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by | Feb 22, 2022

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Know someone who’s obsessed with “reading between the lines”? Are they worried about lizard people, the [faked] moon landing, or who really killed JFK? Then they’re just the right person for these conspiracy theory gift ideas.

You can give them ironically or unironically, depending on the tone you’re going for.

Conspiracy Theory Gift Ideas

If you’ve been wondering what the perfect gift for someone who’s just finished a multi-week stint honking in front of government buildings or who wont share their whereabouts on Jan 4, 2021 then you’ve come to the right place.

Or, if you know someone who’s a bit of a conspiracy buff but has a sense of humour, there’s also a bunch of funny conspiracy theory gift ideas. They’re fine as long as your gift recipient doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Of course, these can also be gifted for the memes and lulz.

Conspiracy Theory Books

Mammoth book of cover ups The hundred Most Terrifying Conspiracies of All Time

The Mammoth Book of Cover Ups

This book presents the top 100 conspiracy theories of all time, along with some plausible alternatives that let the reader decide what the real truth is.

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The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Decoding Historys Unsolved Mysteries

The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Decoding History’s Unsolved Mysteries

This one takes 10 of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time, sifting through the evidence and decoding the most likely explanation. It asks the right questions and sets the reader up to deep dive further if they want.

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legends murders lies and cover ups book

Legends: Murder, Lies and Cover-Ups

If celebrity conspiracies are more their thing this book is perfect. Did these early deaths have to happen? Some people don’t think so.

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The Conspiracy Book A Chronological Journey through Secret Societies and Hidden Histories

The Conspiracy Book

This book outlines the history of more than 100 different secret societies that have existed, or are said to exist, throughout history. It’s all about the hidden forces that have helped shape major events.

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Conspiracy Theory Clothing and Hats

black hat with white writing earth is flat

Flat Earther Hat

Whether they’re wearing this hat ironically or really believe the earth is flat, this hat really gets to the point. Plus it comes in a bunch of colour options!

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Epstein Shirt

This is one of the most recent conspiracy theories, but no doubt still as valid as the others. It’s also a meme so you can give it for either serious or funny reasons.

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Spoiler Alert Sweatshirt

When the conspiracy theories start coming true the true believes are going to be saying “I told you so”. Are they conspiracies, or a prediction of what’s to come?

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Tin Foil Hat

Tin foil hat is a joke term for someone who believes in conspiracy theories. While it’s often used to make fun of them, they’re taking it back and saying “I don’t care what you think, I know the truth.”

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Birds Aren’t Real Shirt

This is by far my favorite conspiracy theory. It’s kind of meant as a joke – the theory is that birds aren’t real and are actually surveillance technology. Some people believe it though.

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Rosewell tshirt with Alien Extraterrestrial UFO Saucer

Roswell Tourist Shirt

I’ve always loved these tourist advertisement style t-shirts so I’m happy to include one on this list of conspiracy theory gift ideas. This one is for Roswell, New Mexico – aka Area 51.

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moon landing fake tshirt

Moon Landing T-Shirt

How did we get to the moon on such retro technology, hmm? HMM?

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Unique Conspiracy Theory Gift Ideas

Area 51 Metal Wall Sign Plaque Warning

Area 51 Sign

This Area 51 sign would be great hung in a man cave or garage. Or hang it up outside the fence to creep out unwanted visitors.

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I Need New Conspiracy Theories whiskey glass

New Conspiracies Glass

Great for the home bar! This whiskey glass lets everyone know that things the “conspiracy theorists” predicted are actually coming true. Now that’s a reason to drink.

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Build Your Own Conspiracy Theory Kit

These words magnets can stick to your fridge to help entertain everyone in the house. Leave secret DIY conspiracy theory messages to your family or roommates!

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Fake Moon Landing Patch

Was the moon landing faked? You can give this patch to a conspiracy theory lover so they can attach it to a jacket or bag and tell everyone what they think on the subject.

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Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theorist Degree

Conspiracy Theory University Degree

You can order this with their name and the date customized on it, which would make for a pretty unique conspiracy theory gift idea. Of course, it seems a bit patronizing, so ymmv.

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Anonymous Disobey Mirror Hanger

Great for conspiracy theory enthusiasts who spend a lot of time online. Guy Fawkes masks have been long associated with the internet group Anonymous – and they’re often linked to internet conspiracy theories.

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Conspiracy Theory Candle

What do conspiracy theories smell like? No idea, but this relaxing lavender candle has an unearthly glow.

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Conspiracy Conspiration Board Game

This board game from the 80s would make a great collectible gift idea for conspiracy theory fans.

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Everything is Fine Trust Your Government coffee mug

Everything is Fine Mug

Everything is fine and you should trust the government. Well expect for [message redacted.]

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Conspiracy Theory Trivia Game

Time to finally put that knowledge to good use! This would be fun to play to see how much your friends know about conspiracy theories too.

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JFK Conspiracies Gift Pack DVD

JFK Conspiracies DVD Set

This 4 DVD set was made by the Discovery channel to highlight the theories surrounding JFKs assassination. It’s one of the most popular conspiracy theories in history – for good reason, too.

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Area 51 ID Badge

This would be fun as part of a costume or just to have as a little collectible item.

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Desk Calendar of Conspiracy

I love the cool art of this desktop calendar. On one side of the month you have the calendar with details about the conspiracy theory, but the back is a cool art print of that theory.

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Introverted Sticker

At least this sticker is being honest about their feelings. Great as a budget-friendly gift idea or to put inside a gift basket, stocking stuffer, etc.

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TGAOTU the GREAT ARCHITECT of the Universe

This is a Freemason thing. No much more to say other than it’s a handmade piece of art, so that’s cool.

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Conspiracy Theories Tarot Set

I always think there’s a tarot set for absolutely anything, and that theory is constantly being proven right. Anyway, here’s a conspiracy theory edition of tarot cards that you can give as a gift.

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Ancient Aliens Card

I couldn’t do a list of conspiracy theory gift ideas without the Ancient Aliens guy making an appearance! If you want to skip the gift, why not give them a card instead?

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Conspiracy Theorist Coffee Mug, I’m Not A Conspiracy Theorist I’m Just Well Informed

Not a Conspiracy Theorist Mug

What you see as conspiracy theory someone else sees as finding information. It’s all about perspective, man.

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Illuminati Membership

I think this would be a hilarious gag gift idea. Definitely worth splurging a little more for the photo version, though. Really sells it.

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Steve Jackson Games Illuminati 2nd Edition

Illuminati Board Game

Steve Jackson games are a lot of fun and this one is no exception. If you want something that’s a bit conspiracy theory, but not to over the top, this game is a nice middle ground.

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Follow the White Rabbit Sign

Originally from the Matrix, online conspiracy theorists use this as a signal to others that they’re on the path to truth. Great for conspiracy theory

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There’s no hidden agenda here, just a bunch of conspiracy theory gift ideas that I hope you enjoyed!

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