The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Toys of Christmas 2022

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New toys are always coming out, but it can be hard to keep track of them all. Especially with the holidays around the corner and kids already making their Christmas lists. To help you out, here’s our ultimate Christmas 2022 toy guide.

There’s nothing more frustrating than kids seeing an ad for a new toy and updating their holiday wish list! All the toys on this list are either newer or coming out soon, and will likely be popular this holiday season. Some of them, especially the most popular choices, you might even want to buy early to make sure you get them before they sell out.

Christmas 2022 Toy Guide: This Season’s Hottest Toys for Kids of All Ages

We’ll keep updating this list with new toys between now and holiday 2022, so make sure to bookmark the page and check back!

2022 barbie dreamhouse

The New Barbie Dreamhouse

Even though a new one comes out every year the Barbie Dreamhouse remains one of the most popular toys for kids, especially girls. This one continues the brand’s inclusive streak including an accessible elevator.

Ages 3+

Dance and play bluey

Dance and Play Bluey

Bluey is all the rage in the 3 to 6 crowd, its one of those shows I accidentally find myself still watching 15 minutes after my kids have left the room. This Bluey sings the Bluey theme song and says 9 different phrases when you press his tummy.

Ages 3+


Family Diversity Blocks

These blocks are a fun way to build all the kinds of families that children might encounter in our modern society. Kids can mix and match blocks (hair, face, and body) to build people. 3 different hair colours and skin tones, adult and child size bodies as well as a pet, are all included in this play set.

Ages 3-6

Pokémon go premium collection the ultimate guide to to the Hottest Toys of Christmas 2022

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Premium Collection

A shining smile and fluffy fur, Radiant Eevee is here! (that might not mean anything to you but to a Pokemon fan it sure will!) This collection not only includes a foil Radiant Eevee card, you also get a glossy enamel pin and a playmat that shows off the artwork of this rare Pokemon. If you know a collector, this is the gift of 2022!

Ages 6+

dino dig VR science kit game

Dino Dig VR Science Kit

Go back and time and walk with the dinosaurs!! There are 8 VR experiences to be enjoyed over and over again. This kit also includes a poster and a Dinosaur Dig out kit, your dino lover will excavate, build and display their own T-rex fossil.

Ages 8+

cocomelon yellow school bus toy

Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus

Cocomelon is a craze! This school bus comes with a JJ figure and plays “Wheels on the Bus” when you press on the grill. There are spots for 6 more friends to hop on, and its free wheels let your little drive the bus wherever they please.

Ages 1+

vivofit jr smartwatch

Vivofit Jr, 3 Smartwatches

This is such a cool gadget, its not just a fitness tracker. It’s interactive and your child’s activity unlocks educational adventures. Its swim friendly, the battery lasts up to a year (no recharging or losing the darn cord!) and there are lots of different colour and face options. Parents can even use the app to manage chores and give reward adventures! Way cooler than mom and dads.

Ages 3+

character creater drawing kit

Truly You! Character Creator Drawing Kit

This is super cool, this drawing kit comes with 6 diverse characters, but each character is broken into 3 plates so you can mix and match them all to make endless combos. You just pick and click in your plates, put paper on them, rub a crayon to create you outline and colour however you want. Really neat way to teach diversity and individuality, plus what kid doesn’t love to colour?!

Ages 3+

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Turning Red Many Moods of Mei Plush Toy

From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red (I’ve seen this movie approx 97 times), its Mei! Press her hand to hear music from the movie, squeeze her belly to hear her growl. Great toy for fans of this movie but also for teaching kids how to work through feelings. Plus, its just soooo cute.

Ages 3+

meditiation mouse by fisher price

Fisher-Price Meditation Mouse

This mouse introduces toddlers to guided meditation, there is a session for daytime, nighttime and a 3 part bedtime wind-down exercise. He’s cute for cuddling and inherently calming, would make a great addition to any bedtime routine.

Ages 2+

Trending Toys: As Seen on TV and Social Media

pop colorful figet toys

Pop Fidget Toys

They’re all the rage right now and your kids are probably already asking for these toys. Made of silicone, it’s kind of like reusable bubble wrap that can be popped again and again.

Ages 3+

poppy playtime huggy wuggy set

Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy Set

If these stuffed toys seem a little horrifying, its because they are. Poppy Playtime is a online puzzle based game about an abandoned toy factory, this huggy wuggy set is a few of the main characters from the game. Your kids will find them familiar and cuddly, even if you find yourself hiding them in the bottom of the stuffy pile.

Ages 3+

Food Mix B Squishmallows

Squishmallows are the softest, cutest plush toys around! Great for long car rides, cross between a pillow and a toy. Available in food shapes this season, would your kiddo rather cuddle a burger, ice cream or even watermelon?! #thesnuggleisreal

Ages 3+

boombox and microphone

FGTeeV B.E.A.T.S. Boombox

FGTeeV is very popular YouTube channel. This boombox playset features hit songs and contains exclusive collectible figures, a removable DJ booth, and a working microphone to sing along? Karaoke is always in!

Ages 3+

Zorgo Infiltration Mission Kit

Spy Ninjas Project Zorgo Infiltration Mission Kit

Chad and Vy are Youtubers that are super popular with kids. It comes with all kinds of goodies that they use in their videos.

Ages 3+

sensory toy foot spa

Orbeez Foot Spa

Orbeez sensory toys are the original soft and squishy, fun and wacky colorful water beads you can’t get enough, this foot spa comes with over 2000 beads. This spa has waterfall action, the Orbeez will cascade over your feet for the most soothing, squishy, and oddly satisfying feeling! The Soothing Spa is the perfect activity for sleepovers or parties and is large enough for kids of all ages.

Ages 5+

kinetic sand set

Kinetic Sand, Sandisfying Set

This is another satisfying set that lets kids create all kinds of unique Kinetic Sand creations. It comes with all the tools, molds, and sand they need! Plus it’s easy to clean up.

Ages 3+

Popular with Girls Dolls, Toys, LOLs, and Barbies for Christmas 2022

rainbow vision dolls

Rainbow Vision Shadow High Grayscale Dolls

Rainbow High, has officially met its match. Shadow High is tired of Rainbow High winning (and manipulating) everything. Greyscale and shadows are in, rainbow is out! Each doll comes with 2 designer outfits and accessories. The holidays are a great time expand a collection you know your kid loves!

Ages 6+

LOL surprise sports fashion dolls

LOL Surprise OMG Sports Fashion Doll

Everything LOL Surprise does seems to be a hit, and these dolls are no exception.

Ages 3+

gabbys purrfect dollhouse

Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a Netflix show. This replica from the show is over 2 feet tall, has 4 floors and 7 different rooms. It comes with figures and furniture, so its ready to play with right out of the box! And my favourite feature is it closes up and hides the mess inside – I wish my house did that.

Ages 3+

barbie twinkle lights mermaid doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Twinkle Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbies never go out of style. Dip Barbie in water, or press the button on her chest to see her pearlescent tail light up in one of four colorful light shows! She comes in both blonde and brunette, each have a pink streak in their hair!

Ages 3+

mini brands mini toy store

Mini Brands Mini Toy Store

Its a tiny store for displaying all your Toy Mini Brands! The store comes with 5 mini toys to unbox, plus a shopping cart. Great way to keep all those Toy Mini Brands organized and together. A cute place for other dolls and such to shop, awesome for roll play too.

Ages 3+

disney junior alice wonderland bakery toy set

Disney Junior Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Adorable Alice and her oven, and cakes!! The stackable cakes and moveable Alice doll are such a cute toy on their own or can be added to others. If you kids love this show, they will love this toy. Kitchen toys are always a hit at our house!

Releases August 1st, 2022 | Ages 3+

LOL surprise mall surprise set

LOL Mall of Surprises

LOL Surprise OMG Mall of Surprises is a new playset for LOL Surprise OMG, LOL Surprise Tweens and tots dolls, inspired by Mall from House of Surprises animated series.
The LOL Surprise OMG Mall playset has cafe, accessory store and shoe store areas. It comes with extra pairs of shoes and other accessories.

Ages 3+

Popular With Boys – New Toys, Cars, and Playsets That Make Great Gifts

Jurassic world dominion truck

Jurassic World Dominion Capture and Crush Truck

This off-road vehicle, is just like the one in the movie! It has a blaster and tranquilizer dart, swiveling crane for dinosaur lifting, a flat bed for transport and even stretchy chains across the back secure the dinos. When the big creatures fight back, there’s crushing action with breakaway parts including the side section and front cabin! Velociraptor figure included. Download the free Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) and see dinosaur play get real!

Ages 4+

sonic the hedgehog action figurine

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Action Figure Playset

Based on the final scene of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie, use the bridge to launch Super Sonic and defeat the Giant Eggman! I saw this movie in theatre 3 times before it hit streaming services, my kids will love this one.

Ages 3+

Kinetic Sand Construction Site Set

Kinetic Sand Construction Site Set

I love this set! My biggest pet peeve about kinetic sand is finding somewhere to store it and this comes with its own case!! 2 lbs of Kinetic sand a dump truck, and a working crane with wrecking ball and bucket attachments in the super awesome case I already mentioned. The case is great for storage and in case you want to take your sand set to a friends. Kinetic sand never dries out, and I swear its ageless, my 12 year old loves it just as much as my 4 year old – heck I even get in on the kinetic sand play myself some days!

Ages 3+

remote control batmobile

All-Terrain Batmobile Remote Control Car

The All-Terrain Batmobile RC lets you chase Super-Villains on all terrains! Water, snow, mud, rock, grass is no match for this remote control car! The remote has a joystick for driving in any direction. Annnnd the Batmobile is compatible with any 4” Batman figure from the Justice League and DC comics universe.

Ages 4+

The Hottest Board Games of 2022

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad game

Funko Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game

Simple, fast-paced introduction to deck-building—one of the most popular styles of card games. In Funko’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad game there is a sculpted mountain peak and mine tray capture the iconic old west setting of the classic Disney Parks attraction. The marbles tumble down the mountain and into the minecarts, with the right strategy, and a dash of good ol’ fashioned luck, you may strike it rich!

Ages 9+

UNO jurassic world dominion card game

UNO Jurassic World Dominion Card Game

Its the UNO we all know and love, but featuring graphics from Jurassic World Dominion.

Ages 7+

star wars villainous game

Star Wars Villainous

If you have a Star Wars fan your Christmas list, this would be an excellent gift. In this game, each player takes control of one of five Star Wars characters: Darth Vader, Asajj Ventress, Kylo Ren, Moff Gideon, or General Grievous. Each player has their own villain deck, fate deck, player board, and 3D character. Then they battle it out!! Who will come out on top?

Releases September 14th, 2022 | Ages 10+

Hot Toys for Big Kids and Adults

stranger things tv show lite brite

Stranger Things Lite Brite

This gift needs very little explanation. Stranger Things continues to be a phenomenon, we’re all eagerly awaiting season . No better way to pass the time than punch out a few Lite Brite patterns!

Ages 14+

star wars the black lightsaber

Star Wars the Black Series Lightsaber

The Leia Organa Force FX Elite Lightsaber features design and deco based on Leia Organa ‘s iconic blue Lightsaber featured in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Looks and sounds like the real deal, comes with a display stand and the blade is removable. Such a great collectible!

Ages 15+

Magic The Gathering Double Masters box

Magic: The Gathering Double Masters

The Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Box contains 24 Double Masters 2022 Draft Boosters. Each Draft Booster contains 16 Magic cards and 1 token/ad card, with a combination of 2–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher and 3–5 Uncommon, 8–10 Common, and 1 Land cards. Two cards of any rarity are Traditional Foil. Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Rare Planeswalker in <1% of boosters.

Ages 13+

LEGO Orchid Adult Building Set

LEGO Orchid Adult Building Set

From the LEGO Botanical Collection – This is part of a collection of building sets inspired by real-life plants and flowers and designed specifically for adults. Would be a good co-worker gift, or a gag gift for a friend with a black thumb – a plant they can’t kill!

Ages 18+

FRIENDS tiny tv classic

Tiny TV Classics

TOP SCENES ON TINY SCREENS – Enjoy the most famous scenes and quotes from Friends on the TINIEST TV! I love Friends, this tiny tv has a tiny remote and plays scenes from the real show, you can also set the backdrop to whatever you like while its not in use. Such a cute little (literally) gift for the friends fan in your life.

Ages 3+

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