Stop wearing yoga pants

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I know I’m going to get some backlash for this one but year me out. If you’re a stay at home mom you should stop wearing yoga pants all the time. Seriously. They might be comfy. And stretchy. And flattering. I get it, I have some too. But unless you’re heading to yoga class it might be time to reconsider.

Why Moms Should Stop Wearing Yoga Pants

My partner is going to hate me for writing this post. Yoga pants are probably his favourite type of pants. I mean they do wonders for a woman’s figure, after all. I’m trying to make the switch to wearing more dresses, which I love, so it’s easy to avoid wearing them. And he’s happy with that too.

Stop wearing yoga pants because of the environment

In a recent post I talked about how our synthetic fabrics shed microfibers, or microplastics, into our water supplies. This is a huge contributor to ocean pollution and ends up in our food supply! By switching away from synthetic fibers, like those found in yoga pants, you’ll have a real environmental impact. Not to mention the general sustainability of producing natural products vs synthetics.

You’ll feel better about yourself

Look, I know you can argue that you’re not feeling your best when you’re wearing tight jeans with your mommy tummy spilling out. I’m not about that life either. But by putting on nicer clothes in the morning and getting dressed properly you’ll have a better day – even at home. Give it a try and see how you feel.

They’re not great for your body

Obviously this is different for everyone but synthetic materials like yoga pants irritate skin conditions like eczema. For me it can be pretty bad depending on the materials and the way it sits on my skin. But there’s something else that women especially need to consider as well (trigger warning for any guys reading) – how it affects you down there. Less breathable materials, like spandex, can increase the chances of yeast infections and other issues.