32 Bluey Gifts and Toys For Kids of All Ages

by | Sep 22, 2023

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Can we take a moment and talk about one of the most popular Kids shows right now? BLUEY! This adorable show has stolen not only the hearts of kids but also adults. It’s sweet messages of enjoying little moments, being attentive as a parent, and just having fun has really made this show a must watch. If you’ve had a chance to really sit down and watch this show with your kids you will see it’s definitely made for parents as well. 

Bluey (7 years old) and her little sister, Bingo (5 years old) have certainly stolen the hearts of my kids and even myself, so I know Bluey gifts will be in hot demand in this household along with many others this holiday season. Plushies, board games, interactive games, and so much more are popping up lately! Items geared towards little kids to even older kids are hitting the shelves online and in stores.

What Kind of Blue Gifts do Kids Like?

But what items are total MUST haves for Bluey fans you ask? Well I’ve gathered the ultimate collection of Bluey gifts that every fan would LOVE to have. With Bluey gaining more and more popularity lately you will notice more items popping up but also disappearing fast!

If you are hoping to get some of these hot ticketed items you better act fast before they sell out, FOR REAL LIFE!

Heeler Family Plush Set

Every Bluey fan needs the heeler family plushies! I’m sure you’ve noticed Bluey toys are in hot demand and can be hard to find, especially the plushies! This set is perfect because it includes the full heeler family to help start your collection! We know your kids will love hugging Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit at bedtime. Hey maybe it’s for you, we know parents love Bluey just as much as kids do!

Ultimate House Playset

There’s a few versions of the Heeler house you can purchase, this one is called the “Ultimate house playset” for a reason! This one lights up and plays over 50 sounds and phrases! It includes 3 characters (Bluey, bingo, and nana!). Not to mention tons of furniture and accessories! Even one of my favorites…chattermax! If you plan to get your bluey fan a house definitely get this one! Endless hours of entertainment with this one

Four Piece Backpack Set

If your little Bluey fan is off to school or daycare you definitely want to purchase this amazing four piece backpack set! Included is a backpack, insulated lunch kit, water bottle, and a squish ball keychain! It’ll make the transition to school/daycare a little easier with their favorite character there to help them along the way!

Bluey Puppet Playset

How cute is this one? A Bluey puppet theatre! Includes bluey and bingo and a wooden stage with a curtain. Allow your kids to let their creative side flow with this playset! Have them practice and put on plays of their favorite episodes or just let them make up their own! It’s well worth the hours of creative play they will have. 

Hammerbarn Deluxe Playset

This ones new to the market and a total must buy ASAP! One of my personal favorite episode; Hammerbarn! Where bluey and bingo learn the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side while shopping with their mum and dad. This hammerbarn is the deluxe version and comes with 4 amazing levels, lights, over 45 sounds, 3 figurines, 15 accessories & Tradie car! Unreal. Endless play will happen with this set and I’m certain this one will be in high demand for Christmas.

Bluey Themed Trouble

Growing up Trouble was one of my family’s favorite board games to play, who doesn’t remember the classic commercial “Everybody loves getting into trouble” I can still picture the kids rocking their bowl cuts playing this game! This classic game is turned into a bluey fans dream. Play as Bandit, Chilli, Bingo, or Bluey! Pop the dice for endless fun. Trust me, this ones on my personal wish list!

Bluey Beach House

Newer to the toy market this bluey cabin playset will be on every Bluey fans wish list, there’s two versions – regular and Ultimate. The ultimate includes a sea-doo and a few extra accessories that make it well worth it. Bluey has a few beach themed episodes including “Beach”, “Relax”, and “Stick Bird” (Some which aren’t available yet on DisneyPlus!) Get ahead and grab this before everyone sees them and NEEDS this playset.

Cup Set

This adorable four piece Bluey cup set comes in yellow, blue, green, and purple. They all feature cute scenes from your favorite Bluey episodes – such as stumpfest and Queens and are sure to make any Bluey fan happy.

Shake it Bluey

I’ll be honest, I bought this one as soon as it was released to the public. It’s basically the bluey version of Bop-it! Bob, turn, tap, and pree five different parts on Bluey to hear classic phrases, music, and games! Perfect for car rides – yes it has a volume control! Which I know is a must have for kids toys these days.

Bluey School Playset

What’s Bluey without her classmates? So many episodes involve her friends and their adventures. This set comes with Bluey, Chloe, and the Terriers. Along with a few accessories and of course stickers to place wherever they wish on the playset. Your little one will love playing with this set.

Book of Games

My kids have this one and absolutely love it. It’s an interactive book that includes sayings, games, and music! Perfect for some educational play but also really fun. It has 14 interactive pages to keep them entertained for awhile, I personally love grabbing this one when we are driving. The best part? It’s not loud so parents wont be driven crazy by this one.

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game

If you are looking for more interactive games without lights and sounds this ones perfect! Bluey’s Scavenger hunt game includes finding and collecting where players work together to find all the tokens! A great way to introduce teamwork to your little one all while enjoying Bluey!

Paint Your Own Light up Figurine

Who doesn’t love a good craft kit to keep the kids busy! This one includes everything you need, paint, brushes, and a light up figurine! The light is an LED changing colored light so kids can enjoy it even more after. Let your kids get creative and enjoy their masterpiece.

Bluey Scooter Time

Vtech has really stepped up their Bluey game! This adorable Bluey scooter scoots around and will even automatically avoid obstacles. Press the scooter buttons and enjoy a dance party with various songs and melodies from the show – that’s right your very own “dance mode’ can take place anywhere with this toy! There’s even a few game options such as copycat, red light-green light, and a few surprise games for your little one to enjoy!

Bedding Set

If you are looking for a non toy Bluey gift for your fan this Bluey bed set is perfect. It Comes in toddler, twin, full, or queen. Includes a comforter with both Bluey and Bingo on it, fitted sheet, pillow case, and pillow sham. Super soft and let’s be honest, super cute!

Bluey Bath Squirters

These cloud slides were all the rage over the summer, I have a pair for inside and for outside. They would make great shower shoes for the gym too. They are so thick and cushy, definitely appropriately named, I’m certain these feel very close to walking on clouds!

Bluey Scooter

This one’s PERFECT for some outdoor fun! This Bluet self balancing kick scooter lets your kids burn off all that energy while showing off Bluey in the best possible way. Since its self balancing you don’t have to worry about your kid tipping over – though ensure they will rock their helmet! This one even has light up wheels, because what kid doesn’t love light up wheels! The tires are big which will allow it to run more smoothly even on uneven bumpy services!

Hooded Towel

Regular towels are so last year! Your kids obviously need this AMAZING hooded Bluey towel to dry off after their bath, pool, or beach visit! This one has both Bluey and bingo and it’s honestly, just so cute! 100 percent cotton so you know it’ll dry them off and it’s super lightweight and quick to dry. What makes this hooded towel even better? It’s poncho style so your kids can put it on and walk around easily.

Hopper Ball 

Hopper Balls are SO fun! Pump them up and bounce around for hours. This ones 15” and has our two favorite dogs on it – Bluey and Bingo. It also comes with stickers and a few activities for kids to enjoy when not bouncing around. These are great for both indoor and outdoor play. Just be prepared for a full night’s sleep with tired kids from all that bouncing. (we can dream right?). 

Zak Water Bottles

I personally love Zak water bottles! They are are leak proof, easy to clean, and come in tons of cute patterns for kids to love.Of course this one is Bluey and I adore it, especially the one with artwork from the episode Ice-Cream! This set comes with one plastic and one stainless steel – perfect for keeping drinks super cold in their lunches

Two in One Bedtime Flashlight

Two in one Bluey themed nightlight and flashlight will be a huge hit! Let them take it to bed, camping, or just outside when it gets door for endless fun. Don’t worry they also have a bingo version for those bingo fans or if you are buying for more than one kid! Automatic timers ensure you won’t be replacing those batteries daily!

Baseball Hat

Keep those heads protected from the sun while being fashionable with this super cute Bluey and Bingo patterned baseball cap! 100 percent cotton so it’s both comfortable and breathable. Great gift idea for those little fans that have too many toys but still want something Bluey related. 

Croc Charms

If your little ones love Bluey and rock crocs this one’s perfect for them! This 20 piece Bluey charm set for crocs is the perfect gift. It comes with so many different characters from Bluey, including the Grannies! Have your kids pick their favorites that day and let them switch them out as often as they wish. Lots of fun to be had with this set!

LeapFrog Book

If your kids have a leapfrog or you plan to grab one you definitely need to grab this Bluey fun and games book to go with it! Play games from popular episodes such as magic asparagus, keepy uppy and so much more! Over 15 replayable activities and even some Bluey stickers for your kids to enjoy!

Bluey Table and Chair Set

Hands down this is one of the cutest Bluey items out there! Beautiful table which includes artwork of the whole family and a Bingo and Bluey chair to go with it! Just take my money! Kids will love sitting at this and playing, crafting, or even eating!


Is there anything cuter than a kid in a bathrobe? This one is just too cute not to get. Bluey colors, with a bluey patch on it, but the best part? The hood is a bluey head so your kid can look like Bluey while they relax after their bath or enjoy breakfast in the morning.

Bluey 5 Minute Stories

There are SO many Bluey books out there. From episodes turned into book to original stories or activity books. It’s hard to pick just one. That’s why this ones perfect, it contains it contains SIX stories in one, all taking on average 5 minutes to read. This collection contains; The Pool, Bingo, Charades, Hammerbarn, Typewriter, and Baby Race (Grab the Kleenex, this ones emotional!)

Bluey Advent Calendar

A must have this Christmas season is the Bluey Advent calendar. Includes figurines, accessories, stickers and more! A new little Bluey surprise everyday leading up to Christmas? Yes please. Grab this one quick as it’s known to sell out every year!

Dance Mode Bubble Machine & Toy Microphone

“Ready Bingo?  DANCE MODE!” Dip the wand in bubbles, sing, and watch as it lights up and blows bubbles. That’s right., its voice activated! So get those bubbles going you need to sing! Get them to create their very own Dance mode every day!

Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent

This Bluey themed play tent pops up in seconds and easily folds back down for compact storage when not being used. Roll-up door for fun access and a few circle cut outs as windows for fun interactive play for your kids. It’s made to look like the Heeler house and even has the four main characters playfully around it.

Doctor Play Set

This playset may look familiar to you, that’s because its featured many times through Bluey, often used in episodes where they pretend to be nurses, doctors, and even office workers. This set includes the classic cloud design case, stethoscope toy press and play syringe, ty bandages, stickers, doctors badge, and even a pair of Dr. Bluey glasses!

Talking Bluey

This adorable talking Bluey is 13 inches tall and super soft. Press Bluey’s tummy and enjoy the theme song and 9 different phrases! Other characters available in the same format are; Bingo, Dad, Mum, and Chattermax!! So collect them all and have some fun! 

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