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by | Jan 2, 2023

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Laundry is one of those chores I struggle to keep up with, but I find it makes a huge difference if the washer and dryer is in a space I actually want to be in. One quick trick I love for updating a laundry room is wallpapers; they can add a pop of color or cheerful pick-me-up that makes you actually want to be in the space.

When choosing wallpaper for a laundry room, try and find something that both suits your style and is durable. Many of these options are washable; perfect if your laundry area is a high traffic space. Others favor style over durability, but that’s perfect for an accent wall or adult space.

Tips for Buying Laundry Room Wallpaper

A lot of these wallpapers are also peel and stick, repositionable, or even removable! Perfect if you’re a DIYer or renter that wants to add a quick update to your laundry room or laundry area. Here’s some tips to help you get the job done right the first time:

Measure Carefully and Order Extra

Measure the area twice so you know you’re ordering the right amount. I recommend getting one extra roll, if possible, and returning it if you don’t need it.

The thing about wallpaper is you can end up with slight variations between manufacturing runs; that means if you need an extra roll the colors might be slightly off. Or worse, it could be out of stock entirely.

Check How Much the Wallpaper Covers

Each line and manufacturer has different amounts on each roll. Make sure you carefully read the amount of area the wallpaper covers before purchasing or ordering so you know you’re getting the correct amount.

Keep in Mind the Pattern Repetition

Another thing most people forget to check with wallpaper measurements is how wide the wallpaper is and how it will loop when you put it up. Some patterns repeat easily so there’s no wasted wallpaper, but others might need some finagling to line up correctly. This could lead to waste, which in turn means you need more materials.

Plan Your Area Around the Wallpaper Dimensions

This is one of my favorite tricks for wallpapering, especially accent walls or areas: plan around the dimensions of the wallpaper. If I can help it, I try and create accent areas that are exactly the height of one or two rolls stacked together.

When you’re using trip to split the wall horizontally this tip is especially handy; it’s a lot easier to come up or down with your panelling than it is to make an even cut across the entire roll of wallpaper.

Consider an Accent Wall

It’s pretty popular to do an accent wall in laundry rooms instead of wallpapering the entire space. This is usually the wall with your washer and dryer, but not always. Accent walls are a great way to bring in some extra style to the space without breaking your budget.

The Best Wallpapers for a Laundry Room

black and white geometric wallpaper

Black and White Geometric

This is such a classic look if you’re going for a modern looking laundry room. It could also work in a smaller space, like laundry nook or area, and still match the decor of most homes.

Navy and White Twigs wallpaper

Navy and White Twigs

I’m a big fan of pretty wallpaper, especially in the laundry room. It just helps make the space feel more cheerful, something I find very helpful when I’m doing laundry.

floral wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

Florals are hit and miss when it comes to wallpaper in any room, but you can get away with bolder patterns in the laundry room in my opinion.

fern damask print

Fern Damask

Ferns are definitely in style right now, especially if you’re going for boho vibes. The combination of ferns and damask in this print helps take it from tropical to classy.

blue floret pattern

Blue Floret

If you want florals but don’t like the bold prints they usually come in, this soft floret pattern is perfect. Backed in blue, it’s a bit darker than many other wallpapers, but still a great laundry room pattern and color.

yellow floral wallpapers for the laundry room

Yellow Floral

I absolutely love yellows in my home; they remind me of spring (my favorite season) and feel super cheerful. This yellow floral helps bring in that feeling while still toning down the bright colors for a bright but not overpowering look.

Vintage Floral and Birds laundry room accent wall idea

Vintage Floral and Birds

I think laundry rooms are a great place to take advantage of vintage items, including vintage inspired wallpapers. This one is really pretty, especially if you’re a fan of white or cream walls.

Colorful Chevron wallpaper

Colorful Chevron

Chevrons have been trendy for a while and don’t seem to be going out of style. This colorful chevron pattern incorporates yellow, white, blue, and greys for a fun and modern wallpaper idea.

Muted Floral pattern

Muted Floral

This muted floral pattern is perfect for vintage and antique inspired laundry room decor. Pair it with other muted tones for a pretty, country-style space.

Modern Flowers and Birds wallpaper

Modern Flowers and Birds

This wallpaper is just too cute not to share. The little kiwi birds are adorable and I absolutely love the orange and browns. Definitely getting mid century modern vibes here with the colors!

Modern Gold Geometric peel and stick wallpaper for an accent wall

Modern Gold Geometric

Geometric patterns are super in right now, especially in gold. This one has a metallic shine for a bright, modern space or accent wall.

lemon print wallpapers for a laundry room


Lemons remind me of clean spaces! This wallpaper would be perfect for a laundry room and could fit with more decorating styles, which I love.

Blue and White Watercolor wallpaper

Blue and White Watercolor

This is a more minimalistic wallpaper for someone doing blue and white decor in their home. I really like the way the watercolor print is slightly imperfect to give this simple wallpaper a lot of character.

Mustard Sketched Floral wallpaper

Mustard Sketched Floral

Love the mustard color of this wallpaper! The florals overtop really pop, and it would make a great accent wall. There are other color options too if you like the print but not the color.

Boho Leaf Pattern

Boho Leaf Pattern

This pretty wallpaper has boho vibes! Mix the muted colors of this print with some natural elements like macrame or rattan for a stylish laundry room you won’t mind spending time in.

Vintage Orange and Green Chomper Flower Petal print

Vintage Orange and Green Chomper Flower Petal

Here’s more ideas for super unique, vintage style laundry room wallpapers! I love the large florals in this print; perfect if you’re covering a large space.

Black and White Floral wallpaper idea

Black and White Floral

This black and white wallpaper seems subtle but still makes a bold impact when hung on the wall. Going with a more neutral colored wallpaper in your laundry room like this one is a great way to keep your options open on the rest of the space.

Pretty Colorful Floral wallpaper on White background

Pretty Colorful Floral on White

Another pretty floral, this time adding some birds to this cute wallpaper pattern. I really like how bright it looks on the white background.

damask wallpaper for the laundry room

Victorian Embossed Damask

Damask wallpapers are very traditional ideas that shouldn’t be overlooked in the laundry room too.

Grasscloth wallpaper


I love grasscloth as neutral wallpapers for any space, including your laundry room. If you choose a paintable, textured wallpaper you can also use it to add some texture to the wall without it being too bold.

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