Ideas for White Elephant Gifts

by | Jun 18, 2021

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I think white elephant gift parties are so much fun. It really takes the pressure off compared to traditional gift giving. But not everyone is good at coming up with this unique type of gift idea – so here’s some ideas for white elephant gifts that you can totally steal.

Ideas for White Elephant Gifts

If you don’t already know, white elephant gifts are similar to gag gifts. They’re usually something useless or very silly. You can give them for any occasion, but some people opt to have white elephant gift themed parties where everyone shows up with one!

White elephant gifts are a fun way to break the ice with a new group of people or as a party theme when folks don’t know each other well.

What Does White Elephant Gift Mean?

People use white elephant gift to describe a gift that you get that isn’t useful and is hard to get rid of. The story goes that the King of Siam often gave rare albino white elephants away to people he was upset with. Since the white elephants were sacred, they couldn’t kill or give them away. The upkeep costs of these elephants were a huge burden – and as a result white elephants became synonymous with impractical gifting.

Usually with white elephant gift exchanges we give gag gifts – but ones that can still sometimes be practical, or at the very least cause no harm.

Tips for Throwing a White Elephant Gift Party

  1. Set rules. These are usually price limits and what types of gifts people are allowed to bring. For example, an office party might only want “clean” white elephant gifts but an engagement party could be “anything goes”.
  2. Make sure everyone understands the assignment. Explain what a white elephant gift is (with examples) and make sure all instructions around buying are clear.
  3. Give plenty of notice. White elephant gifts are harder to shop for sometimes. At the very least they may need to do more planning than just picking up a gift set at Costco.
  4. Add in party games. You could draw names and do a gift exchange but another fun idea for a white elephant party is to play gift swapping games. That way there’s no pressure in knowing (or not knowing) the person you’re shopping for.
  5. Have fun! The point of this whole thing is to have fun. White elephant gifts are each funny in their own unique way, don’t let what gift you receive get you down.

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Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Cuddly Joe Tiger King Jigsaw Puzzle 1000ct Piece

Tiger King Puzzle

With this gift idea they’ll be able to relive the font memories they created with Joe Exotic again and again.

See it on Amazon

grey Zombies Eat Brains So Youre Safe Hoodie

Zombies Eat Brains Hoodie

It’s funny and it’s mean, perfect for a white elephant gift party. If you’re buying for a specific person (rather than a group event or gift exchange) then you get to insult them too. Win/win!

See it on Amazon

Work Appropriate Ideas for White Elephant Gifts

Ideas for White Elephant Gifts paper tantrum

Paper Tantrum

Sometimes us grown-ups have big feelings and need to have a little meltdown too. This notepad helps us share our feelings.

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Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Toilet Golf Game

With this gag gift your boss or colleagues will be able to use all that wasted time in the bathroom brushing up their golf game. It even comes with a handy doorknob hanger so everyone knows why the office bathroom has been occupied for so long!

See it on Amazon

white coffee mug that says Worlds Okayest Employee

Worlds Okayest Employee

It’s an honest mug. Perfect for the office white elephant gift party where you’re trying to keep it PG but still want to subtly insult everyone you work with.

See it on Amazon

Workaholic Novelty Gag Wooden Desk Sign

Workaholic Desk Sign

Bring this to the office gift exchange to curry favour with your boss. That is, if they’re even at the party and not already off work early… Oh the irony.

See it on Amazon

Inappropriate White Elephant Gift Ideas

Funny Adult Stickers for your planner

F-ing Planner Stickers

These would be great for work except there’s a lot of swearing on the stickers. At the very least they’ll actually be useful to help the recipient get organized… Or at least stay a little more motivated.

See it on Amazon

black funny apron

Funny Apron

There’s always someone who loves to cook at one of these things. This gag gift might not make the people they cook for any more appreciative, but at least it’s cathartic to wear.

See it on Amazon

hidden flak that looks like sunscreen lotion

Hidden Flask

“Oh, you’re so smart, you brought sunscreen!”

“I’m even smarter than you think… I brought vodka!”

Them, probably.

See it on Amazon

white and red Women's Cocktails Acrylic Knee High Socks

I Love Cocktails Socks

Not sure where the cocktail aficionado you get these for is going to wear them but I can guarantee they’re going to make a statement whenever they do.

See it on Amazon

the official BS red button

Official BS Button

Sometimes you’re dealing with a lot of BS in your life… And you want to make it official. With this handy button they’ll be able to let anyone know when they’re unhappy with the conversation or situation.

See it on Amazon

gag gift Generic Weener Kleener Soap

Weener Cleaner

For cleaning… Um…. Weeners?

See it on Amazon

scented candle that says last F candle

Last F**k Candle

Once that last f**k is on fire there’s no turning back. This candle is only inappropriate because of the label, but it’s also a pretty good practical white elephant gift idea too.

See it on Amazon

set of two Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses

Urinal Shot Glasses

They just look so gross. Anyway, pair them with amber coloured liquor for best results. In case you were wondering, yes, they’re dishwasher safe.

See it on Amazon

Practical White Elephant Gifts

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

Snoop Dog Cook Book

On first glance it’s a pretty funny gift, but recipes are actually really good. Snoop will guide them through cooking some of his favourite recipes like chicken and waffles and that famous “gin and juice”.

See it on Amazon

Pooping Pooches wall calendar

Pooping Dog Calendar

On first glance it’s a pretty funny gift, but recipes are actually really good. Snoop will guide them through cooking some of his favourite recipes like chicken and waffles and that famous “gin and juice”.

See it on Amazon

fanny pack that looks like a harry belly with belly button

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are actually coming back in style… But not this one. This one will never be in style. Still useful, though!

See it on Amazon

Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms

I thought about putting these under the inappropriate white elephant gift ideas heading but they’re definitely practical too. These are actually a thing – you unwrap the condom and slide it onto the bottle’s head to save whatever wine is left.

(Leftover wine, what a concept!)

See it on Amazon

red two Slot Hot Dog and Bun Toaster with Mini Tongs

Hot Dog Maker

I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would legitimately buy this if I gave him a chance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a white elephant gift. You can warm two hot dogs and two buns up at the same time, which means if you’re feeding more than two people they’ll just have to wait.

See it on Amazon

round tortilla blanket

Tortilla Blanket

This blanket wraps around you and turns your body into the coziest burrito everywhere. Gag gift because of the funny design, practical because you can never have too many blankets.

See it on Amazon

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