Arts and Cultural Experiences Bucket List for Families

by | Jul 4, 2022

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We only get so much time with our kids to help them learn and explore. That’s why I created this cultural experiences bucket list for families; so you can expose your kids to the arts through fun activities to do together.

Print it off and hang it on the fridge or another place where the whole family can see it. You could make it a goal to do one of each over the summer, during the winter, or the course of a year. Or just use it as a general guide for activity ideas.

Don’t feel pressured to do everything on this list. It’s possible you absolutely can’t find something in your area, or you just can’t afford it. That’s OK! I’m also going to include free resources to help you accomplish everything on this cultural experiences bucket list with your family too.

This list isn’t just for kids! If you’re an adult wanting to experience the arts and aren’t sure where to start, this list will get you going. Have fun!

Why I Created This Arts and Cultural Experiences Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but as a parent I always feel like I’m missing something or not doing enough. Of course, that isn’t really the case! But it’s nice to have a list of things to help me remember what’s important. I use bucket lists like this one to when we’re looking for something to do or planning activities – then whenever we do one of these arts or cultural experiences we can check it off.

Kids Need Cultural Experiences

I strongly believe that exposure to a wide variety of activities help make us more rounded people. That includes the arts! Unfortunately, if you didn’t grow up with this stuff you might not even think about trying these. Especially with your kids.

Even when you go, not every experience is for every person. This is true for adults as well as kids – so it’s possible your family won’t love everything on this list. That’s OK! Part of cultural experiences is trying new things and appreciating art. Even if it’s not really for you.

We Don’t Prioritize the Arts

I have met many adults who have never experienced several of these arts or cultural activities even once in their lives. While most people get the opportunity to visit a museum, fewer families take the time to visit an art gallery or see the ballet.

While I might have seen Giselle as a child and visited the Louvre as a teen, my partner has never been to the ballet or travelled. This wasn’t due to financial restrain (his family was a higher income than mine even), but priorities.

Arts and cultural experiences are often last after we worry about STEM, reading, writing, and physical activity. While these things are important, art and culture is important too.

Schools Are Doing Less Art and Cultural Experiences

With funding cuts and changes to the curriculum almost everywhere in North America we’re seeing less and less focus on arts and music. That means kids aren’t getting exposed to as much in school. Plus those staple field trips that would have normally forced us to see this museum or that gallery at least once are happening less often.

It’s up to families to make up the gap in education.

Fun Family or Couple Activities

Besides all the educational and developmental benefits for kids, these are, quite simply, fun activities to do as a family. Arts and cultural experiences are usually something all ages will enjoy – a hard thing when you have kids of multiple ages! Plus parents will have fun too.

If you don’t have kids (or if you want kid free activities) you can also use this list to make your very own cultural experience bucket list as a couple.

5 kids outside in the dark during winter at a Christmas lights display. It's an example of arts and cultural experiences I've done with my kids.
My 5 kids at a Christmas lights display last year.

How to Access Arts and Culture

Whenever possible, do one of these arts experiences live. Absolutely nothing beats a live show! Especially when it comes to taking kids, who often appreciate something more when they’re doing it in person. The atmosphere of the theatre, the ambiance of the gallery, the act of getting ready are all a part of the experience.

If this is inaccessible to you, though, there is still immense value in taking part in arts and cultural activities in any way you can.

For Those With Disabilities

Many arts and cultural performances and venues are accessible for those who need extra assistance. If you’re unsure, reach out. A lot of activities on this arts and experiences bucket list are suitable for those who are deaf or hard of hearing and have mobility issues.

A couple of my children have neuraldivergencies, so we choose matinees when more children are generally present for shows and go during the daytime to galleries. If you’re worried about your children in one of these places, call ahead and speak with the staff – there may be programs or accommodations available.

Arts and Cultural Experiences on a Budget

While I do think arts and cultural activities are worth the splurge, if you’re really unable to afford them do to income there are a few ways to access these activities for low or no cost.

Look for Free or Discount Days

Many museums and art galleries have days where admission is totally free. These are often on culturally significant days – for example, the Human Rights Museum here in Winnipeg offered free admission for kids over spring break and free admission to veterans (and their families) over Remembrance Day.

I’ve seen free days from the museum, art gallery, and zoo in my area too.

A lot of places also offer discounts around holidays or memberships that are more affordable if you plan to be back more than once.

Find Public Arts and Culture Performances

This is another great free activity. Each summer, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet does ballet in the park, a totally free event where you can check out some amazing performances. Whether it’s a large event like that or a small performance by a local theatre troupe at an event, there are many ways to see live arts and culture for free.

Small and Local Art and Cultural Experiences

Many local museums and galleries are much more affordable than bigger ones. Yes, there is less there, but it can still be a fun family friendly arts and cultural experience especially if you have young kids. Not only that, these facilities are very much in need of your support so it goes a long way!

If you want to experience more cultures, look to your neighbourhood too. Are there any cultural centers that have open houses? Festivals that all are welcome to? Don’t be afraid to explore!

Try the Library

Another great resource is the local library. Ours, despite being in a very small town, introduces a lot of arts and culture to the community. Some examples have included poetry readings, craft workshops, and folks sharing travel photos and talking about their experiences.

If your library doesn’t offer these things (or you’re not sure) as the staff. As a former librarian, I know I’d love to hear from people about what they’d like to see offered. The best part is most of these are free for the library to host too.

Of course, the library is also a great place to get free books and other materials to learn more about arts and culture too.

Online Art and Culture Resources For at Home Experiences

There’s a variety of online resources to help you access arts and culture. If there’s one thing we can thank covid for, it’s making the world more accessible online. I’m going to include specific links under each arts and cultural experience bucket list item further down the page, but here’s some general ones that are great:

Kid next to an Inukshuk statue.
Checking out an Inukshuk.

I Can’t Find [Insert Arts and Cultural Experience Here] In My Area

Use the above or below resources to access online experiences, or change your plans a little bit. For example, if you can’t see the Nutcracker, can you see another ballet performance around Christmas time? What about watching a movie of the Nutcracker instead?

As someone who grew up in a rural more than 3 hours from major arts and cultural facilities, I know all too well how challenging it is to access the arts in some areas. Use what you have and try to make the best of things! Then if you do travel, pick your must-do items off the bucket list and experience those when you’re able to.

The Ultimate Arts and Cultural Experiences Bucket List

This is the bucket list of arts and cultural experiences you should do with your kids before they turn 18 so they have a great, well rounded childhood. It’s also a great general list of experiences that everyone should do at least once in their life, regardless of age.

The Ultimate Arts and Cultural Experiences Bucket List graphic

See a Live Play or Theatre Performance

If you’ve never seen live theatre you’re really missing out. Even amateur performances can be a lot of fun, but bigger shows are downright amazing. A couple years ago I saw a twist on Cinderella at an outdoor theatre where the dresses magically transformed on stage.

They have options for all ages and sometimes you can even find these for free.

With Young Kids

Choose kid friendly performances or venues that accommodate kids.

For Adults and Couples

Try and go see something you’ve always wanted to experience. If you’re not sure, Shakespeare is always fun.

Access It

Mint Theatre sometimes streams things online for free. Also check your local area for free events.

Visit an Art Gallery

I love art galleries. While you can definitely look at images online, it doesn’t compare to the experience of seeing things live and in person. The atmosphere is amazing and the collection is presented as a whole in a exhibition, so you see it in a new way.

Many art galleries also have staff available that will give tours or talk about pieces. Great for an educational activity!

With Young Kids

There are art galleries out there that are made for kids! If you don’t have one nearby, look for kids’ events. Even regular galleries can be fun for kids who like to look around, though.

For Adults and Couples

For an extra experience, try and visit during an event – there’s usually enhancements that add to the exhibit.

Access It

The Artling is an online curated art gallery. Or check out the Google Arts museums and tour some famous ones like the Musee D’orsay.

Watch a Magician

You’re probably thinking… Really? A magician is an arts and cultural bucket list activity? It is! Magic is a long running performance art, and something I think everyone should experience once.

Whether it’s wowing kindergarteners with a kid-friendly performance or going to see David Blaine, there really isn’t anything quite like magic.

With Young Kids

There are so many kid friendly magicians out there. Check out local events, they’re often hired to entertain!

For Adults and Couples

If you can afford it, splurge on a touring magician or group when they come to your area. They’re amazing to see live.

Access It

For a fun family friendly magic show at home, try Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us”.

Eat a Cultural Food You’ve Never Tried

Japanese Taiyaki ice cream as an example of cultural food experiences to try.
A Japanese Taiyaki place we tried.

Even small towns usually have some kind of authentical cultural restaurant or food options to experience. See what’s in your area and choose a cultural’s food you’ve never tried before. Eat there as a family or order a variety of options take-out and try them all.

My daughter’s teacher brought in a bunch of snacks from India (her husband is from there) and it was a huge hit. Even though she didn’t like many of them it was an experience she talked about for days after.

With Young Kids

Depending on the age, this might not be appropriate. However, I have been feeding my children a variety of foods since they were toddlers including curry, sushi, etc.

For Adults and Couples

Try and find places that are as authentic as possible for a great experience. Before you go, study up on the dishes and pronunciation.

Access It

If you’re on a budget, look up recipes online or at the library and make it at home. If there’s nothing in your area, try ordering a snack box online. Japanese ones are popular!

See the Nutcracker at Christmas Time

3 kids at the RWB showing of the Nutcracker.
3 of my kids at the Nutcracker for Christmas this past year.

The Nutcracker is possibly one of the most iconic ballet performances of all time. And for good reason – it’s interesting to watch, has great music, and is super family friendly. It’s also a Christmas story.

If you’re able, I strongly recommend everyone sees this ballet during the Christmas season at least once. It’s one of my favourite arts cultural experiences, and a great starting point if you’re new to watching ballet.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? For a similar ballet in terms of music quality and scope, try Swan Lake instead.

With Young Kids

Matinees are the best bet. Also look for kid friendly or family days so you know it’s a more kid-friendly performance. Every child is different, I enjoy the ballet at age 5, but my children would have struggled to sit. There are some great Nutcracker themed kids movies out there too.

For Adults and Couples

This is a lovely holiday season date night idea or something unique to do for a Christmas party with friends.

Access It

If you can’t see it live, a recording of the Russian State Ballet performing the Nutcracker is available on YouTube.

Visit an Aquarium

Child looking at an aquarium.
My middle child checking out the animals in the aquarium.

We visited the Sydney aquarium when we were in Australia and it was so much fun with the kids. Us adults enjoyed it too! Unfortunately, not every city has an aquarium. Our zoo here has some aquatic areas, but not much sadly.

If you can get to an aquarium while your kids are little I strongly recommend it! Bonus points if you can find one that has a focus on the environment.

With Young Kids

I’ve never met a young child that doesn’t love to see fish!

For Adults and Couples

This is a lovely holiday season date night idea or something unique to do for a Christmas party with friends.

Access It

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has live cams that you can check out at home.

Attend an Indigenous Ceremony

Here in Canada truth and reconciliation are a big deal, but I know that the US and other parts of the world also are making an effort to support Indigenous groups. If there is an Indigenous community in your area, attending of their ceremonies are great cultural experiences for kids.

Often Indigenous folks are invited to larger celebrations, so that’s a great place to start if you’re not sure.

With Young Kids

See if there are kid-friendly activities in your area. Most events are kid friendly and kids love experience the unique costumes and music.

For Adults and Couples

Look for opportunities to enhance your understanding of the Indigenous cultures local to you.

Access It

Learn how to Pow Wow Dance for Kids free online from real Indigenous folks.

Tour a Historical Landmark

Inside a historic building where staff are giving the children lessons at a table. One of the historical landmark cultural experiences in our area.
My kids listening to instructions from the interpreter at Lower Fort Garry.

This is something you can find in almost any community. Whether it’s so-and-so first resident of the town’s shack or the White House, checking out historical landmarks makes for a great family friendly activity. A lot of time these are free or very inexpensive, too.

For an extra fun experience, look for tours or special days. For example, we have a prison that sometimes opens for free to visitors and there are actors!

With Young Kids

These are great all ages activities, but always be on the lookout for toddler days geared to little ones.

For Adults and Couples

Don’t write these venues off for date night or a fun night out. Some even have amazing events for free or cheap.

Access It

Check out this list of 20 historical landmarks you can tour at home.

Go to a Music Festival

Now you’re probably thinking that these places aren’t the most family friendly events, and I do get where you’re coming from. But I also think it’s important to expose kids to a variety of experiences. Some of my most treasured childhood memories have been at music festivals with my family.

It’s a good opportunity to expose kids to a variety of music and see some smaller talents There’s typically kid-friendly activities and sometimes even shows for kids too. To avoid the more adult stuff, visit during the day.

With Young Kids

Little kids will love listening to music and taking part in kids activities. Since music festivals are usually outside there’s plenty of room to keep kids busy while enjoying the concert yourself.

For Adults and Couples

If you can swing it, camping out is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once.

Access It

A lot more festivals have been offering live stream options. Keep an eye on your favourite artists. In the meantime, here’s a list of concerts you can stream online.

Visit a War Memorial or Museum

War is an important part of our history and I think it’s important that everyone, especially kids, learn about the good and the bad sides of it. War memorials are a great way to contextualize what happened. Some are even interactive, which means kids (and adults too) will find this cultural experience uniquely impactful.

Most communities have some kind of war memorial. If there isn’t one, attend a service for Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day instead.

Further reading: The True Story of the WWI Christmas Truce

With Young Kids

Be aware that some young kids may get frightened by interactive elements at war museums. Stick to outdoor memorials for young kids if they get scared.

For Adults and Couples

Look for guided tours or memorial events. Sometimes veterans speak at war memorials, too.

Access It

The Canadian War Museum and the National WWII War Museum have a lot online.

Attend a Symphony Orchestra Concert

Christmas themed children's symphony performance on stage
We attended a children’s symphony performance for the holidays that used a variety of holiday music to tell a story.

Orchestra is great because there are so many ways to experience it besides just listening to a typical orchestra.

Here are just some examples: Family friendly events where they play live music to children’s performances, live orchestra score played to movies, free symphony performances in the park, and video game themed symphonies.

With Young Kids

Kids’ shows are wonderful all ages experiences.

For Adults and Couples

If it’s your first trip to the orchestra, try something unique like a live movie score event.

Access It

There are many orchestra performances available on YouTube for free.

Take a Trip to a Museum

Children digging in a museum sandbox for dinosaur bones as an example of museum based cultural experiences.
Four of my children digging for dinosaur fossils in an interactive exhibit at the Manitoba Museum.

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. If you have more than one museum in your area, try and check out all of them at some point! You’d be amazed how much you can learn from those little, specific museums – plus they always appreciate getting support from the community.

With Young Kids

Most museums have family friendly activities for all ages. Usually there’s interactive stuff too.

For Adults and Couples

Museums are one of my favourite date night ideas. If you have a the budget, try attending an adult-only event.

Access It

A lot of famous museums have online tours now to check out.

Check out a Children’s Museum

Kids going down a rainbow slide at a children's museum.
My middle child and one of the twins going down the slide at the Manitoba Children’s Museum.

I wanted to include this separately from museums because I think a children’s museum is a unique experience. Usually they’re geared at the under 10 crowd and super interactive. Ours, for example, has a giant lasagne that kids can climb up and a colourful slide to go down.

Children’s museums also usually have exhibits so be sure to check those out when you go.

With Young Kids

This is a super fun activity idea for little kids!

For Adults and Couples

Many children’s museums have events for adults to help fundraise. Ours sometimes does adult nights where you can purchase drinks and play in the kids’ exhibits after hours.

Access It

The Strong National Museum of Play has a great interactive online tour.

View a Human Rights Exhibition or Museum

Child filling our reflection cards at an exhibit in a human rights museum.
My oldest daughter filling out reflection cards at at exhibit in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

We are lucky here in Winnipeg to have the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in our city, but there are so many ways to familiarize yourself with these issues regardless of where you live. This one will be very location dependent, but some ideas are Juneteenth celebrations, landmarks for human rights related historical events, and local talks.

While this stuff is more geared towards older children, I believe it’s never too early to expose kids to social justice.

With Young Kids

Look for family days or interactive events. There are programs geared to families with young kids out there.

For Adults and Couples

If you’ve never taken the time to visit a local landmark or museum now’s a great time.

Try a Pottery Workshop

There are so many arts and crafts activities that you can try with your kids or as a family, but I think pottery is especially important to put on this cultural experience bucket list. Why? Because it’s one of those things we typically don’t have access to.

While your children might get the chance to paint or draw, pottery is not something that’s easily accessed at school or home. It’s messy, fun, and kids will love creating something unique.

With Young Kids

Find a toddler specific class or do pottery painting instead.

For Adults and Couples

If you’ve never tried making pottery look up classes or workshops in your area.

Access It

For an at-home version, try a home pottery craft kit or use the Crayola model magic clay.

Check Out the Library for Cultural Books and Activities

Example of some arts and cultural experiences at our local library - a petting zoo in the library!
My daughter holding a baby goat that was brought into our local library as part of a storytime program.

I love my local library. Of course I am a bit biased since I used to work there, but still. It’s a great resource for all kinds of unique experiences with arts and cultural that are both local and (usually) free.

You can also look for books to learn about other cultures as a family. This can include information, travel guides, cookbooks, and craft/activity books. Some are geared for kids too! As the librarian for help if you need it.

Finally, your library might also have online resources so check for that too.

With Young Kids

If there aren’t any activities for young kids at your library definitely ask the staff to see if they’ll add some.

For Adults and Couples

Library date anyone? So many fun ways to visit the library either alone or with friends.

Access It

If you don’t have a library in your area check out Open Library.

Watch a Foreign Film

Movies are made differently in different parts of the world. While many people think foreign films are something artsy and strange, chances are you’ve already seen a number of foreign made movies in your life. Anime movies from Studio Ghibli are from Japan, Parasite was Korean, and Leon the Professional from France.

Ideally, watch these subbed with kids who can read. It will add to the experience and help them appreciate media that isn’t in their first language.

With Young Kids

When you watch a dubbed foreign movie talk to your kids about where it’s from and the fact that it was originally in a different language.

For Adults and Couples

Try experimenting with films you’d never have considered. Cannes film festival picks is a good place to start.

Access It

Try Tubi for a collection of free foreign films – although I can’t promise these are family friendly! Netflix also has a lot of options.

See an Opera

I didn’t take my kids but I did see Barber of Seville the night before we were heading to Disneyland with the kids. Loved the performance, but that was a mistake. While that one might not be great for kids, there are plenty of kid friendly operas out there to try.

The biggest issue with opera is that it’s usually in Italian or French and presented with supertitles. Honestly, though, you don’t need to know what they’re saying to enjoy the performance. In fact, these digital supertitles are a new invention!

With Young Kids

Choose kid friendly operas or go to performances geared towards kids.

For Adults and Couples

Don’t blow operas off as a fun activity until you’ve tried it. Everyone I’ve taken with me has been pleasantly surprised!

Access It

The Royal Opera House has free streams of past performances online.

Attend a Dance Performance

Child sitting in a seat eating popcorn in the Sydney opera house.
Picture is from back in 2010 – my oldest, then four, waiting to see Angelina Ballerina at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Whether it’s ballet, tap, or a cultural performance experiencing dance live is a great gift for your family. If you have a preference, now’s a great time to share that with your kids. You can also find performances that are super kid friendly. For example, we saw Angelina Ballerina at the Sydney Opera House with my daughter when she was small and she loved it.

If you can’t access professional dancers in your area, consider checking out local dance recital or competition. Children and teens work hard all year practicing and it’s a great way to support your local community.

With Young Kids

Look for dancers performing at local parks for a casual family experience.

For Adults and Couples

Besides typical dances, you could also try something like a Burlesque show.

Access It

Merce Cunningham Trust has a huge collection of performances you can watch online for free.

Watch a Musical Live

Stage set for the musical RENT.
Picture I snapped of the stage set up for RENT when we went to see it.

I absolutely love musicals and so do my kids. My 14 year old actually just asked me to take her to see Come from Away. There are so many family friendly productions out there that will keep all ages entertained. This is something I grew up doing – even Grease and West Side Story held my attention as a kid. If you like to listen to the songs from musicals you’ll get so much more out of seeing it live.

For those who can’t attend a big performance, there are many places that have outdoor ones for cheap or free. If you absolutely can’t find one, try watching a classic film instead.

With Young Kids

Look for kid friendly musicals or outdoor performances where it doesn’t matter if they sit for the whole show.

For Adults and Couples

Musicals at the theatre make great date nights. If you’re not sure about musicals, try something modern and fun like Avenue Q, Book of Mormon, or Hamilton.

Access It

There are many musicals on streaming services, including Hamilton’s Broadway recording on Disney+.

Go to the Zoo

Child at the zoo looking for animals.
My middle child at the zoo.

There’s a lot of controversies with zoos, but in many places they’re becoming more responsible. Our zoo stewards the arctic including polar bears (there’s actually a TV show about it on CBC) so I feel good about visiting. There’s plenty there for kids and adults to do!

Zoos are one of my favourite family friendly places because you can make everyone in your group happy. Plus my rambunctious kids get to run around outside.

Look to your zoo’s programming to see if there’s any unique cultural experiences that tie in with the zoo, too. For example, ours has a lot of Indigenous-focused activities from the north since its focus is polar bear conservation.

With Young Kids

Plan short visits and look for toddler or kid friendly activities.

For Adults and Couples

Many zoos put on adult events. Ours has brew in the zoo with craft beers!

Access It

The San Diego Zoo has live cameras on their website so you can see the animals at home.

Experience Poetry

Either with a poetry writing workshop or poetry reading. Even in small communities poetry is everywhere. Try the local library or check out events in your area. If you’re near a major city, you’ll have even more opportunities to find poetry reading or workshops. If you can’t find anything – do it yourself at home!

I actually won opera tickets once from a poetry contest so I’m a big believer in putting yourself out there.

With Young Kids

Poetry is one of the first things small children learn. Nursery rhymes are poems, after all! Look for a kids nursery time or learn them at home together.

For Adults and Couples

Try writing your own poetry and see how you do. You can even share your written (or just your favorite) poems with your partner. If you want to listen instead, look for local poetry readings. They can actually be really fun!

Access It

50 classic poems read by celebrities, free on YouTube

Watch the Circus

Circus performer in a high up ring.
One of the many performances we saw when I took the kids to a travelling circus.

I would never have considered this to be arts and culture and I actually attended. There is something spectacular about the circus and it’s absolutely a performance children should take in at least once during their childhood.

Take care to find one that fits your values – ours didn’t include animal performances.

With Young Kids

It could be a bit intense for little ones so be sure to do your research before attending.

For Adults and Couples

If you get the chance to see Cirque du Soleil it’s well worth it!

Access It

Check out this hour long Cirque du Soleil performance online for free.

See a Concert

Child with the cast of the show Yo Gabba Gabba.
My oldest daughter, then 4, with the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba as part of our VIP experience at Yo Gabba Gabba Live.

This is another one that will change based on your kids’ ages, but a concert is definitely a arts and cultural experience! I’ve had so much fun taking my kids to a variety of concerts over the years, including one from Yo Gabba Gabba when my daughter was four.

As kids get older, concerts are a great bonding experience especially when you go and enjoy the music they like with them.

With Young Kids

Don’t discount those kids’ concerts, they’re actually a lot of fun.

For Adults and Couples

If you want a unique experience, try getting tickets to an outdoor event or cover band.

Access It

The Sydney Opera House streams a bunch of stuff online!

Watch a Skating Performance

Disney on ice
From when we saw Disney on ice – all 5 kids, ranging in age from 4 to 11, really enjoyed it!

Like dance, skating is another unique activity that a lot of people don’t always get to see. At least not in the way that makes it unique! If you haven’t already, check out a family friendly performance. My kids love Disney on Ice, but there are other cool shows out there too.

If you can’t go to a big show, check out your local skating club’s skating carnival at the end of the year.

With Young Kids

Disney on Ice and similar shows are super family friendly.

For Adults and Couples

There are some amazing shows out there that adults will love. If you can find one, check out a figure skating competition.

Access It

Since figure skating is in the Olympics there are plenty of performances to watch online.

Hunt Down Local Cultural Landmarks

Family local arts and cultural experiences example at Gimli, Manitoba.
My partner, my middle child, and 3 kids in front of an Icelandic statue in Gimli, Manitoba.

This is one of our favourite family activities. With gas prices so high, it’s also a super fun way to play tourist in our own area without having to travel.

Look around nearby communities for cultural activities and monuments. We try and take pictures at them whenever we visit different communities for hockey. Keep an eye out for events, too!

With Young Kids

This can be as low key as you want, which I love. Try and find kid friendly stuff to do when you visit a new community.

For Adults and Couples

Make it a fun scavenger hunt to go and visit as many as you can over the course of a day.

Access It

Look at your local community information for resources.

Travel the World

Child sitting in a plane seat with a lollipop.
One of the twins on the plane the last time we travelled by air with them.

This is, of course, the best way you can expose your family to unique arts and cultural experiences. It’s also last on this list because it’s not always accessible – at the very least, not in usual ways. Something I do find, though, is that even small trips to neighbouring cities or staycations can have an impact on kids.

You can also travel the world using online resources. There’s a bunch already listed in this bucket list of cultural experiences and even more out there online if you look.

With Young Kids

Don’t be afraid to travel with kids! I’ve done it several times with success. And no, my kids aren’t “easy”!

For Adults and Couples

Skip the tropical vacation and go somewhere unique next time you travel.

Access It

Thanks to the internet there are so many places we can explore from home.

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