The Best Christmas Gifts For a Friend

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The holidays are a great time to let everyone around you know how much you care. But if you’re feeling a bit uninspired with your shopping, here’s some of the best Christmas gifts for a friend that you can buy online. Talk about easy!

What’s great about these Christmas gift ideas for a friend is that you can order them online for easy shopping. Or have them shipped to a long-distance friend for a holiday surprise!

Unique Ideas For Christmas Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Some of these are general ideas for gifts your friends will love so you can take that inspiration and buy something that truly fits their personality. If you’re stuck on gift giving ideas, though, there’s something for everyone in your friend group here.

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example of a kitchen gadget you can give to your friend as a gift - it's a crab spoon holder

Kitchen Gadgets

Fun kitchen stuff is practical (which means they’ll actually use it) but still fun to give if you do it right. If you spend time at your friend’s house you might already know what they’re in need of – if not, cute universal accessories like this one are a great idea!

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box of cards that offer self care tips to give as gifts to a friend for Christmas

Self Care Tips

Things are more stressful than ever right now, and the holidays just add to that. Help a friend out by giving them some guided self care like this box of “bucket list” self care cards.

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candle that has a friendship themed message on the side gifts for a friend idea on Christmas

Friendship Candle

Nothing says “I love you” to a friend like a friend-themed product! Friendship is fun, and gifts to friends should be too. This funny candle is a great gift for someone who has everything.

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round throw blanket that looks like a tortilla

Tortilla Blanket

Wrap them up wrap style! Blankets are great through the winter months, and what better way to stay warm like a burrito than in a burrito? There are other print options (like pizza) too!

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example book to give to a friend as a gift for Christmas, it show

A Book You Love

Gift giving occasions like Christmas are great opportunities to share a book you love with a friend. This Oprah one is one of my favorites that I’ve read this year, but you can gift whatever!

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speaker that suction cups onto the shower

Shower Speaker

I find little gadgets like this make great gift ideas for a friend. They’re not something they may buy for themselves, but it sure is nice having music playing in the shower!

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reading themed tote bag idea for Christmas gifts for a friend

Tote Bag

I find tote bags make great gift ideas on their own and also are a great eco-friendly alternative to gift wrap. If they’re a reader, a book themed bag is a good find!

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Christmas cookies in a box ideas for friend gifts

Christmas Cookie Gifts for a Friend

You could make homemade cookies, of course, but if you’re not much of a baker this package is really nice. It’s also something you could order online and have shipped to a friend that lives far away.

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luxury bath bombs are one of the best Christmas gifts for a friend

Bath Bombs

If your friend doesn’t need any more stuff or is in need of some pampering bath gifts can be great. Skip the department store gifts sets, though, and instead opt for something more luxurious like this bath bomb set. Anything relaxation based make great Christmas gifts for a friend, in my opinion.

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little book that says why you're my bestie on the cover that you can fill out

Bestie Book

They make these little books for all kinds of relationships and they’re super cute. The idea is you fill in the blanks to describe how awesome your bestie is. If you want a gift from the heart, this is it.

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amazon echo dot

Echo Dot

Or an Echo show, or any smart speaker really. I have one in the kitchen and it’s awesome – but also budget friendly. You could add in a gift card for audio books, too.

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party game called truth or drink

Fun Party Games

I’m a big time fan of board games but party card games are always fun for any crowd. Get something you’re interested in too because you know you’ll be playing it together!

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friendship themed Christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

You can get something funny, sentimental, or even customized – but Christmas ornaments, especially ones for the tree, always make great Christmas gifts for a friend.

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cheerful dish cloth and kitchen towel set that can be given as a gift for a friend on Christmas

Dish Cloths or Tea Towels

Yes, it’s not really that great of a gift, but us adults know that sometimes having nice things for chores makes us happy too. These towels are perfect for cleaning up spills or washing dishes, and they’re super cute too.

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colourful picnic blanket that wraps up

Picnic Blanket

I actually gifted a beach blanket to one of my employees this past summer and it was a hit. Waterproof blankets like this are good all year ’round – from summer picnics to keeping you warm at the ice rink.

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shot glasses that have friednship sayings on them

Shot Glasses

If it’s that kind of friend (and friendship) then you know you’ll be seeing these again soon. And besides, can you ever have too many shot glasses? I like the sayings on this set, personally.

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Once Upon a Chef example of a cookbook to give to a friend

A Nice Cook Book

I like cookbooks with pictures of every recipe, personally. But most people will use the cookbooks if they’re good, yet we rarely splurge on them. You could even share one of your favourites! Bonus points if your friend cooks for you sometimes.

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oversized black hoodie as an example of comfy lounge wear to give as gifts to friends for Christmas

Comfy Lounge Wear

Clothes are really personal, so I would avoid gifting them unless you know your friend well. The one exception is PJs and lounge wear. Who can resists a soft, oversized hoodie?

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jigsaw puzzle


Winter is the perfect time to stay inside and do puzzles. Since Christmas falls at the start of winter, what better occasion is there to gift one? Unless they’re an avid puzzle doer, stick to 500-1000 piece ones that aren’t too tricky.

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Small Bags

These mini backpacks are super handy for travelling and everyday use. Especially if your friend has kids or needs to carry stuff around and doesn’t use a purse.

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Air Fryer

Everyone wants an air fryer right now, so I’m just going to assume your friends want one too.

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picture of wine bottle, wine is one of the best gifts for a friend


This is just the wine labels, but I love that they’re Christmas themed. You really can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine (unless your friend doesn’t drink wine, of course.)

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red truck christmas deocration gifts for a friend

Christmas Decorations As Gift For a Friend

You really can’t go wrong with holiday decorations as Christmas presents, especially when you’re shopping for a friend who has everything. Just make sure it goes with their existing decor!

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Hopefully these Christmas gifts for a friend can inspire your holiday shopping this year! Of course, you probably know your friends best so trust those instincts. But if you need a little extra something all these gifts will be enjoyed by most people!

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