner does and doesn’t see… haha. This mat likely belongs at every house in North America. 

santa stop here mat

Santa Stop Here Mat

This one is cute and colourful and I know my kids would get a kick out of it. A happy little number to brighten up your doorstep and your spirits!

rudolph doormat

Minimal Rudolph Doormat

Minimalist Rudolph is cuuuuute, subtle but still gets the point across. Great for friends or family who prefer less obvious holiday decor. I love the simplicity. Can’t think Christmas without Rudolph!

santa moon and stars doormat

Santa Moon and Stars Doormat

Starry night and the Santa moon, call me crazy but doesn’t the moon look a little bit like Tim Allen? Haha loved that Santa Clause movie growing up! There is a new series based on that movie with Tim Allen on Disney plus right now too, if you’re a subscriber.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal 

Another mat with a Home Alone reference – what can I say, I know what I like! And I really like the font choice too, 5 gold stars from me!

we three gnomes doormat

We Three Gnomes Doormat

Gnomes are in, I have a friend who makes little stand alone ones and people go nuts for them over the holidays! These 3 gnomes happen to be carrying gifts, just like the 3 wise men. Christmas gnomes, I tell ya!

gingerbread house doormat

Gingerbread House Doormat

This one is actually cut in the shape of the gingerbread house as well as having the design printed on the mat. Gingerbread houses are a tradition around here, this one would likely be a hit at a lot of homes. 

nightmare before christmas doormat

Nightmare Before Christmas Doormat

I have a confession, I’ve never actually seen Nightmare Before Christmas – but I do enjoy the pop culture of the characters. This mat also makes me laugh because the antics that go on in this house can definitely feel a little nightmarish at times. Haha. 

Welcome Santa as the O mat

Welcome Doormat

Welcome with Santa as the O! Again I love the font, the sharp black flowing lines with the simple Santa really speaks to me. This miiight be the one I end up ordering, if I can keep it to one. 

red merry mat

Red Merry Mat

This red mat is very festive, elegant, a little more classic than the last few. It has Christmas written all over it, without having Christmas written anywhere on it. 

its merry af in here doormat

Merry AF Mat

The simple trees, the contrast of the black on the tan, the trendy use of a naughty acronym – this mat checks all the boxes! There is a lot of black on natural fibre options on this cute Christmas doormat list, because that makes them both functional with a design impact as well.

green grinch mat

Green Grinch Mat

I know the article is titled 25, but I had to add this one.The giant green Grinch face one, I love the version of the Grinch with Jim Carey. Where Are You Christmas by Faith Hill gives me all the warm fuzzies, such a cute mat. So bright, so festive, impossible to miss. 

another gnome mat

Another Gnome Mat

And one final bonus mat, 25 plus 2 just wasn’t as catchy. These gnomes have a little more detail than the previous gnome mat, no wisemen gifts but very on trend headwear. I couldn’t leave them out!

I could have gone on and on with this list, there are SO many cute holiday themed mats out there. I know I already said this, but it is such an inexpensive way to set the tone of your doorstep… get one for every season. They make great gifts, they are useful, people need to wipe their feet – I honestly just love them. Three cheers for cute Christmas doormats!

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