38 Easter Table and Place Setting Ideas

by | Mar 11, 2023

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I love Easter, it’s actually one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s because it’s the time of year the weather warms up where I live and the days get longer, or maybe it’s all the bright colors. One of my favorite parts of Easter is the entertaining, so I thought I’d share some unique Easter table and place setting ideas with you today.

When you’re decorating your Easter table, it’s important to balance decorative elements with the food and dishes you need to have on the table. No one wants to knock over a vase passing the carrots!

One trick to balancing this is by decorating the place settings because they don’t interfere with the rest of the table.

If you’re looking for super easy ideas, my go tos are: bringing in floral or greenery (real or artificial), throwing a festive table cloth on the table, and tying napkins with a cute accessory. Another easy idea is to use disposable plates for Easter dinner so clean up is a breeze.

Easter Table Setting Inspiration

First, I’m going to start with some great Easter table setting ideas. These are a mix of decorations and place settings that you can use to inspire your own meal. All of these could easily be adapted for an Easter brunch or breakfast, dinner, lunch, or even a party.

Natural Easter Decorations

Table decoration for Easter celebration in kitchen.

Pull in natural elements to your Easter table decorating. This can be in the form of greenery or sticks that add color and texture. I really like the idea of using some terracotta pots as part of your Easter tablescape; they’re perfect for the start of gardening season. To add natural color to eggs use a mix of white, brown, and quail eggs or natural dyes.

Easter Breakfast Nook Table

Small breakfast nook easter table setting idea

Keep it simple for your Easter morning breakfast with this easy breakfast nook table decorating idea. Fill a vase with flowers and a small basket with eggs for your centerpiece. Then fold napkins into bunnies and add your hard boiled egg for breakfast. This is a cute idea for kids who are excited for Easter treats!

Small Easter Table Layout

Simple easter table setting with two plates

If you’re working with a small space it can be tough to decorate the table and still have room for food. Opt for simple table coverings like placemats, then bring the rest of your design in with accessories. If there’s room, a vase of flowers and simple candy dish adds an Easter touch. Love the teacups!

Mix and Match Floral

Easter table setting with colored and chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, bouquet flowers, empty ceramic plate with napkin, glass of lemonade drink on wooden table with textile tablecloth.

If you’re not wanting to bring in a lot of Easter decor to your table setting consider adding additional floral. I love the look of multiple flower varieties in coordinating colors on the table. Even the water pitcher has that pop of color in it! You can also use your floral to add depth to the table by choosing a variety of low and high vases.

Decorate With an Easter Tree

Dining room table with an easter tree

This is a fun idea for an Easter party or more casual dinner. If an Easter tree is part of your family’s traditions, add it to the middle of the table for a beautiful centerpiece. You could also copy the idea here where they decorated a large floral arrangement with crepe eggs. Either way, I love it!

Earthy Boho Style Table Setting for Easter

A festive table with a beautiful setting and freshly baked Easter pastries.

I know boho style is really in right now so I wanted to include an example of how you can pull that into your Easter table decorating this spring. Take advantage of the earthy tones you find in burlap and natural linens for a muted base, then pull in color with shimmery accents like tealights, glassware, or a table runner. Finally, add a simple floral arrangement that pulls in those elements for a completed look.

Farmhouse Style Stone Dishes

Rustic Easter table setting with empty craft ceramic tableware, plates and bowls, Easter bunny rabbit decorations, branches in vase on linen tablecloth in front of the window.

Another popular decor style at the moment, farmhouse lends itself well to Easter decorating if you prefer a more rustic feel. To get the look, start with a natural linen tablecloth an light colored stoneware dishes. Less is more with farmhouse, so sparingly add decorations like a floral vase, wooden bunny cutouts, and colorful quail eggs. For greenery, choose farmhouse faves like boxwood and baby’s breath.

Romantic Dining Room Easter Dinner

Table decoration for Easter celebration in kitchen.

I love this one because it’s a lot like the decorating style in my dining room. If your space isn’t well suited to the pastels of spring it’s still possible to style your dinner table. If you have a lot of browns in your dining room use earthy greens and bright yellows that are toned down with white. The mismatched vintage plates are a nice touch!

Simple and Bright White Table

Dining table with easter breakfast setting

Look at all the cute bunnies! Love the pastels on this table setting, especially paired with beautiful pink tulips. This table really says spring! For a fun brunch idea serve eggs inside Easter buns; kids will especially love it.

Easter Living Room Coffee Table Spread

Festive easter meal set up on a coffee table

If you don’t have a dining room you can still enjoy a festive Easter brunch or dinner in the living room! Don’t be afraid to break the rules and serve up something nice on your coffee table. This is a great example of how to up a spread that works on such a small space.

Elegant Easter Morning Table Spread

A festive table with beautiful dishes, decorative items and pastries.

I’m a big fan of anything that breaks tradition. Although this spread does bring in some traditional Easter elements like painted eggs (love that marbled look!) and hot cross buns, it’s done with colors that you don’t normally see in spring decorating.

Simple Table Idea

Simple Easter dinner table decorating idea

If you don’t want to fuss over Easter dinner decorating pull a bit of what you already have to create a cute table setting in no time. Fill dishes with painted eggs, hang eggs on existing floral arrangements, and light candles to set the mood. If you’re brave enough, metallic confetti is a great way to make any table look more festive.

Simple Wood Slice Centerpiece

A lot of us are busy all year, including the Easter season. This no-fuss Easter table centerpiece is a great way to add a bit of DIY to the table without much cost or effort. If you already have one of these wooden slices everything else (raffia, burlap, plastic eggs) can be purchased at most dollar stores.

Easter Plate and Napkin Ideas

Happy Easter table setting with Easter bunny made of egg on wooden table

Bunny Egg Plate

Paint a simple bunny and wrap it with cardboard or fabric for a cute and easy plate decorating idea. Then add some greenery to make it look complete.

Easter table setting  on on gray background. Holiday decoration.

Green in the Napkin

This is one of my favorite table setting tricks that I use for all kinds of events. Tuck some artificial greenery in your napkins for a pop of color, or consider using something fresh like sprigs of lavender or rosemary.

Holiday table setting with Easter decorations, spring flowers and gold cutlery. Easter table setting festive dinner on wooden table. Top view

Gold Cutlery

Gold cultery is totally in right now and you can definitely use it for your Easter dinner place settings. Pair with some bold dishes and bright colors, like yellow flowers. To tone down the gold, opt for neutral napkin colors.

Easter table setting

Simple Wrapped Cutlery

I love this idea for a simple Easter brunch or dinner place setting. Grab some jute or colored twine and wrap your cutlery. Don’t forget to add some fresh herbs or flowers if you want your bundle to be extra cute.

Easter table setting with flowers and eggs. Empty decorative ceramic plates. Rustical dishware. View from above.

Mossy Plate Wreath

It’s a little messy but well worth it! Spread decorative moss (you can usually find it at craft stores and even the dollar store) around the outside of your plates then add some spring florals and mini eggs for color.

Easter table setting on grey background, top view

Bunny Cutouts

So easy! Draw a bunny shape and cut it out as a template, then trace it onto brown paper and cut. Tie them onto napkins or just place on everyone’s plate – these would also make cute name place settings!

Top view of Easter table setting with cutlery, spring flower and Easter eggs on wooden table

Simple Place Setting

If you want a simple idea, try folding the napkin cleverly so it fits on the plate then lay a single flower next to it on the plate. Sometimes less is more when you set the table.

Rustic Easter table setting with eggs on a wooden table

Vintage Colors & Quail Eggs

I love the dishes used in theis Easter dinner place setting, they have a definite vintage vibe to them. Rather than using brightly colored eggs, maintain a muted, natural color pallete by decorating with quail eggs instead.

Bunny Folded Napkin

This is another cute and easy idea! If you don’t know how to fold a bunny napkin here’s a great tutorial.

Easter table setting with wooden rabbit decoration, chocolate eggs and sweets, glasses of pink cocktail drinks, empty plates with textile napkin, cutlery on white tablecloth. Holiday dinner. Close up

Easter Egg Cutout

Instead of a napkin ring use wooden egg cutouts for your place settings instead. You could make them yourself if you’re crafty. After dinner, send them home with guests for a gift idea.

Colorful table setting with decorations for a happy easter

Bright Spring Colors

If you’re more into the colorful spring hues when it comes to Easter decorating go all out with your place settings. I love the mini clothespins; such an easy trick to dress up your napkins.

Dinner plate with bunny napkin ring

Simple Napkin Covered Plate

This is another less is more situation, this time with the napkin ring and bold colors doing the heavy lifting. If gold and green are your colors this Easter place setting is for you.

Egg in a white bowl on a table place setting

Egg in a Bowl

Drawing from the bunny napkin folding idea earlier, this one takes advantage of a full place setting by putting the napkin in a bowl with an egg inside. This would be so cute for an Easter brunch with an actual boiled egg inside.

Happy Easter table setting with eggs in a nest

Egg in a Nest Bowl Idea

This one is unique, I’m not going to lie. I think it’s cute, especially for kids. Serve a boiled egg at Easter brunch inside the nest! The only drawback is if you wanted to serve dinner with a soup or salad that uses bowls; they’d get dirty with the nests, unfortunately.

Easter table setting with tulips flowers and cutlery on stone table.

Hand Drawn Easter Eggs

This is a pretty plain Easter table setting but I thought it could be a cute way to get the kids involved. Have the kids use food safe markers to decorate eggs for the guests.

Happy Easter napkin ring

Happy Easter Tag

This is another cute rustic idea for a place setting. Use wider burlap ribbon to tie your cutlery and then attach a small happy Easter sign with jute. You could easily make this yourself wioth dollar store cardboard cutouts and a paint marker.

Rustic Easter table setting with empty craft ceramic tableware, plates and bowls, Easter bunny rabbit decorations, vase on wooden table. Easter holiday dinner.

Farmhouse Table Setting

Use stoneware plates for a farmhouse look and keep decorations simple. Wooden cutouts are cute, and I really like the way they used ceramic tags and napkin holders to complete the setting.

Pastel grey Rustic Easter table setting close up

White Fringed Napkin

If you prefer neutral tones consider going with white napkins that have extra details like a fringe. Paired with a muted plate and decorative eggs, it’s a good example of a boho style table setting for Easter.

Stylish Easter brunch table setting with egg in easter bunny napkin. Modern natural dyed egg on napkin with bunny ears, flowers on vintage plate. Rustic Easter table decorations

Vintage Silver Plates

What really stands out to me with this place setting is the use of vintage plates. Since the egg is wrapped in a napkin you can safely use old silver serving ware to offer brunch guests a beautiful boiled egg. FYI, the white flowers in this place setting are called baby’s breath.

Blue on blue table setting

Blue Place Setting

Blue is a pretty color for Easter. If you like to decorate with it, consider doubling down on the color and don’t be afraid to mismatch tones.

Spring bird table setting

Bird Clothespin

Another fun alternative to napkin rings, shaped clothespins are super cute clipped onto folded napkins.

Easter table setting with cutlery and empty plates with blossom willow branches and golden quail egg.

Mismatched Pastel Plates

Love the contrast they have going on here, although I think this technique would be good on a light table cloth too. Pair two different colored pastel plates for a pretty color combo, then add a very simple decorative accent on top.

Easter table setting with blue egg in nest

Wooden Egg Nest

Take some thin dollar store or craft store wood pieces (the kind used for floral) and twist them into nest shapes for a cute DIY idea.

Easter table setting on white wood background, close up

Filled Bowls

Even if you don’t plan to use a bowl with your mean add one to your place setting and fill it with colorful Easter items like eggs and cotton. You could also serve hard boiled eggs like this for brunch.

Dandelion place setting

Dandelion Place Setting

If the dandelions are already in bloom by Easter take advantage of this pretty flower and add it to your table setting. Love when you can decorate for free!

Hopefully you enjoyed these Easter table and place setting inspiration ideas as much as I enjoyed rounding them up. If you need more Easter entertaining, check out these adult Easter egg hunt ideas. Or get a jump on the holiday by getting your home ready for spring.

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