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With the new Barbie movie coming out I thought it would be the perfect time to round up some of the best Barbie inspired gifts and must haves for the adults in your life. Although a lot of brands are coming out with some great Barbie themed items right now, I tried to keep this list to fun things that would make great gifts or that you just might want for yourself.

And before you ask, no, these aren’t just for women! Although plenty of these gifts and accessories are great for Barbie loving women, I also found some great Barbie themed gifts for the men (Ken?) in your life too.

Bring on Barbie: Gifts and Must-Haves for Adult Fans

Some of these are officially licensed Barbie products, others are fun Barbie inspired gift ideas. Hope you find something that’s fits in your Dream House!

I am Kenough hoodie

I Am Kenough Hoodie

This is the officially licensed hoodie based on what Ken wears in the movie and I’m here for it. If there’s a Ken or Barbie in your life who needs a reminder that they’re “Kenough” this adult sized, unisex hoodie is the perfect gift.

barbie themed tube socks for women

Barbie Tube Socks

For the Barbie loving gals in your life who just can’t help showing off Barbie’s iconic logo in a fun way. There are two versions of these socks to choose from: Pink and grey, or white and black. I personally prefer the later!

barbie logo throw

Barbie Logo Throw Blanket

You can never have too many throws, but this one adds a fun pop of pink to the Barbie fan’s living room or bedroom. Plush, durable, and officially licensed, this is one of those Barbie gifts that works for pretty much any age.

gold and pink barbie dreamhouse inspired whiskey glasses

Dreamhouse Whiskey Glasses

I just can’t with these glasses and I might just need to get myself a pair. They’re licensed as a collaboration between Dragon Glassware and Barbie as the perfect accessory for your real life grown up Dreamhouse. Amazing.

pink latext mini dress

Latex Mini Dress

Wrapped in plastic, she’s fantastic… This latex dress might not officially be Barbie merch but it sure gives major Barbie vibes. Perfect someone who wants to dress like Barbie in their real life!

pink plastic heart barbie inspired sunglasses

Barbie Style Sunglasses

Speaking of evoking Barbie’s style, here’s another great gift idea for adults. These plastic sunglasses look just like the ones Barbie wears. Love love love all the colour options! This is probably one of my top pics for Barbie inspired gifts for adults, tbh.

Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party Shirt

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party Shirt

I might be biased because Aqua is one of my favourite bands, but I love the way this shirt merges Barbie’s iconic colours and font with that 90s music vibe. This would be a great Barbie gift for guys, too.

Malibu Print Jacket Vest

Malibu Print Jacket Vest

For the Malibu Ken in your life! Whether it’s for the Barbie movie premiere, a costume, or just to give major 90s vacation Ken vibes this sleeveless jacket is everything you want and so much more.

Barbie Fairytopia Inspired Necklace gifts for adults

Fairytopia Inspired Necklace

Plated with 18k gold, this necklace is a much more grown up version of the Fairytopia Barbie butterfly necklaces. This would be nice to buy for yourself or to give as a gift to a Barbie fan.

pool floatie barbie licensed

Pool Floatie

There are a bunch of floatie options that have been officially licensed by Mattel but this one’s my favourite to give to adults. Once inflate you’ll get an oversized inflated bed that works both on the water and laying on the beach. Perfect Barbie or Ken to enjoy the sun this summer!

barbie ravensburger 1000 piece puzzle

1000 Piece Puzzle

In my experience Ravensbuger jigsaw puzzles are the absolute best when it comes to quality. With 1000 pieces and a grown up Barbie print, there’s no doubt that this isn’t a puzzle for kids.

barbie mythical muse fantasy doll

Collectible Barbie Doll

This can be any collectible Barbie doll that they’d like, but there’s something special about giving one of these to a collector. Even if they’re not someone whose into collecting, though, replacing a treasured childhood doll or set is another nice gift too.

mini barbie polaroid camera toy

Mini Barbie Polaroid Camera

The worlds tiniest Polaroid camera: Barbie edition! It doesn’t take pictures, but this cute keychain will make a sound effect when you push the button which is super fun. Although it’s probably for kids, I think these make fun Barbie gifts for adults too.

baribe and ruth book biography

Barbie and Ruth Biography

If you love Barbie you need to know the story behind how the doll came to be. This book is essentially a biography that tells the true story of Ruth Gerber, the creator of Barbie herself.

barbie black and white logo hat

Barbie Logo Hat

Love that this hat is a bit more toned down for the adult Barbie fan, and could easily be worn by men and women. It’s also officially licensed so you know it’s good quality!

Bitch Barbie font keychain gift for adults

Bitch Keychain

In the loving way, of course. Perfect for the girls, gays, and theys in your life!

pink throw pillows

Pink Velvet Throw Pillows

Another Barbie inspired gift idea for the adults in your life, this pair of throw pillow covers come in the most Barbie-esque hot pink you’ve ever seen. Make sure to grab the actual pillows to fill them with though!

barbie face cookie cutter

Cookie Cutter

OK this is really an all ages gift but who doesn’t want to make Barbie shaped cookies?

Barbie Art Print that says yes girl you can

Barbie Art Print

We all need a little more inspiration in our lives and who is more iconic than Barbie when it comes to encouraging you to do anything? If Barbie can have literally every career that’s ever existed surely you can do it whatever’s stressing you out too.

barbie anniversary book 60th

Barbie Anniversary Book

Although it’s not a Barbie anniversary year this year you can still pick up this great book that covers the last 60 years of Barbie’s legacy. Jam packed with vintage photos, ads, sketches, and more it’s something only an adult fan could appreciate in all its glory.

pink and clear acrylic furniture

Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic anything is all the rage right now so if you know someone who gives off Barbie vibes it’s probably a safe bet they’ll appreciate it in their space. I love that this one has pink trim for a truly Barbie inspired look.

hot pink apple watch strap

Pink Apple Watch Strap

Pretty much anything I can find in hot pink reminds me of Barbie, but this one matches pretty close to the Barbie pink we all know and love. A totally awesome gift for Apple Watch and other smart watch owners.

Matching Barbie and Ken Shirts

Matching Barbie and Ken Shirts

It’s 2023 and relationships are no longer defined by “man” and “woman”. I want to know who the Barbie is and who is the Ken, and that has absolutely nothing to do with gender.

birkenstocks sandals


If you’ve been obsessing over the Barbie movie as much as I have been you already know why these are the new piece of iconic Barbie fashion. Practical, comfortable, and perfect for the real world.

sparkly bedspread

Velvet Duvet Bedspread

This looks a lot like the bedspread Barbie had at the start of the movie so I just had to include it on this list. You might not be able to say “hello Barbie” to all your neighbours, but this is pretty close to waking up in the dream house I’ve gotta say.

round pink throw pillow barbie inspired

Pink Round Throw Pillow

Another accessory from the Barbie movie bed, although this would also be great as a living room throw pillow too. Pink on pink on pink truly is the Barbie way.

barbie movie character doll gloria

Barbie Movie Character Barbie Doll

You can get these dolls of all the major characters from the movie, perfect for fans of all ages (including adults). Display it, play with it, or keep it as a collector’s item – your choice.

sewing clothes for barbie book

Sewing Clothes for Barbie Book

Speaking of playing with Barbies, this book is fantastic if you like to set up, play with, or display your dolls. Adult fans can create all kinds of fun outfits for Barbie. By simply changing the fabric you pretty much have infinite options with this one! Great for someone who likes to sew.

Hopefully you find these Barbie inspired gifts for adults as much fun as I do! There are so many things I want already on this list, but I’ll definitely update as I find more cool Barbie themed swag.

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