Must Have Baking Tools and Gift Ideas for Pastry Chefs

by | Oct 27, 2023

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Are you a current or aspiring pastry chef, or have someone in your life? We rounded up the best tools, gift ideas, and general fun stuff that will delight all types of pastry chefs in your life. It doesn’t matter if they do this as a hobby (like I do) or they’re a professional – there’s something here for everyone and every budget!

First check out the baking tools that every pastry chef should have in their home kitchen. These are tried and true products, high end accessories, and fun kitchen gadgets that make life easier.

Or if you need gifts, check out our gift ideas for pastry chefs in the second section. These are great for holidays, Christmas, birthdays, and graduations – or treat yourself to something fun!

Must Have Baking Tools for Pastry Chefs

Spring Chef Dough Blender

Dough Blender

I use my pastry dough blender all the time. Yes, you can totally cut in your fats and flours together with two knives but this makes it much easier. Not only does it blend faster it’s also a lot kinder to your wrists. A must have for even the beginner pastry chef or pie maker!

4 Pack Silicone Basting Brush and Food Brushes with Boar Bristles and Hardwood Handle Set for Kitchen,

Pastry Brush

Speaking of kitchen staples, this is another must-have for anyone dabbling in the art of pastry making. A basting brush serves multiple purposes (can also be used for cooking) but it’s a must if you want brush breads and pastries with butter or milk while baking.

French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin

A good pastry chef knows that you need different rolling pins for different purposes but this one is by far my most used. I find being able to push anywhere on the rolling pin (rather than holding handles) makes everything come out more even.

Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat

Pastry Mat

These have a lot of uses but mainly they help you measure out your dough as you roll. No more guessing if that pie crust is big enough to fit the dish!

Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper with Contoured Grip

Dough Scraper

Another handy tool and kitchen must have, this multi-purpose tool scrapes, measures, and chops. I like using it when making sliced cookies and cinnamon buns to help me measure.

FurRain Ceramic Pie Weights Reusable

Pie Weights

Yes you can use other things as pie weights (like lentils) but it’s so much easier to have a set that’s ready to go and dedicated to that specific purpose. This would be a great stocking stuffer idea!

Round Cookies Cutter with Handle

Round Cookie Cutter Set

Speaking of great stocking stuffers here’s another one for the pastry chef in your life! This set has 5 different round cookie cutters which if you bake you already know how often these come in handy. I like that they have the measurements on the side so there’s no guesswork.

Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle

Marble Rolling Pin

Remember when I said different rolling pins for different jobs? Sometimes I marble rolling pin just works better. Even though I like the French rolling pin I like having one of these on hand too. It’s especially handy when making chilled recipes that need to stay cool while you work your dough.

Bellemain Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Sifter

3 Cup Sifter

Sifting is a must in most baking and pastry work. If you don’t already have one make sure you grab a sifter for your kitchen. You don’t need anything fancy; this 3 cup sifter will do the job perfectly.

dusting wand for baking” >

Dusting Wand

If you’ve ever tried to dust without a dusting wand you know how frustrating it is! Some people use shaker but I find the dusting wand does a much better job at coating evenly.

Wilton Perfect Results Cooling Rack

Stackable Cooling Racks

I’ve had a set of these that I’ve used regularly for the past 10 years so they’re definitely worth the investment. Although it’s not always the best idea to stack your cooking racks for proper cooling these are a great space-saving option for regular baking (like cookies).

Wilton Decorate Cakes and Desserts Kit

Cake and Dessert Decorating Kit

If you don’t already have these in your kitchen this is a great all-round set for the beginner pastry chef. I personally use Wilton brand supplies and they work great.

Tart Tamper Pastry Tamper

Tart Damper

Ever tried to get your mini tart shells just right without one of these? Yeah, not so easy. This little gadget comes in handy for making all kinds of desserts and can press two different sizes of shells.

Adjustable Cake Leveller

Adjustable Cake Leveller

Even the most beginner cakemaker will appreciate having one of these on hand the next time they bake a cake. This tool helps you take off the top of cakes so they’re even (which makes staking and decorating easier) plus it can also split cakes in half so you can create more tiers.

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

KitchenAid Mixer

There are a lot of brands out there but, at least in my experience, nothing compares to the KitchenAid stand mixers. I personally have the professional version, but the Artisan series is fantastic and comes in so many fun colours.

This one would be a great contender for a gift idea for a pastry chef, but it’s also a must-have tool in any baker’s kitchen.

The Best Gift Ideas for Pastry Chefs

Little Pottery Bowls Set of Six Matte Glaze Ceramic Prep Dishes

Mini Prep Bowls

Having everything ready to go makes baking so much easier! Get a pastry set a nice set of prep bowls so they can find even more joy in what they do.

Shirt that says mis en place funny

Mise en Place Shirt

As a French speaker and avid baker I find this shirt hilarious. If you don’t know, mise en place means “put it in its place” AKA get your ingredients ready before starting to cook or bake. Anyone who’s been to culinary school will love it!

pastry chef barbie doll

Pastry Chef Barbie

For a young aspiring pastry chef or the adult Pastry Chef Barbie in your life. Barbie really can do anything!

The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry


Even an experienced pastry chef will appreciate having this handy reference but this is an especially great gift idea for someone who’s trying to expand their baking repertoire.

Bread Bowl Proofing Cover

Bread Bowl Proofing Cover

I’m a big fan of pretty gifts and using nice things for everyday tasks – this is no exception. Embroidered with pretty flowers, you can order these bowl covers an a variety of sizes (maybe gift alongside a new bowl?) to make bread proofing easy and beautiful.

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set of 12 Stainless Steel for Cooking & Baking

New Measuring Cups/Spoons

The key here is to get them something good quality. I know that I have a few different sets of measuring cups and spoons in my kitchen but would still love to get something like this as a gift!

Linen Apron

Linen Apron

We all need a nice apron in our lives! Made from linen, this apron is going to hold up to the flour and other messes a pastry chef will throw at it while making them look super cute in the kitchen too.

I love that it’s good for men and women, too.

Having A Mental Bake Down Shirt,

Mental Bake Down Shirt

No judgement… The kitchen is a stressful place!

Blue Q Oven Mitt, You Wanna Piece of This?

Funny Oven Mitt

You can get all kinds of funny oven mitts online but I thought this one was especially good for a pastry chef. Fun fact: I have a similar one and it always cracks up anyone who sees it!

Butter Pillow

OK this is just hilarious. Any pastry chef knows that butter is the backbone of almost every delicious recipe – celebrate by giving them this butter throw pillow. Not sure those measurements are right, though…

homemade bread storage bag

Reusable Bread Bags

If they’re a frequent bread baker this takes things to a whole new level. Designed specifically to keep homemade bread, they let close up to keep bread fresh and won’t have them wasting Ziplock bags. It can even go in the freezer!

Mushroom Cookie Cutter Set

Cookie Cutters

If there’s a holiday coming up you can always get seasonal ones or opt for something cute and fun! Cookie cutters are handy in most kitchens, and even if they don’t do rolled cookies often they’re still nice to have.

Piping Bag Earrings

Piping Bag Earrings

These are just adorable – get their favourite colour for a super cute, unique pastry chef inspired gift idea.

Ceramic disc bread warmer

Bread Warmer

This ceramic disc gets warmed up in the oven before being added to the bottom of a bread basket to keep bread warm. It would also keep other types of baking warm too – perfect for entertaining or bringing to potlucks.

Talisman Designs Baking Pie Crust Shield Protector Cover for Edges of Pie

Pie Shield

Save them wrapping foil around their pie crust with this handy kitchen gadget! The fun packaging makes it super giftable.

And there you have it! Hopefully you found some great must haves for your home kitchen or some gift ideas for the pastry chefs in your life. Remember: a pastry chef can be a lot of things so try to learn what they’re into before shopping to get the best personalized gifts.

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