28 Peeps Themed Gift Ideas for Easter

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If you’re like me and think Peeps are the best part of Easter then this list is for you. It’s also a great list of you need Peeps themed gift ideas for everyone in your life who… Well, who are like me and think they’re the best part of Easter. You get the idea here.

Even if you don’t like the taste of these marshmallow treats, no one can deny how adorable Peeps are. Whether you’re shopping for adults in your life, need some basket fillers for the kids, or want to spoil your pet, I rounded up all the best Peep-tastic gifts to make your Easter shopping easy.

The Most Popular Peeps Gift Ideas for Easter 2023

If you’re looking for a surefire hit, these are the Peeps gift ideas that will likely be a hit for adults and kids this Easter.

peeps flavored pepsi

Peeps x Pepsi

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on this iconic duo last year you’ll be happy to know they’ve now expanded Peeps flavored Pepsi to most US retailers this spring. Even still, it will be the thing to get this spring for both adults and kids.

kettle corn peeps

Weird Peeps Flavors

It seems like every year the weird Peeps flavors get more and more unhinged. Whether you want Hot Tamales or this pack of kettle corn flavored Peeps, these variations are great to have on hand for Easter gatherings or to add to kids’ baskets.

pancake pan shaped like a peep

Pancake Pan

I’ve been trying to track one of these down but they don’t seem to sell them in Canada. If you happen to pick this one up as a Easter gift idea for your kids, just know I’m living vicariously through you and your adorable Peep shaped pancakes.

peeps easter basket

Peeps Easter Basket

Easter baskets are always big sellers this time of year, but this Peeps shaped one is absolutely adorable. If you’re in the market for a new basket for your kids or want something cute to give these Peeps themed gifts in, I highly recommend picking this one up. The pictures don’t do it justice!

peep on a perch

Peep on a Perch Easter Tradition

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for… Peep on a Perch! Yes, really. The idea is you put this Peep somewhere in the house and move it around on the days leading up to Easter. It is cute though.

Cute Peeps Easter Gifts for Kids

Peeps and kids go together so well. They’re both adorable, and kids are drawn to things that are both a) colorful and b) really, really sweet. Treat kids to some sugar-free Peeps with these cute themed gift ideas.

Peeps acrylic earrings in assorted colors

Acrylic Peeps Earrings

If your little peep has their ears pierced these colorful earrings are the perfect Easter accessory. Add them to an Easter basket or buy them ahead of time so they can show their Peeps inspired earrings off at school.

Tiny faux Peeps

Mini Faux Peeps

These tiny faux Peeps are just way too cute not share. You can get them in two different sizes; perfect for adding to an Easter basket and used later in all kinds of imaginary play. Older kids and teens will also live just having them as a cute accessory.

peeps message board stuffed bunny

Faux Message Board

Shaped like a bunny Peep, this message board can be customized again and again. The belly is a notice board and it even comes with a good assorted of letters to spell out anything that comes to mind.

cute shaggy peep plush toy

Shaggy Plush Toy

This is a bit bigger than most of the Peeps toys you can get and that’s one reason I think it’d make a great gift for kids. Super soft, they’ll love cuddling with this fuzzy Peep long after Easter is passed.

peeps outdoor lawn decorations

Peeps Lawn Signs

Move over Easter bunny, there’s a new bunny in town! These signs are so cute to decorate the lawn for Easter or for your outdoor egg hunt.

flavored lip balm pack

Flavored Lip Balm

Easter often falls during early spring, a time of year where you’re either still in cold dry weather or just getting over it. Whether you need the extra moisture, or just want a fun Peeps flavored accessory for your child’s Easter basket, this is one of the cutest Peeps themed gift ideas I’ve seen yet.

fluffy sand pack

Fluffly Sand

Did you know they made Peeps scented sand? Me neither! Your kids are going to love this as an Easter break activity or to add to their baskets. It smells like marshmallow!

peeps bouncy headband for kids

Peeps Headband

How cute is this? You can get this headband in pink or yellow, depending on what your child prefers. The only downside is trying to get them to take it off for Easter dinner…

Personalized Easter cups for kids

Personalized Cups

These are an adorable way to make sure kids a) know which cup is theirs and b) don’t spill whatever they’re drinking. I think these cups would be a super cute addition to your kid’s table at Easter dinner.

Peeps headband for babies

Baby Headband

I always find baby Easter baskets to be so tricky to fill but this is a really cute idea. She might be too young to appreciate it but at least you can enjoy seeing it on your little one!

Peeps Items That Adults Will Love

I hate the idea that we have to grow up and mature when we become adults. Never let anyone tell you you can’t love Peeps regardless of age! Peeps are for everyone! But, if you’ve outgrown the kiddie Peeps merch, here’s some grown-up approved decorations and gifts.

farmhouse style peeps for a tiered tray

Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decorations

If you, or someone in your life, has one of those tiered trays that they like to decorate these are perfect. Made of wood, you get 4 different colors of peeps that fit perfectly on trays or anywhere else you need some spring colors.

Grandma's peeps personalized easter decoration gift idea

Grandma’s Peeps Decoration

If your mom is anything like mine then she’s probably really hard to shop for. Once adults reach a certain age they really don’t need anything, which makes gift giving tricky. Grab something one of a kind like this personalized “Grandma’s Peeps” decoration; you can get up to 15 bunnies so all the grandkids can be represented.

Peeps glass for adults

Peeps Glass

Fill this glass with anything you want. It’s perfect for water, iced coffee, and those more grown-up cocktails you might want to enjoy this spring. Plus it’s so cute!

Hooped peeps earrings

Oversized Hoop Earrings

Cute seasonal earrings aren’t just for kids! These hooped earrings bring some Easter fun to your outfit. They’re not tiny either; perfect for adults who like to stand out (in a good way.)

Bunny cookie cutter

Peeps Shaped Cookie Cutter

Although this one would also be a hit with kids, I think it’s an even better Peeps themed Easter gift for adults who love to bake. Look how cute the cookies are in the picture!

Peeps chick earrings

Peeps Chick Earrings

OK, I know we already covered some earrings, but these ones are just way too cute. Look, they’re little Peeps chicks! Omg. Available in your choice of colors, too.

Retro style adult Easter shirt with peeps

Retro Easter Shirt

Don’t let kids have all the fun when it comes to cool Easter shirts! This one is full of retro designs that every 80s or 90s kid will appreciate, including some cute Peeps hiding in the picture too.

Peep chick soy candle

Soy Candle

I have a love-hate feeling about this candle. Love because it’s so flipping cute for a Peeps themed Easter gift. Hate because it will melt, and that will be really sad. This is the perfect present for someone who likes to microwave Peeps, though…

peeps delights candy

Peeps Delights

I love the idea of Peeps, but in practice they’re really not my favorite treat. This turns the kid-flavored candy into something more adult; chocolate dipped marshmallows. Yummy!

Pet Friendly Peeps Toys and Accessories

If the only Easter basket you’re doing this year is for your furbaby (or fur grandbaby) this list is for you. Everyone gets Peeps themed gifts in my house, including the dog. Deal with it.

vinyl peeps set

Vinyl Peeps

This assortment of 3 adorable Peeps is the vinyl toy set your dog never knew it needed. And yes, they squeak for extra fun.

dog bandana for Easter

Dog Bandana

Get your pup styling for Easter with this adorable dog bandana. Don’t forget to pick the right size to fit your pet!

peeps plush dog toy

Plush Peeps

Like the vinyl toys, these small Peeps are also perfect for a dog and squeak. The difference is this one comes in bigger sizes (up to 12″) and plush, perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

rope dog toy chick

Rope Dog Toy

Enough with the bunnies, I want some traditional chick Peeps! This one is super cute; it’s both a squeaky dog toy and a rope toy in one. Add it to your dog’s Easter basket… If you’re the kind of person who makes Easter baskets for dogs.

Hopefully you enjoyed these Peeps themed gift ideas as much as I enjoyed window shopping each and every item on this list! I’m curious how other people feel: drop a comment with your favorite Peeps flavor. I’m dying to know!

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