Grandparent Gift Ideas from the Kids

by | Jan 31, 2023

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Need some thoughtful gift inspiration? Here’s some grandparent gift ideas that you can give from the kids… That they’ll actually want and cherish.

Grandparents can be hard to buy for, they’ve had a lifetime to collect things, so it can be tricky to find something they don’t already have. I love giving grandparents gifts from kids.

This list of gifts revolve around the excitement of the title of grandparent. Anything and everything custom, names and birthstones specific to their grandkids, items that show off their grandbabies and open them up the opportunity to brag on them often.

Hope you see something you like here!

Gifts Kids Can Give to Their Grandparents

Custom name necklace

Name Necklace

This name necklace comes in different metal options, you select the number of rings and the names. It’s cute but not over the top, a timeless design. 

Grandma custom t-shirt gift idea

Papa or Grandma shirt

You pick the colour, whatever name your grandparent goes by and add the grandchildren’s names if you want too as well. 

Personalized grandchildren blanket gift idea for a grandparent

Personalized Blanket

Love this custom blanket, nothing better than cozying up with a blanket and a cup of tea. Doesn’t replace a grandbaby hug but very cute nonetheless.

Custom Family Birthday Calendar

Family Birthday Calendar

This is a very cute way to display all the family birthdays that will last year to year to year. Super easy to add to as the family grows as well. These would make a good group grandparent gift ideas from all the kids in the family.

Door sign for a grandparent's house

Grandparent’s House Sign

Adorable door decor! I like that you can pick the colours to be more seasonal or neutral to have it hang all year round. 

Grandma sweater


These are so sweet, and trendy. Would be a great way to let your parents know there is a grandbaby on the way. 

Good morning grandma stamped on a spoon

Custom Spoon

Such a sweet small gesture, would make any grandparent smile everytime they use this spoon. I love this one especially because it takes up a very small amount of physical space, but using it would be such a bright way to start every day. 

Custom brag board to hang a child's artwork at grandma or grandpa's house

Art/Picture Hanger

This brag board is such a neat idea, great for showing off pictures, or art or special cards from all their grandkids. We have a similar piece hanging in our house and it’s my favourite because it is the easier picture spot to update, so it’s easy to swap out what is hanging on it. 

Grandparent pillow with the names of grandkids

Grandparent Pillow

This cute little lumbar pillow would look great on a rocking chair. Or anywhere for that matter. Again customizable with grandchildren’s names too. 

Custom family tree sign

Family Tree

This laser cut wooden family tree is so delicate looking, the details of the tree are so minut. Would be such a cool piece on a mantle. You pick the phrase across the front as well as order as many name hearts as you need. 

Family scrabble art with names

Scrabble Art

This scrabble art frame has the typical scrabble tiles but is all the important names interlocked together. Just the sweetest gift, would get bonus points from a scrabble fan.

Custom poppy and grammy mugs

Custom Mug

Love a custom mug, something feels so special drinking from a mug that was made just for you. These stoneware ones are gorgeous, a touch of class about the vinyl printed ones. 

Funny picture socks as a gift idea for grandpa with the kids' faces on them

Picture Socks

These socks with the faces on them, ha, almost looks like a gag gift. But let me tell you, I got my husband a pair of underwear full of my face one year and we have never laughed so hard. He loves them and wears them, and we also always laugh about it. 

Family Christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments are such a great gift, they don’t take up too much space. Are enjoyed annually, and always nostalgic. 

Wooden book stack with names

Wooden Book Stack with Names

These stacked books are so on trend right now. Great for shelf styling, they look cute on their own but also still offer a flat place to put another item on. I really really like their simplicity. 

Custom made family drawn portrait

Pencil Family Portrait

This pencil family portrait is such a neat idea. Great for merging all your favourite people into one photo, with all their eyes open! Which I promise is almost impossible in real life when children are involved. lol.

Customized doormat for grandparents

Custom Doormat

Cute doormats are always in. Functional and stylish. Customized ones make perfect grandparent gift ideas from kids too.

Pretty birthstone jewellery

Birthstone Jewellery

This birthstone bar necklace is so pretty. Such a stunning timeless shape, customizable through the stones set into the circles – such a pretty piece of jewellery. 

Nannny keychain


This little keychain is adorable. Cute for a grandparent who has less than a handful of grandbabies. 

Family Birthday Calendar

Poster for far Away Grandparents

Last but not least, for the far away grandparents – I love this poster. It’s a great piece of meaningful art. 

Show this list to the grandkids and see which one they think their beloved grandparent would like best! 

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