Spring Bucket List Ideas

by | Mar 20, 2023

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The spring season is upon us, and with it a fresh spirit. For most people (including me), spring brings renewed motivation to get out and explore, especially after a long winter. Here’s a great collection of spring bucket list ideas for kids, families, and couples to try this year.

I find that if I don’t make a list of things I want to do each season slips away from me. And while you don’t need to do everything on these spring bucket lists, they can serve as a reminder for fun activities to throw into your spring schedule.

These are just ideas for spring activities, you can mix and match any you like to create your own spring bucket list! Or save your list from year to year until you’re able to check off each item.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Kids

These will depend on the age, but most should be appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids. Grab this spring bucket list and use it to make some childhood memories your kids will keep for the rest of their life!

I’m not a big fan of childhood being a checklist and these are purely for fun and inspiration. As a parent, I know how stressful making every day perfect can be. Relax, have fun, and do what works best for your family.

I made sure to add plenty of indoor ideas too in case the weather is still cool or your spring includes a lot of rainy days.

Indoor Activity Ideas

  • Eat some spring treats (like Peeps)
  • Make bird feeders for the backyard
  • Do spring or Easter baking
  • Visit the local library and take out spring books
  • Decorate Easter eggs
  • Make a spring craft
  • Paint rocks for the garden
  • Bake mini egg cookies
  • Visit a seasonal ice cream shop that’s re-opened for spring
  • Watch a spring movie for family movie night

Outdoor Activity Ideas

  • Splash in puddles
  • Use an umbrella
  • Plant flowers
  • Fly a kite
  • Visit a local farm
  • Go for a bike or wagon ride
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk
  • Attend an Easter egg hunt
  • Go berry picking (late spring activity)
  • Go to the park (especially if it’s been cold or snowy and you haven’t been in a while)
  • Visit a butterly garden or exhibit
  • Hunt for spring insects like ladybuds
  • Spot a rainbow
  • Blow bubbles
  • Find a four leaf clover
spring bucket list for kids

Spring Bucket List for Couples

Spring is a great time for couples to spend time together, especially outdoors. If your summers are usually busy, this is a great time to get some spring dates in before you shift gears to summer fun.

  • Plan an Easter brunch
  • Go for a hike
  • Go birdwatching (and learn about local birds that come out in spring)
  • Spring clean together
  • Go on a picnic date
  • Plan and plant a vegetable or flower garden
  • Go to a museum on a rainy day
  • Make a new spring playlist together
  • Go outside and take pictures with spring blooms
  • Go golfing
  • Make a spring flower arrangement
  • Host or attend an adult Easter egg hunt
  • Make a spring salad (bonus points if it’s out of the first harvest from your garden)
  • Host a BBQ
  • Go to the park and feed the ducks
  • Try out an outdoor mini golf course
  • Participate in a community clean up (or pick up trash on your own)
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Go stargazing
  • Host or visit a yard sale
  • Try an outdoor yoga class
  • Make or buy a new spring wreath and hang it
spring bucket list for couples

Other Spring Bucket List Ideas

These are great ways for individuals, especially adults, to get into the spring mood. Try some yourself, as a couple, or with your family!

  • Decorate your home for spring
  • Read a spring themed book
  • Host or attend a garden tea party
  • Give or get a bouquet of flowers
  • Check out a farmer’s market
  • Try new recipes with in-season vegetables
  • Update your computer and phone backgrounds for spring
  • Take spring family photos
  • Bake Easter bread

Hopefully you found some fun ideas for your own spring bucket list with these suggestions! I’ve been dying to get outside and enjoy the spring weather and can’t wait to do some of these things myself!

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