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I have to make a confession here: I barely know how to knit. It’s one of my top hobbies that I want to learn, mostly because my mom can’t knit mittens as fast as my kids lose them. Needless to say, the other day when I came across a bunch of vintage knitting pattern books I was pretty upset that I couldn’t make anything.

Where to find vintage knitting pattern books

But if you like knitting I can tell you where I find these great pattern books. Normally I’ll send them right over to my mom’s house. We usually look for vintage sweaters and hats, but this time I also scored some doll clothes too. My 6 year old is doll obsessed and has an entire wardrobe of handmade doll clothes and bedding. Thanks mom.

I absolutely love the to wear vintage knits on my kids. They look so cute and in my opinion those classic looks never go out of style. My boyfriend even found a few sweaters he would love in the collection!

Anyway, here’s where I find vintage knitting pattern books:

The library

I don’t know about yours, but our local library takes donations. Some libraries might have vintage pattern books in their collection that you can borrow but mine doesn’t keep stuff that old. Instead, when they get these donations, they put them out in the front for free. That’s where I picked up my last haul of them.

Asking older women

You’d be surprised how many older women are downsizing nowadays, especially when they’re getting ready to move into apartments or nursing homes. Even if they’re not moving, many are more than happy to share their patterns with the younger generation. Just ask! If you don’t know anyone ask at your local senior’s centre or retirement home.

Yard sales/Thrift shops

Once you know what you’re looking for you’ll start seeing things more and more, trust me. One of my favourite places to score vintage knitting pattern books is yard sales. Often people will be downsizing or selling on behalf of parents or grandparents and want things gone. Usually they’e really inexpensive.


If you’re looking for a specific pattern online might be your best bet. Etsy is a surprising resource for all things vintage, including pattern books. You can also try Ebay. But, if online shopping isn’t your thing, you can still use local online groups to ask around. My favourites are vintage and antiques, crafting groups, and local buy nothing or freecycle groups.

Do you have any vintage knitting pattern books that you love?

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