Make money selling junk

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A long time ago, back when I was still with my ex, we had decided to try and sell as much as we could to earn extra money. I made $835 in 2 weeks! If you’re hoping to make money selling junk you can take a look at what I did.

Make Money Selling Junk – I Made $835 in 2 Weeks

Video games – $120
Figures/Collectibles – $ 75
Baby items (including 2 bucket car sears) – $205
Tupperware and Kitchen stuff – $175
Shelves – $175
Books (we sold 3/4 of our kids’ books)  – $85

This was over a 2 week span from Jan 9th to Jan 23rd! I do admit I was really sad to see a lot of it go. That’s the thing about “junk”, it’s not just stuff to the person who owns it!

Here are some tips for selling your stuff on Facebook groups:

List everything in a public album on your personal profile.

I had a lot of family and friends who purchased from us! I also looked for groups that allowed those kinds of posts and shared the album right to the group. It kept everything in one place and was way easier for me. Just make sure your privacy settings allow “followers” to leave comments on public posts. (This is what my Facebook album looks like)

Carefully select your prices.

I did a “everything must go” pricing strategy. If I didn’t want the stuff gone and had more patience I probably could have fetched higher prices but the goal is to make some money and get rid of a lot of stuff. Low prices created high demand so things moved out quickly and many people took multiple items instead of just one.

Clean up the goods and take nice pictures.

Make sure everything is clean and dust free and you take your photos in a tidy, well lit area. I like to do it on my counter top for smaller items or lay groups out on the kitchen table. Make sure your picture is honest and represents what they’re getting – sell the good but don’t lie about any issues. I sold a chipped mug and a toy missing accessories for the right price!

Group similar items together.

Instead of meeting with multiple people over individual items, put everything together in a group and sell for a flat rate. You will often fetch less money for this method but it’s also an easy way to get rid of large amounts of items instead of sitting on a few stragglers you can’t sell and now have to donate. These are often listed as “lots” for example: “Home decor lot”, “DVD lot”, etc.

Communicate clearly.

If you can only meet people at certain times or require pick up make sure to include that information in your listing. We post a lot on out of town groups and specifically say people have to meet us at the mall across the street from my kids’ weekly dance class in the city. If someone can’t make it they will know right away not to comment and you both won’t be wasting any time.

Get organized.

I keep a list of every item that has tentatively sold, who wanted it, when, and how much then I just check them off as they’re picked up and I have the money. Sometimes people flake so it’s important to only use the actual cash you earned not what you think you’re going to make. I separate lots into bags when I list them and keep everything together in a box. When something “sells” I bag all their items up together and set aside until pick up or delivery day. I also make sure to update my listings as soon as something goes to avoid confusion.

I haven’t been brave enough to try other online sources like Ebay or Etsy (for my antiques) or even listed anything on the local Craigslist equivalent. Where do you sell your stuff online? Any advice for me going forward?