How to get work done when it's nice outside

Now that the bitter cold prairie winter is finally over all I want to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We’re in the middle of our first heat wave right not and it’s been amazing. The only downside? I’m really finding it hard to get work done when it’s nice outside.

How to get work done when it’s nice outside

I have to confess – I haven’t done any work this week. Nope. I’ve been busy volunteering at the kids’ school. Thursday was their last day and I picked them up, we went for ice cream, and then saw Toy Story 4. Today the oldest had a dentist appointment (more on that in a other post – it’s a doozy).

Anyway what I’m saying is I haven’t exactly been all that productive in this nice weather.

Today, between dentist appointment and the kids coming home from their dad’s, I had some time to work. Instead I pulled weeds and hung laundry. (In my defence it looks like rain and I wanted it done before that.)

Anyway, here’s how I usually get work done when it’s nice outside.

Work outside

This is probably the best and easiest ways to have the best of both worlds. Just take your phone or laptop outside and take care of business there. If the kids are playing outside even better, you can easily watch them and work. Just make sure you’re paying close attention around water, of course.

Almost any home business can be taken outside if you have the right tech. I write and work off my laptop all the time. I also use my phone to work on social media posts or edit blog content.

The other day my boyfriend worked from home. He worked and made calls from our backyard. Pretty cool!

Take outside breaks

Not every job is going to allow you to work outside. If you’re stuck inside, or it’s too hot to work outdoors for a long time, you can try taking small outdoor breaks. If you normally sit down for your breaks at the table take your lunch outside and eat. Or plan your chores around your breaks so you can spend a few minutes in the sun hanging laundry.

Keep your office cool

If it’s too hot you won’t be able to concentrate, period. Make sure you office is a comfortable temperature. Don’t have AC? Neither do I. Stick a fan in there, wear cool clothing, sip a cold drink, and when all else fails take a cold shower. Don’t try and work in the heat!

Schedule your time

The reason you’re running your own business in the first place is to have more flexibility. If you want to get outside schedule your day around that! You don’t have to work a traditional 9-5 work day when you make the rules.

Get your work done early

Rather than waking up later or starting later get your work done first thing in the morning. That way by afternoon when the sun is calling you’ll be finished up and ready to start enjoying.

Take some time off

If you’re able to this might be a good time to take some well-deserved time off from your business. I know even with my own clients a lot of people take it easy over the summer. Enjoy the sun!

I know that it won’t be long before it’s October and we’re back to boots and mittens so I’m going to enjoy summer as much as I can.

What does your summer work schedule look like?