How to be Happier in Your Home

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This is something that’s been on my mind lately. We’ve been doing a few small home renovations and fixing things up, but it’s hard to not have serious home envy. Here’s all the things I’ve learned recently on how to be happier in your home.

How to be Happier in Your Home

We live in a wonderful, big house. But it’s not new…. But not old enough to be quaint either. Just old. When I look around, all I see is the flaws. Little things that need to be fixed. Cosmetic issues. How certain things just aren’t practical.

We bought this house after renting a much smaller place, but before the divorce my ex husband and I had a wonderful, new house. A house I waited a long time for after living several years in a mobile home.

So for me, going from that to this is a bit challenging.

Some great things about my home

We have a very large home! It’s 2100 square feet, plus the basement adds on another 900 or so once we’re done making it livable. (Which is going on right now, I might add.)

That means that everyone will soon have their own space, including my fiancée and I both having dedicated home offices to ourselves. That’s a must have when you both work from home.

We have more than enough space in the kitchen for a big table, or in our case two smaller tables that work for out family.

There’s also plenty of storage and an attached garage, even if we aren’t parking in it right now because it’s full of stuff.

Some not so great things about my house

Most of it is in need of a new paint job. The kitchen is probably my biggest problem since it needs new cupboards, counters, and flooring. Our front entrance has no closet and terrible storage despite being huge. It’s also ugly.

At the moment the entire house is in disarray! The twins are in the master bedroom and right now our bedroom is downstairs in the dining room. That room will be transformed into something else later.

Once the older two kids move downstairs I’ll be able to move the twins back into the bigger bedroom, move us back up to the master, and use the other bedroom as my office. We are hoping to add another baby into our family in the future, so hopefully that room will become the nursery and the dining room will become my office.

Changing my mindset

The other day I had an epiphany. What am I doing loathing my house? We have so much space! And room for everyone! It was a great deal! Plus there’s so much we can do in the future to make it nicer.

Truly, we’re blessed, and I’m sitting here wishing I could have a brand new house that’s half the size and twice the price all because it has a nicer kitchen. What’s wrong with me?!

10 ways to be happier in your home

Hopefully these ideas will help you see the positives about your place while making some small changes. They’re what I’m working on right now!

1. Start with positive thinking

Go through your home and list all the things you love about it. It might be the practical “my laundry room is large enough to store everything” or the sentimental “I love that my baby took their first steps right here.” Your home does a lot for you!

2. Give it a good decluttering

A lot of times we see other homes are better because they’re clean and free from clutter. If you have piles of papers on the kitchen counter you’re going to hate being in the kitchen. Same with overflowing closets and drawers. Not enough storage, or too much stuff?

3. Clean and clean some more!

This goes hand in hand with the clutter. A lot of times giving my house a good, thorough cleaning is all I need to feel happier. Sometimes I’m in love with the idea of a show home, not the practical side of things.

4. Complete small repairs

This is where you look at any of those little quality of life things you can do to make things a bit better. Do you have burnt out lightbulbs? Broken toilet seat? Clogged drains? Those little things add up – fix them and you’ll be happier in your home.

5. Bring in some plants

Whether it’s gathering up some flowers from your garden, having some potted plants, or growing herbs in your kitchen there’s something positive about having greenery in our homes. I have a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet on my table right now and I couldn’t be happier every time I walk into the room and see it.

6. Make it smell nice

Smell is a huge part of our mental state! Get yourself some candles, a wax warmer, or essential oil diffuser and fill your home with your favourite smells. Or just open the windows and enjoy the fresh air!

7. Take time to just be in your home

Rather than having your home as a place in between work and running errands, take time to just be in your home and enjoy it. Find little ways to enjoy being in your home and you’ll probably love it more in general.

8. Accept things you can’t change

I remember what it was like to be in a house that was too small with no storage. You have to make due with what you have! Instead of loathing those negatives, make the best of them. Find creative ways to overcome your home’s challenges so it works for you.

9. Stop seeing it as a step to the next house

Unless you plan on moving in the next year or two, you need to stop thinking of this home as the step in between you and your dream house. Let it be yours, and take ownership! Paint the colour your want, not for resale. Sure, you might say goodbye one day, but right now it’s your home. Enjoy it.

10. Take some time away

If you really want to appreciate your home, get away from it for a little while. There’s nothing that makes me love my home more than being gone for a week or two! Obviously this isn’t always possible but sometimes even being outside for the day is enough to appreciate home sweet home just a little bit more.

You can be happier in your home

Even if you can’t do anything to change it, it’s all about attitude. Keep positive and practice gratitude and you’ll find you’re happier in your home. Try it!