Should You Buy a Costco Membership? - featured image of a costco shopping cart in the store

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Today something big happened – we got a Costco membership! The truth is I’ve been wanting one for a while but just couldn’t really afford the initial membership cost.

Should You Buy a Costco Membership?

There’s a lot of things to take into account before joining a warehouse program like Costco. Can you get the products cheaper somewhere else? Is there one nearby? Costco is kind of one of those places where there are a lot of less expensive items… And a lot of temptation.

Why I waited to buy a Costco Membership

Yes, I know the Executive Membership cash back and cost savings will more than cover the cost each year. It was just biting the bullet and putting out that initial $110 that really presented a challenge.

That got my thinking about just how much privilege you have to have to shop somewhere like Costco. Even though it saves you money, especially if you’re low income.

Space matters when you buy a Costco membership

Back in the other place that we were renting, for example, there really wasn’t any space to store bulk items. Plus we only had the freezer that was attached to the fridge so it was basically impossible to buy large quantities of anything. Now we have A LOT of space for dry storage, an insulated cold room, a huge upright freezer and a an “all” fridge as our fridge buying in bulk is actually possible.

Shopping in bulk is not for everyone

Then there’s the act of getting there. We have a huge vehicle and even with all the kids (and not folding down the back seats) we have more than enough space to accommodate a big Costco trip. If you were someone who couldn’t drive or afford a car how would you possible for you to bring your purchases home. Public transit isn’t an option so unless someone is will to give you a ride you’re screwed.

Costco memberships can be expensive

Then there’s the money. Besides the membership cost, which I listed above, Costco also means a large upfront investment at first. Yes, it’s cheaper buy 5 dozen eggs than it is 1 but if you’re living paycheck to paycheck you can’t afford to spend that extra $9 in the short term so you can benefit from the long term savings.

Why I love my Costco membership!

So we are happy to have a fridge full of healthy and fresh foods. Plus we didn’t spend as much money as we thought on it. The kids have some good lunch options and we actually stuck to the darn list for once. There’s a lot of Costco products that we really like and it’s nice to be able to pick them up again.

I’d love to hear some Costco money saving tips or your favourite products in the comments!