Outfit Ideas For a 90s Party

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We’re gonna party like it’s 1990s up in here! Whether you’re wanting to throwback to your childhood, or you’re invited to a 90s themed party and want to dress the part, these outfit ideas for a 90s party have it covered.

As someone born in 1990, I’m always going to hold the 90s in high regard. I also love the way some of our 90s things like Tamagotchis, crop tops, and mini bags have all come back in style. Not loving the way people call it “retro” though.

A lot of these outfit ideas are over the top because they’re intended for a 90s party, not just to wear as regular 90s inspired fashion. When you go to a themed event you want what you’re dressed up as to be instantly recognizable. That’s why I included some very 90s fashion trends like overalls and bucket hats, but left out the more neutral fads like board shorts and capris.

Fun Throwback 90s Outfit Ideas for a Party (or Just to Wear!)

Although some things are back, it can still be trick to find 90s themed outfit ideas to wear to a party. Here’s some great example of stuff that will look the part, is relatively budget friendly, and some of it can even be worn again!

90s print fashion sweatpants

90s Print Jogger Sweatpants

Let’s start off easy here – these 90s-inspired sweatpants are perfect for a 90s party where you want to be comfortable and have fun. Although the style isn’t entirely 90s (why wasn’t anything tapered back then?), the print totally is reminiscent.

overalls that were popular in the 90s


I’m actually thrilled that these babies are back in style because I loved wearing them in the 90s. Grab yourself a pair and wear your favourite vintage 90s shirt underneath. Don’t forget to undo just one buckle!

Green handmade scrunchie

Velvet Scrunchie

If your hair is long enough a scrunchie can really make the outfit! These were so popular in the 90s, but they’re actually super cute to wear even now too.

flip up sunglasses

Flip Up Sunglasses

I remember having a pair of plastic Mickey Mouse glasses that flipped up just like this. This pair is a bit cooler, and makes a great 90s inspired accessory for your outfit or costume.

Vintage 90s fashion jeans from tommy hilfiger brand

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

I’m not sure why Tommy Hilfiger was so popular in the 90s, but it was. If you can’t find vintage these are still sold sometimes – look for 90s inspired styles.

windbreaker style jumpsuit with a 90s vibe

Windbreaker Jumpsuit

This is another outfit that’s modernly made, but inspired by 90s fashion. I know all us 90s kid had at least one gaudy tracksuit! Mine was teal and purple…

Floral and green sweater from the 90s

Northern Reflections 90s Sweater

I sent this one to my BF and he said he’d definitely wear it, so it passes the vibe check.

casette tape earrings

Cassette Tape Earrings

Although they were a bit more 90s, cassette tapes definitely hung over to the 90s too. In fact, I remember saving up my money to buy cassettes because our old van didn’t have a CD player! Plus that was the only way to get a mixtape (until CD burning became a thing).

DARE program 90s fanny pack

D.A.R.E. Fanny Pack

Do they still do the D.A.R.E. program? Everyone would get a free t-shirt for participating, so it kind of was a thing in the 90s. This combines one 90s accessory (fanny pack’s) with the classic DARE font.

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90s Style Platform Shoes for a Party

Any platform shoes will do but these ones really embody the weird style they used to come out in during the 90s. For some reason we thought clear shoes were all the rage (a leftover from the 80s jelly shoes I think) and platform shoes were the coolest thing ever.

ripped jeans

90s Style Ripped Jeans

Do you think gen-z invented ripped jeans? No, us 90s kids got to it first. But mostly it was just a slit across the knees.

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90s style turtleneck sweater that would be great as part of a throwback outfit


Turtleneck sweaters were all the rage in the 90s. This one is a great colour, and looks awesome paired with some vintage pants or the denim skirt the woman uses in the picture.

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Vintage jacket from the 1990s

Vintage 90s Jacket

Look at how fantastic this outfit is! You can pair a unique jacket like this one with your favourite pair of 90s style jeans.

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bucket style hat

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were super popular in the 90s, and I’m really not sure why since they don’t seem to look good on very many people. Anyway, relive the trend with a cool bucket hat of your own – this one has a 90s inspired print on it for extra retro charm.

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striped camsole

Sweater Strappy Cami

This cut is so 90s! Especially with this color combination, the horizontal stripes, and of course the ribbed material that was so popular back then. Between this and corduroy it’s a wonder we didn’t overheat.

women's 90s style blouse

90s Style Women’s Blouse

I love the fun stuff, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something to be said about wearing business casual to a 90s themed party. I love this blouse; it has bright retro colors and would look great paired with vintage jeans or a skirt.

slap bracelets

Slap Bracelets

They never really went away, but slap bracelets were really big in the 90s. Get yourself a pack and wear more than one, or hand them out to all your party guests.

90s style leisure suit complete outfit idea for a party

90s Leisure Suit

You’ll be SO fashionable and even more COMFORTABLE in this 90s style leisure suit. What. A. Vibe.

rugrats outfit set that would be great to wear to a 90s party

Rugrats Outfit Set

If you don’t want to go full on 90s fashion you can always find 90s-inspired modern outfits like this one. It features characters from the iconic 90s TV show Rugrats.

rugrats mesh crop top

Rugrats Cropped Shirt

If you’d rather something Rugrats themed but don’t want a whole outfit this cropped top is a great option. It’s made of very 90s mesh and has Angelica and Susie on it for a throwback vibe.

90s vintage embordered dress

Embroidered Dress

Denim and denim style clothing was really popular in the 90s. This embroidered dress is a super cute outfit idea – it even has pockets!

90s neon winterbreak outfit

Neon Windbreaker

Can you really get more 90s? This jacket is totally a vibe, and can definitely be worn again after the party.

90s vintage shirt with a horse design that you could wear to a 90s party

90s Vintage Horse Shirt

These “tacky” style shirts were super popular in the 90s. If you want a more realistic fashion choice for a 90s party (plus something cool you can wear again) pick one of these up.

women's 2 piece 90s print exercise outfit

2 Piece Workout Suit

Perfect to wear to your aerobics class, inline skating, or while using your thighmaster to melt that body fat. Just kidding, wear this fun outfit to a 90s party for a colorful and comfortable outfit that’ll be easy to dance in.

fashion shirt with a 90s style and pattern on it

Coloured Sleeve Cropped Shirt

This shirt gave me pretty big 90s vibes with the colour and pattern combos, so I decided to include it.

MTV shirt

MTV Shirt

MTV was kind of 80s and 90s, but definitely at its height in the 90s in my opinion.

vintage blue vest from the 90s

90s Vest

Vests like this were super popular in the 90s. Snatch up this vintage find before someone else does!

rainbow butterfly clips

Butterfly Clips

These plastic clips were a fashion icon and painful bane of some many girls’ existences in the 90s. Enjoy reliving all that pain and struggle for yourself – but they’re still pretty cute!

90s style crew neck sweater

Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Hoodies weren’t really big in the 90s, instead we had crew neck sweaters like this one. Go for greys, whites, and dark blues for a real 90s look.

vintage 90s dress pattern

Dress Pattern

If you can’t find the perfect outfit ideas for a 90s party, why not make one instead? Grab a vintage pattern and pick out your favourite fabric for the most unique fit at the event.

women's 2 piece 90s inspired tracksuit

Women’s 2 Piece Tracksuit

This outfit is such a vibe. I love that it comes in a bunch of colors, but this combo really says “90s Little Tikes Car” to me. A lot of people romanticize the 90s for bright neon colors but let’s be honest… It was a lot primary colors and teals.

retro mom jean high waisted shorts for women

High Waisted Mom Jean Shorts

Gen z managed to bring back the mom jeans that were popular in the 90s. These shorts play image to that while still looking cute and stylish. Pair them with a vintage top for a cute outfit idea!

men's 90s style neon windbreaker

Men’s Neon Windbreaker

This would be great for men or women to wear as a 90s inspired outfit or to a themed party. Why were we so obsessed with keeping the wind off our bodies back then anyway?

Book of 90s Outfit Ideas

This book started as an art exhibition and is packed with authentic 90s fashion styles. Not only is it a cool keepsake or coffee table book, but it’s also awesome for inspiration too!

hey arnold 2 piece kids outfit

Kids’ Hey Arnold 2 Piece Outfit

Remember Hey Arnold, the Nickelodeon show? His head was shaped like a football! If you’re bringing your kids to a 90s party and want to show off a reference from your childhood this is a great complete outfit idea.

90s party outfit accessory: neon fanny pack hat

Fanny Pack Hat

Stylish and functional! Haha, just kidding. This would be a hilarious icing on the cake if you include it your 90s party outfit idea. On the upside, the fanny pack is actually functional.

fresh prince of bel air sports jersey

Bel Air Sports Jersey

You don’t have to move in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air to be a part of this 90s pop culture phenomenon. This would be awesome as part of a Halloween costume, or just as a super cool 90s reference shirt to wear to a party.

men's 90s style pants to wear to a party

Men’s Patchwork 90s Style Cargo Pants

Remember cargo pants? They could hold so. much. stuff. Look at hose deep pockets! They’ve managed to turn the 90s trend into something that looks nice now too so you could easily wear this outfit to a 90s party, and then again afterwards as regular clothes.

Collared Button Up Crop Top

Putting collars on shirts that really didn’t need them was definitely a 90s thing. If you were punk you’d add a tie, but this is cute on its own for a vintage or preppy look. There are also a bunch of great color and design options to choose from!

90s sweatshirt that says "I was supposed to marry a backstreet boy"

Bonus: 90s Themed Sweatshirt

If you don’t want to wear actual 90s style clothes you can always go for something that references the 90s too. This one is way too relatable, to be honest.

Having lived through the 90s, I definitely dug up some memories putting together these outfit ideas for a 90s party. What’s your favourite 90s fashion accessory?

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