How to Make Housework More Fun

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They call them chores for a reason – there isn’t much fun in doing housework. In fact, most people I talk to would rather be playing with their kids, socializing, having fun, and well, doing anything besides housework. With 5 kids, I do it a lot, so if I don’t try and make housework more fun I would go insane! Here’s my best tips.

How to Make Housework More Fun

If you think about it – we spend so much of our lives doing chores and things we don’t want to do. If you clean on hour a day that’s 365 cleaning hours a year! Way too much time to be miserable, if you ask me.

Some people get around this by hiring help. If that works for you, more power to you! My family’s budget and lifestyle doesn’t’ work for that, so I’m left doing most of the cleaning. If you’re like me, then these ways to make housework more fun will at least turn the chore into something a little bit less dreadful.

Put on some music

Sometimes I forget to put on tunes while I’m cleaning and end up realizing halfway through I’m missing it. When I have upbeat songs playing I find myself dancing and (depending on whether or not I’m wearing headphones) singing my way through chores.

Music can have an invigorating effect on you and act as motivation, but it can also make you happier in the moment too.

If you’re not into music, you can also listen to a podcast or audio book!

Plan around your personal preferences

I’m the kind of person who likes to rip off the most challenging stuff like a band-aid. If that sounds like you, front load all your worst chores so the rest of the day is more enjoyable.

On the other hand, some people prefer to have some balance. So maybe doing one thing you don’t like, and then one you do.

Everyone has chores they like and dislike more than others, so if you can get someone else to do your most hated chores that will really help too.

Talk on the phone

If your kids will allow it, or are at school, why not multitask your chores with some socializing? Get on the phone with a friend or family member and chat while you work through your housework.

That way you’ll barely know how much time has passed and get some much needed socializing in during the day.

Watch TV

When I was working out a lot I used to save certain TV shows for when I was exercising. You can do that with your laundry, ironing, or any other chores that can be done in front of the TV.

I actually binge watched ‘Big Little Lies’ while ironing my finacées shirts for work! You might even look forward to doing these chores if your show is getting good.

Add some fun challenges

This is especially great if you can get your kids or spouse involved in some of the cleaning! See how fast each person can clean the bathroom, or work on beating your personal best.

Another great way to keep up with cleaning is to challenge yourself to keep a certain space, surface, or room clean.

Reward yourself

If things are still tough, then at least give yourself a light at the end of the tunnel. Make little mental rewards like “If I get xyz done then I can watch 1 hour of TV” and so on.

At least it will feel a bit more like you’re cleaning with a goal in mind instead of aimlessly working.

Change your attitude

More so than anything else, nothing makes housework more fun than changing how you feel about it entirely. I think of cleaning as a way to take care of my family – especially my partner who really appreciates a clean and organized home.

I see it as my job to clean, since that’s the role I’ve taken on in this family. It makes me proud to keep a clean home and that my partner doesn’t have to do a lot when he finishes work.

Not everyone hates housework

Maybe you’re one of those people who actually loves cleaning! I now I sometimes find a lot of joy in taking care of my family. Even doing mundane stuff can enjoyable with the right mindset and attitude, in my opinion.

But, if you hate to clean, then these ways to make housework more fun should improve your life. Even if it’s just a little bit.

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