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by | Jan 27, 2021

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Before Christmas, Mythroll Armory asked if I’d like to test out a few of their products. As a huge geek, I absolutely said YES! I love playing table top games, especially with my kids. So I’m sharing my honest Mythroll Armory Product review.

Just to disclose, I received theses items for free – but I haven’t been compensated for this review. All the opinions are mine!

Mythroll Armory Product Review

Mythroll Armory sent me four of their flagship products to check out: Dice spinners, a case for them, the Sketch Dice, and the wallet-sized foldable metal D20.

I’m going to break down each item and let you know a little bit more about them. And what I think!

Sketch Dice

Sketch Dice from Mythroll Armory Review

I think these are hands down one of the coolest ideas out there. In the RPG world, dice are a huge deal. For people who play frequently, it means going out and finding the perfect set of dice to use for your Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

Everyone usually has their own unique pair, and there are so many options out there in terms of colour, finish, and material. Mythroll Armory does sell some other dice options on their site, but this is my favourite.

Fully Customizable Dice Designs

I love that you can customize them to look exactly how you want them. Want all your numbers written out? Go for it. What to list them in elvish? Yep, you can do that too. Whatever you imagine, these dice let you get creative and make something that no one else will have. Ever.

They’re also great for younger or newer fans of Dungeons & Dragons. My 13 year old daughter, for example, is absolutely going to love them. She plays D&D with a group of friends online, but is still pretty new to the series. Little things like this make it more fun.

Also, if you’re looking for a Dungeons and Dragons gift idea that you know they won’t already have, this is it.

How they work

The kit comes with the blank dice and a bunch of markers. Normally if you wanted to make your own dice you’d either have to buy a blank set and the markers too, or mix materials, use molds, etc. These are a perfect mess-free option.

The markers are black, white gold, silver, red, green, blue and yellow. Basically you create your base with any of the coloured pens, let it dry, and add in more designs.

The black and white markers are specially designed to not mess with the other colours, so your design comes out clean. Talk about smart!

My review

I absolutely love this product. It’s priced reasonably given how much dice cost, and I think would be an awesome gift idea. I know it’s something that I would consider picking up for my own kids, relatives, and to give friends.

What’s great is even if you’re not that artistic (like me) you can still make some pretty cool designs!

black dice spinner

Dice Spinners

Dice spinners work in place of dice. In this case, these spinners replace the D20 and D10 dice used for popular tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. They come in a bunch of colour varieties, but overall all have the same design.

I got to play with them and let me tell you – I had so much fun just spinning it!

My review

I can think of a million ways these are going to come in handy for me. When the kids are sleeping and I need to roll. When the table is covered in things and we don’t want to have dice flying everywhere. When I’m going somewhere that it’s not practical to bring dice… You get the idea.

They’re extremely high quality die-cast metal. There’s a felt pad on the bottom so you don’t scratch your table, but it’s not slippery enough for the spinner to move around. The motion is really smooth, and the indicators are easy to see and read.

If you’re looking to an alternative to dice, or just want to add to your collection, this spinner is perfect.

Dice spinner case

Dice spinner case from Mythroll Armory review

I’m just going to touch on this one quickly since there isn’t too much to say. The case is hard sided, and fits two of the dice spinners comfortably inside. There’s also a handy little pocket in the top of the clamshell design.

It feels a lot like my switch case, which makes me confident it’s sturdy. The sides are firm so you can’t crush your spinners, but soft enough that they won’t scratch either.

Definitely get one if you’re grabbing the spinners.

My only complaint is it only comes in black and red right now. I’d love a pink one!

Wallet-Sized foldable metal D20 die

D20 puzzle from Mythroll Armory review

I love the concept for these things. Basically these are little wallet sized D20s that you can keep on you for those emergency gaming sessions.

They’re kind of useless, like who really needs a D20 at random? Most of us RPG players plan this stuff way ahead. BUT you still need to buy it. Why? Clout.

I just love the geeky vibes that carrying a D20 in my wallet gives off. I love the idea that I’m always prepared. I love showing people that I have a D20 in my wallet.

Plus it’s just so flipping cute.

My review

OK, so these are actually ingeniously made. You unwrap it, and the instructions on the back help you fold your flat piece of metal into a D20.

I opened one for this review, and right off the bat struggled to actually unwrap the metal sheet. The packaging is nice, but it would be handy if there was a tearway bit to make unwrapping easier. I’m on the go, after all!

After I got it out of the packaging without scissors (and making a mess), the rest was simple. The metal sheet is wrapped in plastic so it comes nice and shiny (no scratches.)

Popping out the flat D20 was a lot easier than removing the wrapper, but the edges were kind of pointy. Like, I poked myself, but it didn’t break the skin or anything. A worthwhile sacrifice to the gaming gods, in my opinion, but still something to watch for if you’re thinking of getting this for kids.

Having a pair of pliers would definitely make this easier. I’m personally not great at folding, so I struggled a bit. It can also break if you fiddle with it too much, unfortunately.

So for this one, I would say that it’s a fun novelty, but really more of a puzzle that should be sat down and built rather than something that can really work on the go.

I’m still going to put one in my wallet, though.

If you get it, I strongly recommend watching the video below. Super helpful!

What I think of Mythroll Armory’s products

Seriously, if you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan or just a tabletop gamer in general, you have to check this stuff out. Their products are practical and made with RPG fans in mind, but also fun and approachable.

They’d also make awesome, unique gift ideas for D&D players, fans of the show “Critical Roll”, or anyone who plays diced based tabletop RPGs. What I really like is that they work well for kids, teens, and adults alike.

I especially loved their sketch dice, but everything is well made and either practical or fun. They’re definitely legit!

Oh, and they’re a Canadian company, which immediately gives them some extra brownie points. For more info check out

See my video of these Dungeons and Dragons products on Tiktok

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