25 Amazing Ideas for a Bring Your Own Pool Party

by | Jun 29, 2023

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Were you invited to a bring your own pool party and need some amazing ideas to wow your friends? Or maybe you’re thinking about hosting one yourself and want all the deets on this silly summer trend. I’ve got you covered: with this guide you’re going to have the best pool out of everyone there. Promise.

From the most hilarious kiddie pools to the state of the art in portable pool luxury, I scoured the internet to find you the best options for your next bring your own pool party this summer.

What is a Bring Your Own Pool Party?

Before I get into the fun ideas, I thought I’d start out with a quick explanation of what a bring your own pool party actually is.

Basically, it’s this summer’s hottest trend. Sort of like how the anything but a cup party was the thing last year.

The concept is self explanatory: you bring your own pool.

Of course, the key is to outdo your friends. Whether that means bringing the funniest option or going all out is up to you!

Bring Your Own Pool Party
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Why Host a Bring Your Own Pool Party

I know it sounds kind of dumb but it’s actually a super fun party idea, I promise. Here’s some reason why you need to host a bring your own pool party this summer:

  • It’s a great option for people who don’t have backyard pools or access to one
  • Bring your own pool parties aren’t too expensive to host and it’s up to the guests to decide how much they spend
  • You get to keep cool in the summer
  • Everyone gets their own space but you can still have fun together
  • Perfect for all ages
  • It’s just really fun
  • You can throw a pool party even if you don’t own a pool (or at least one big enough for all your friends)

Need some pool party hosting tips? Here’s some things to keep in mind when you throw your Bring Your Own Pool Party.

The Best Pools For a Bring Your Own Pool Party

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto that bring your own pool party inspiration!

Bestway Fast Set Paradise Palms

Best tropical pool for adults

This fast set pool is super cute if you want to bring some tropical beach vibes to the bring your own pool party. Besides being stylish, I love that it’s fast set (minimal inflating) and big enough that adults can fit.

Aquamazing Large Inflatable Kiddie Pool - Cute Boba Tea Theme, Kawaii Inspired Children's Pool w Play Pillow Floats and Accessories - Measures 67' x 26' Family Sized for Baby, Toddlers, Kids, & Adults

Boba Tea Pool

Best cute pool option

OMG this boba tea pool is just way too cute. It even comes with inflatable tapioca pearl balls and a straw! It’s not very big, but it makes up for it by being fun and really inexpensive.

Lykke Pools

Best small inflatable pool.

I recently discovered Lykke pools and I’m already in love. This company set out to redesign the typical inflatable pool and the results are anything but ordinary. So many trendy colours and patterns on their site too.

What I really like about these pools, though, is you can sit on the sides. Perfect for a bring your own pool party and for a hot girl summer all season long.

Blue Wave NT6126 88-in x 26-in Deep Premier Family w/Cover Inflatable Pool

Blue Wave Premier Family Pool

Best pool with seats for a group

If you’re bringing your own pool to a family event or sharing with friends this is super cool option. So much more comfy than sitting on the ground!

LanPool Inflatable Pool with Lights,Family Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids,Adults,Blow up Pools Solar Powered,Large Kiddle Pool, 105'x65'x25''Oversized Thickened Inflatable Pool for Backyard Outdoor

LanPool Inflatable Pool with Lights

Best light up pool for adults

Is it the greatest pool in the world? No. But it has lights! They’re solar powered too so you don’t need to worry about electricity or batteries.

Glitter Sunning Pool

Best mini adult pool

Is it the greatest pool in the world? No. But it has lights! They’re solar powered too so you don’t need to worry about electricity or batteries.

Kidzlane Unicorn Pool with Toys for Kids | Small Inflatable Kiddie Pool Includes Toys, Pump, Carrying Bag | Toddler Blow Up Swimming Pool for Backyard & Outdoor (43” x 32” x 28')

Kidzlane Unicorn Pool

Cutest baby pool option

This one probably isn’t going to fit an adult unless you just want to sit in a tiny pool of water, but it’s the best unicorn pool I could track down. On the upside, it does come with some cute unicorn toys, a pump, and a backpack to carry it in!

Intex 57190NP Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool, 224 x 216 x 76 cm

Intex Lounge Pool

Best pool for comfortable lounging

One thing I don’t like about regular pools is that they’re not super comfy for lounging in, which is kind of the whole idea behind the bring your own pool party. This inflatable pool keeps your options open; it’s comfortable for lounging but has a deeper area too.

VISTOP Jumbo Foldable Dog Pool, Hard Plastic Shell Portable Swimming Pool for Dogs Cats and Kids Pet Puppy Bathing Tub Collapsible Kiddie Pool (77inch.D x 15.7inch.H, Blue)

Jumbo Foldable Dog Pool

Best option for pets

If you want a portable pool that can also accommodate your four legged friends this is one of the better options. With foldable sides rather than blow up there’s less of a chance of claws and rambunctious jumpers tearing the sides.

While you won’t get the level of stability of pools made for humans only, this pool is a great option if you want to share the water with your dog. Tip: Choose the 3 or 4 XL options so there’s enough space for you and your pets.

Intex 26100EH Happy Crab Easy Set 6ft x 20in Round Inflatable Ring Backyard Kids Toddler Kiddie Swimming Wading Pool, Red

Intex Happy Crab Easy Set Pool

Best shaped kiddie pool

I was surprised at how few silly shaped pools there were out there when I made this list. If you want something fun, this crab pool is so cute. Sadly it’s not very big, but at least it’s really easy to set up.

Outsunny Plastic Frame Set Pool

Best hard framed pool

This pool isn’t as easy to bring to a party as an inflatable one but it’s a great option if you want something a bit more sturdy. Unlike the bigger framed pools, though, this one doesn’t take much to set up and take down making it a worthwhile option if you want to have a way nicer pool than all your friends.

Inflatable Swimming Pool with Built-in Air Pump (Pink, Large, 120' x 72.8' x 23.6') - for Kids & Adults - Includes Repair Kit - Self Inflating Blow Up - Family & Kiddie Pool

Inflatable Swimming Pool With Built in Air Pump

Best basic pool option

Since you’re going to bringing your pool to a party you need something that’s easy to set up. With a built in air pump, this pool is one of my favorites for pool parties and backyard fun alike. If you get the large one it’s big enough for an adult to lounge in too.

Plastic Development Inflatable Pool

Best large inflatable pool

There aren’t a lot of large inflatable pools out there so I was pretty pleased to find this option. It inflates in 3 minutes (air pump not included) and can be taken down just as quickly.

What I really like about this pool, though, is there’s an inflatable lounge chair with back rest in there too.

Kangaroo Kastle Inflatable Water Slide and Bounce House with Blower and Water Gun/Splash Pool for Kids

Kangaroo Kastle Inflatable Water Slide

Best water park style option

There are so many of these pool water park sets out there but it’s really hard to find ones that aren’t too pricey. Part pool, part waterslide/bouncy castle, this is a definite win if you’re going to a kid-friendly party. As for the adults, well, they say the weight limit per person is 90lbs, but the max weight is 300 so maybe it will work.

BigMouth Inc. Cheeseburger Lil' Inflatable 5' Kiddie Pool, Durable and Safe Plastic Kid Pool, Easy to Clean and Store

BigMouth Inc. Cheeseburger Pool

Best silly little pool

Inexpensive and cute, this pool is great for kids or adults who don’t want anything fancy.

Don’t want a burger? They also have donut, watermelon, and rainbow options too.

Ban.do Red Heart-Shaped Inflatable Swimming Pool, Large Blow Up Pool Fits 2-3 Adults, Red Heart

Ban.do Red Heard-Shaped Inflatable Pool

Best shaped pool for adults

It might not look it but this little pool fits a couple of adults (sitting) or one (lounging). Plus it’s so fun and cute for a bring your own pool party!

Intex Shootin' Hoops Swim Center Family Pool, for Ages 3+, Multicolor

Intex Shootin’ Hoops Swim Center

Best pool with a basketball hoop

It’s not very big but you can easily lay in this pool and work on your basketball game. It would also be fun to set two up on opposite sides of the yard and have a game!

JOYIN 3Pack Inflatable Kiddie Pool, 47' Watermelon Donuts Pizza 3 Ring Seasonal Merriment Swimming Pool for Kids, Water Pool Baby Pool for Seasonal Merriment for Ages 3+

JOYIN 3Pack Kiddie Pools

Best cute combo pack of mini pools

These tiny pools have really fun designs on them. They’re great if you’re buying for multiple kids or you’d rather have a few tiny pools over one big one.

If you’re hosting the bring your own pool party these would also make great coolers for drinks!

Water Fun Pirate Boat Pool

Best for shooting your friends

This one comes with a mini air pump that both keeps the pool inflated. You also get some amazing pirate accessories! If you’re setting this up for adults note the mast and helm can be removed so you have more lounge space.

Bestway Fast Set 13' x 33' Round Inflatable Above Ground Pool Set | Includes 530gal Filter Pump

Bestway Fast Set Round Pool

Best pool easy set up pool

This is hands down one of the best easy set up pools full stop – party or not. It’s a great size for adults, deep enough that you can get a good soak, and super easy to set up and take down.

XCVB Plastic Inflatable Pool

Best aesthetic pool

With a 5’5″ diameter this pool can easily accommodate an adult lounging in it or kids splashing.

If a stylish pool is important to you this one’s a great option.

Bestway St. Lucia SaluSpa 2 to 3 Person Inflatable Round Outdoor Hot Tub with 110 Soothing AirJets, Filter Cartridge, Pump, and Insulated Cover, Gray

Bestway St. Lucia Inflatable Hot Tub

Best inflatable hot tub option

Who says it has to be a pool? If you’d rather a hot tub (maybe you get cold easily or want to be comfy in the evening) this is a super fun, portable option.

Aster-Form Corp Inflatable Pool

Best pool with a sun shade for adults

Lounge in shade without having to bring an umbrella! This pool is actually pretty big so it’s a good option for both adults and kids. If you hate droopy sides like I do you’ll be happy to know this inflatable pool actually stays pretty firm; perfect if you’ll be getting in and out a lot.

Inflatable Pool 103' X 69' X 20' Family Size Swimming Pool for Kids & Adults Oversized Kiddie Pool Outdoor Blow Up Pool for Backyard, Garden,Patio, Summer Water Party (103' x 69' x 20')

Oversized Inflatable Pool

Best budget friendly adult sized pool

There’s nothing particularly special about this pool (just your standard inflatable option) but at over 8 feet long it’s plenty big enough for adults to lay down in. You might even be able to fit a pool floatie in there too!

Blue Wave Products Steel Hard Sided Pool

Best permanent pool for your backyard

If you’re the one hosting the bring your own pool party why not use it as an excuse to get yourself a new hard sided pool? If an in-ground pool is out of your budget but you want something epic, this hard sided pool is easy to set up and has enough space for you and all your friends.

Hopefully you found some great ideas for your next bring your own pool party! These pools are also great options for your backyard, too. Even for adults!

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