The Best Gadgets to Get You Organized Once and For All

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I’m obsessed with home organization. Maybe it’s the fact that I always struggle to find things if they’re not away properly, but having a special place for everything in my home makes everything easier. There’s nothing I hate more than searching for something I know I have, but for some reason is in a strange place. Here’s some of the best gadgets I’ve found to help you (and people like me) get organized once and for all!

No more digging through the cupboard for ziplock bags or wasting food because you didn’t write down the expiry date with this list. Seriously, some of these products are total game changes! They’re especially great if you’re busy, have kids, or (like me) struggle with ADHD.

Time to get organized!

Organization Gadgets for the Kitchen

These kitchen gadgets are perfect for getting the heart of your home organized in a flash. Besides what I’ve listed here, you should also get some kitchen organizing staples like clear pantry containers and canisters.

Want more inspiration? Check out how I organized my bottom freezer.

wooden Ziplock bag storage organizer

Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

I know that the boxes are supposed to do the same thing but we all know that’s not how things really go – those cardboard boxes don’t dispense well at all. There’s two things I love about this organizer: First, the containers are all separate so you can arrange it however you want, and second, they’re all labelled to make finding the right size easier.

clear salad spinner with condiments

Lazy Susan

I see these in all the home organizing projects, especially pantry remodels, so I just had to include it. Besides the pantry, lazy susans are great in the fridge for condiments or in other areas like the bathroom, laundry room, and linen closet.

clear two layer water bottle holder

Water Bottle Organizer

I find water bottles to be one of the most frustrating things to organize. Having something like this does a few things: yes, it keeps the bottles from rolling around or falling over (which means less scratches on you bottles too), but it also means you can easily find exactly which water bottle you want to grab.

spice jar labels showing chili powder seasoning on clear jar.

Spice Jar Labels

These went viral on TikTok and for good reason. They’re super cute! Kind of modern, but also fits with a farmhouse style, they have labels for pretty much every spice you might want to include in your panty. As someone who has confidently left jars unlabelled “because I’ll know” – let me tell you… These are a lifesaver.

lazy suzan cabinet organizers white

Lazy Suzan Cabinet Organizers

My lazy susan cabinet has to be the most awkward part of my kitchen. But, until we find something better than an awkward pull out, it’s the best option for that spot. Containers like this can at least help keep things organized so you don’t end up with everything falling over the sides as you spin.

black shelf above oven with spices and olive oil

Over the Stove Shelf

I have something similar to this in my kitchen and I absolutely love it. I put my most use spices like salt, pepper, etc so they’re handy while I cook. Saves time going to the pantry all the time and keeps them off the counter!

wooden cutting board and clear plastic containers with various cut up fruit and vegetables

Cutting Board With Containers

This is a super cool meal prep system. You can get all your food organized for the week and use the containers it comes with to store prepped ingredients until you’re ready to cook with them. Such a handy kitchen gadget to get your organized!

pull out plastic containers for refrigerator showing fruit in them

Pull Out Refrigerator Drawers

These are an amazing buy if you want to get your fridge organized. Unlike regular stacking bins, you don’t need to dig out the one on the bottom every time you want to use it. Plus clear containers means you won’t forget what’s inside so there’s less waste.

erasable labels to put on containers

Erasable Labels

If you already have great containers or pantry organizers (or you’re buying a set) consider grabbing some reusable labels for them instead. These are great because you can just erase and rewrite if what you’re storing changes. Perfect for leftover or the freezer!

clear plastic organizer for lids

Lid Organizers

Another challenging spot in most kitchens; the tupperware lids. Organizers like this one are a game changer, especially if you have a lot of containers like I do. I currently use a recycled wood clementine box that’s falling apart so I just might make the upgrade to this one now too.

two pack of cord organizer, one white and one grey

Appliance Cord Organizer

This is so much better than wrapping the cord around your mixmaster like I’ve been doing! Even if you don’t have appliances that sit on the counter these can be stuck to the back of any gadgets with a cord to get organized and tame the mess in your pantry.

black stackable mug organizer

Stackable Mug Organizer

If you’ve been stacking your mugs (and want to) but worry about getting chipped this is a great, inexpensive organizing solution. Just place the rubber pieces in between the cup layers. Not only will it protect them, you’ll also have more stability too.

clear plastic produce container with date indicator

Produce Container With Date Indicator

These are super cool! I love that they’re clear and have handles, but love even more that you can adjust the dial on the top to mark when you purchased the produce (or its expiry.) Great for using up the oldest stuff first.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are tricky to organize, especially if they’re small. These storage ideas will help give everything from toothbrushes to cosmetics their own place – all while looking stylish and trendy.

The Best Gadgets to Get You Organized Once and For All acrylic clear containers

Acrylic Bathroom Trays

I actually have these in my bathroom and they’re wonderful for keeping everything organized. We have compartments for toothpaste, the kids’ items, hair accessories, nail clippers, floss… You get the idea. They clean easily too, which is great for a bathroom.

white mini bathroom trash can with lid

Mini Bathroom Trash Can

I know a trash can isn’t anything spectacular when it comes to gadgets to get you organized but I really like this low profile option for a bathroom. The lid shuts tightly so you don’t need to worry about pets getting into it yucky things (dirty q-tips, anyone?) just sitting out in the bathroom for all to see.

The Best Gadgets to Get You Organized Once and For All clear makeup organizer

Makeup Organizer

This is a wonderful organizer for someone who has a decent amount of makeup. I wouldn’t say someone who has a lot, because let’s face it, you’ll need a lot more space than this. Still, clear acrylic is super trendy right now and you can set this on the bathroom counter or a bedroom vanity for easy access.

Wall Mounted with Toothpaste Dispenser Bathroom Organizer

Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizer

This is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. I love that it organizes a few things on the top of the shelf and also has holders for a couple toothbrushes. The coolest part, though, is the phone holder. I think it would be great for watching TV while you get ready or for makeup tutorials.

Other Unique Products and Gadgets to Get You Organized

These gadgets can be used to get you organized throughout your home or in spaces outside the bathroom and kitchen.

clear drawer dividers

Drawer Dividers

These are a great all around home organization product that you can use throughout your house. These adjustable dividers will fit in almost any drawer and add some much needed separation to help you get organized without buying a bunch of little containers and trying to make them fit.

acrylic wall calendar

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Wall calendars are everywhere, it’s true, but I couldn’t resist sharing this super unique acrylic one! It can even be customized for you! Love, love, love. Don’t forget to pair it with some great dry erase markers (colour coded for everyone in the family) so you can stay on top of your household schedule easily.

tan colored clothing sotrage bins

Clothes Storage Bins

If at 32 I still don’t know how to properly fold a fitted sheet it’s probably too late to learn. I love storing my sheets in bins (I do this in my own linen closet) so the sets stay together – but I still don’t need to fold them all that well. Win-win!

Simple to attach snap on labels that tell you the size of sheets

Snap on Sheet Labels

If you DO know how to fold your sheets nicely, however, this are so cool. The little labels snap onto your sheet sets so you can see, at a glance, which size bed they’re for. Great for families or folks who have a lot of overnight guests.

three Pieces Kitchen Towel Hooks Round Adhesive Dish Towel Hook Premium Chrome Finish

Round Hooks

I have hooks all over my house – not just the kitchen and bathroom. They’re handy for all kinds of things including towels, but also clothes that you want to wear again, bags, and temporary storage for things that need to go out of the house. These ones are handy because you just push whatever you want to hang inside, and they can be mounted almost anywhere without tools.

Under Desk Drawer, Attachable Adhesive Drawer Organizer

Undermount Drawer

This is another practical solution that can be added to your existing furniture. It comes with a self-adhesive strip so you can attach it to any desk, vanity, table, console, or anywhere else you need a little storage drawer in your home.

Wood Sunglasses Storage Organizer Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Sunglasses Organizer

I hate it when I pull my sunglasses out of the basket and they’re scratched up. Especially if you don’t have a seperate place for your keys! This shelf is great for displaying a sunglasses collection while also making it easy to find what you want and keep them out of the way.

black Multi Compartments Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer

Trunk Organizer

I’d love one of these in the back of the minivan! Whether you have kids like me, want to organize your SUV, or just want to corral everything in your trunk these organizing baskets are super handy. I love love love the handle – imagine how much easier it would be to bring groceries inside!

Wall Mounted Bookcase

I know this is made for kids but these bookcases are super cute all over the house too. Especially painted or stained a coordinating colour to your room! Use it to showcase favourite books, artwork, trays, or magazines.

Wrapping Paper Storage

I have one of these and I can honestly say it’s so handy, especially at Christmastime. Everything is all in one place so when you want to wrap a gift you don’t have to go looking for another roll of paper, scissors, tape, etc. Saved me so much time last year!

black Travel Cable Organizer Electronic Accessories Case

Electronic Travel Case

These cases are made for travel but I think they’d also be a great way to organize your extra cords and accessories for electronic devices at home too. Little bags like this are great gadgets to get organized at home and on the go. I love stuff that can be used in more than one way!

light grey bedside organizer

Bedside Organizer

Last, but definitely not least, is this amazing bedside organizer. The natural colours will match most modern decor styles and it can hold all those things you want to reach for when you’re in bed (but don’t want on the bedside table.)

Hopefully some of these gadgets will help you get organized once and for all! If you’ve tried any of them, or if you found a better gadget out there, I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below!

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