it's OK for moms to slack off

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I’m sitting here writing this while not feeling well. I have to admit, it’s not always easy to do all the things I’m supposed to do. And the list is long! It’s also hard for me to accept that sometimes it’s OK for moms to slack off.

Sometimes it’s OK for moms to slack off

There’s plenty of reasons why you can’t keep up with everything. In my case, I’m dealing with a bit of a summer cold, brutal cramps, and the general mess of having 5 kids home on summer vacation. It’s a lot.

I haven’t been able to keep up with my normal routines.

But the thing about moms is we put this pressure on ourselves. No one is coming over telling me that my house is a mess. And if anyone says that they can leave. My kids don’t need to be perfectly presentable every day so does it really matter if all their clothes are clean? Not really.

Yet I still feel the pressure.

Here are some of the things that I do when I’m feeling like this:

Using modern conveniences

On days like today it’s too hard to walk the full basket of laundry to and from the clothesline. We still need clothes washed and dried so I use the dryer, something I rarely do in the summer. It’s OK to not be perfectly frugal all the time.

Same goes with the dishwasher. We just have a small portable one and sometimes I’ll fill it with things I normally hand wash (mostly because of their size/shape) when washing dishes is too much.

Both get the same results and my family doesn’t suffer.

Easy meals

I’m the kind of mom who likes to make a nice meal every night. It doesn’t always work out. Yesterday I had Shepard’s pie on the meal plan but swapped it for tacos, which are much easier. The kids didn’t mind because they always complain about dinner (except my 11 year old who was disappointed, sigh) but it was a lot easier for me.

I try not to turn to take-out when I’m feeling crappy, though. My advice is to have ready to heat meals in your freezer for days where cooking is too much – otherwise you’re looking at spending way too much on not good food.

Letting things wait

Last night I was just too tired to finish cleaning the kitchen after dinner, so I left it. Yes, I have to deal with it today but it was a lot better than pushing myself further. Sometimes I feel like us moms invent chores for ourselves and put pressure on to do all these things that really don’t have a time limit.

A few things you can do that are still productive when you’re not feeling able to do a lot:

  • Play with the kids or watch even watch shows with them
  • Take care of “sitting” tasks that need to be done (for example, I bought my kid’s school supplies online this week)
  • Meal plan
  • Make lists
  • Connect with someone/reply to emails

In my opinion letting some things go when you’re sick isn’t the same as taking a real break. Stay at home moms still need those! And remember – there’s always time to clean the house.

Do you think it’s OK for moms to slack off sometimes?