20 Crafts Made With Dollar Tree Supplies

by | Jul 10, 2022

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I love making crafts – but not spending too much money on them. That’s why Dollar Tree is one of my favourite places to grab craft supplies. There’s sooo many options there and you can find almost anything to make unique crafts and DIY ideas with Dollar Tree supplies.

It’s not just kids’ crafts either! There’s a bunch of great kid-friendly options on this this, but there are also plenty of adult craft ideas made from things found at Dollar Tree. Check out these cool and creative ideas!

Tips for Buying Craft Supplies From Dollar Tree

If you’re new to making Dollar Tree crafts it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Especially when some of the craft tutorials have seasonal products. Here’s some tips to make your project go more smoothly:

  • Purchase seasonal items when you see them. They often sell out way earlier than the actual season, especially hot items.
  • Join Dollar Tree crafting groups – people often post when certain products are available in local stores.
  • Some items, like notebooks and paper plates, are almost always in stock.
  • Pair Dollar Tree crafting items with higher end stuff to make quality crafts and save money. Some Dollar Tree supplies are just as good as brand name, especially for crafts and DIYs!

Supplies For Crafts You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

There’s a lot at Dollar Tree and it’s always changing. There are some things I avoid at Dollar Tree, for example, the glue (unless we’re making slime). But other times Dollar Tree is the absolute best deal when it comes to craft supplies! Here’s some things I always buy from there.

Party supplies (for crafts or otherwise) including paper plates, clothespins, craft sticks, mini chalkboards, fake flowers (some are nicer than other though), paint brushes especially for kids and glue, clear acrylic containers and serving ware, mini flower pots, craft paint, and small quantities of craft supplies like burlap, ribbon, etc.

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Ideas for Crafts Made From Dollar Tree Supplies

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