Why you should volunteer at your kid's school

I’ve spent the past three days volunteering at my kids’ school. If you’ve ever volunteered before you know that it can be absolutely exhausting. Even with that said you should volunteer at your kid’s school.

Why you should volunteer at your kid’s school

I couldn’t pick activities that were short and inside, either. Nope. Monday we did picnic day for my 1st grader, which is basically just a day at our local man-made lake playing in the sand. 11-3 in the sun. Tuesday was the same thing for the 4th grader. Today was a zoo field trip with the 1st grade class again.

I have barely been able to volunteer all year so I was pretty happy to have this chance now. Usually volunteer opportunities have happened on days where I’ve had to work or otherwise couldn’t go. Having other kids at home makes it hard to volunteer too.

Since it’s been awhile since I last volunteered at my kids’ school I forgot what it was like a little bit. There are so many benefits to being there besides just showing up.

It’s time with your kid

Well this one should be the obvious reason why most parents would opt to volunteer at school. You do get some quality time with your kid. Plus you get to see how they interact with their friends. Kids are different at school and you get to see a different side of them! I spent half of picnic day on Monday building sandcastles with my daughter. It’s something we almost never get to do together because I’m always busy with the other kids.

You get to know the teachers and staff

Well, the school staff is already familiar with me. After all I’ve had kids at that school for 6 years and counting. It still gave me an opportunity to get more friendly with some of their teachers. It might be the end of the school year but that doesn’t mean they don’t talk to each other. I also got to overhear some teacher gossip which is always fun. Nothing bad, of course.

You’ll meet other parents

Of course if you’re not very social this won’t happen. But I was really surprised that it had been so long since I saw some of the other moms! I made arrangements with a couple so our kids can hang out over the summer. It’s nice to have that network, especially when you live out in the country and don’t really see people out and about. Plus the more people looking out for your kid the better.

The other kids become more familiar

Now when your kid comes home with a story about a kid you know who they mean. You’ll also get a better idea of who your kids hang around with and how those social dynamics work. There’s nothing more awkward than other parents knowing your kid by name and you knowing none so this is actually pretty important.

It gets you out of the house

For many stay at home or work at home moms a lot of time is spent at home without adult interaction. Volunteering at your kid’s school is a great way to get out and talk to other adults while still spending time with your kids.

You might get special privileges

While waiting to embark on picnic day one of the moms was telling me the story of volunteering for the concert. Only two people showed up! Well guess what? Those volunteers got front row seats.

While I was at picnic day both times I also got to enjoy hot dogs with my kids, which was nice. Of course, you shouldn’t volunteer at your kid’s school just for this reason, but some recognition is nice.

How can you volunteer at your kid’s school?

Here’s some common ways schools welcome volunteers:

  • PAC/Parent councils
  • Fundraising
  • Lunch monitoring
  • Field trips
  • Events like track and field
  • School canteen
  • In the library or during book fairs
  • Making things for special occasions (eg. costumes)
  • Arranging donations

If you want to volunteer at your kid’s school, just ask!