Our First Fertility Doctor Appointment

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This week we finally got up the courage to meet with a fertility doctor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my family, I’ve been wanting another baby for quite awhile.

When my twins were born, and I was married to my ex husband, I definitely didn’t want to have any more kids so I opted for permanent birth control. Fast forward 6 years and a new (well, not new anymore!) relationship and I’m feeling like my family isn’t complete.

My partner is absolutely amazing and even though my kids bring us both so much joy, we want to add another one to our family.

Adoption was my first option since it’s something that’s always been dear to my heart – but we found out it wasn’t possible. There aren’t many babies out there up for adoption where we live.

Our First Fertility Doctor Appointment

Anyway, so back to our doctor’s appointment. Since I had a tubal ligation during my last c-section it’s not as easy as deciding to have a baby and trying. We knew we’d need some help.

One of our big “unknowns” right now is what kind of tubal I had. I couldn’t find my records so my doctor is hunting them down for me ASAP. Hopefully it’s the kind that can be reversed!

We are also doing some tests to see which method – IVF or a reversal – would be better for us.

Our doctor is amazing

I was really worried at first because I’ve heard mixed things about our clinic. Here’s the thing: it’s the only one within like, a 12+ hour drive East or West. So there wasn’t exactly a lot of options.

Our doctor turned out to be amazing! He was kind, we didn’t feel rushed, and he didn’t even question my weight. (He did ask, but it wasn’t a concern. This was something I was really worried about!)

I’m very lucky. We already know what the problem is so the tests are very minimal. We’re basically just trying to figure out what the best option will be in terms of getting pregnant – IVF or the tubal reversal.

What we want

I’m hoping that the results come back positively for a tubal reversal. We have about a 75% chance of it working because I had it recent enough and we know I can get pregnant.

It might even be higher than that but doctors always keep things realistic.

Both cost about the same financially but I find the procedure for the tubal reversal to be a lot less invasive than the back and forth to the clinic, shots, hormones, etc of IVF.

It also means we’ll be able to have more than one baby together if we choose to. Right now we’re both unsure – it really depends on money.

We did find out the positive news that subsequent rounds of IVF are cheaper after the eggs are harvested – so that’s great.

One downside to the tubal reversal, though, is that OR times are impossible to get right now because of COVID. All “elective” (non-essential) surgeries have been delayed and they’re not taking new bookings until they get through that back log.

I’m really excited

At the end of the day the doctor seemed pretty confident we could make this happen. Of course, nothing is for sure – but it’s about as good as it gets for these things.

Now here’s hoping our dreams of a little maybe-baby come true!

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