Why I freelance full time

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This is one of the most difficult posts I’ll ever have to write. I put in my notice to quit one of the best jobs I’ve ever had to freelance full time.

I quit my job to freelance full time!

For the past year and a half, and during one of the most astronomically difficult times in my life, I have been working in a library. Everyone involved: the coworkers, the patrons, and the dozens of different kids I had the pleasure of running programs for were amazing. Going to work really didn’t feel like going to work so much. (With some exceptions of course.)

So why leave?

I’ll tackle the personal side first.

My partner and I were tired of working opposite shifts. Right now, he takes his “weekend” at work while we have the kids so I can work, so we only get 2 days off together in a 2 week period. To make matters worse, Tuesdays nights I worked until 8 so we lost that evening too. Sure, it’s a lot better than what other couples deal with, but we wanted a change.

The biggest factor for me, though, was that I was away from the kids. I only get every other week with them, a custody arrangement I despise and that causes me a lot of distress as it is, so losing two full days really hurts me. On Tuesdays I would say goodbye to the kids in the morning and only make it home in time to put them to bed.

Then there’s the career aspect.

I’ve  been taking a career hit with my business by working . I have more work than I have time for. That means either delaying work with clients or leaving money on the table altogether. That, combined with finding more paid writing opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have time for, meant something had to give.

For my partner, being tied to my schedule has meant that he can’t take a job that works different, or less flexible, hours. That’s made him stuck in a position he’s not happy with despite having a bachelor’s degree. Now he’s able to not only freely apply for full time positions he wants, he can also pursue some part time passions on the side (more on that later).

And one more thing…

I spent 6 years working for a web design company, from home, before being laid off due to the recession in Alberta. I really enjoy what I do and have been dying to get back into that field. Working from home is also a great lifestyle that I really enjoy. Overall, it’s a good choice for my mental well being.

Now I freelance full time making money online.

Seriously. I would be fibbing if I didn’t point out that I’m a web designer here. But that’s not all I do! I also make money writing, doing SEO work, and blogging.