Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Nature

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Have you ever considered starting a new hobby before realizing just how much of a financial commitment it is? Great examples of these expensive hobbies include scrap booking, sewing, Warhammer 40k, model trains… You get the idea. Even something relatively tame like video games can take their financial toll on your budget if you’re not careful or overspend. Don’t worry, there’s lots of free hobbies out there to try.

Free hobbies that won’t cost any extra

With winter months coming up you might find yourself wanting to get into a new hobby but if you’re also trying to avoid spending then that might be a little tricky. Here are 10 hobbies you can start right away that don’t include your debit card.


Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Exercise

Ugh, worst hobby ever, right? Just kidding. This one is great for a million reasons but can also be done for free. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to work out just put on one of a million free YouTube videos or go out for a walk.


Free hobbies that won't cost any extra- Reading

How often do you find yourself saying that you wish you had more time to read? If you’re looking for a new hobby travel no further than the inside of a book. Chances are there’s a few collecting dust in your home already but if you’re itching for something new your local library will have thousands to borrow.


Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Photography

Now now calm down, you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to be a hobby photographer. Learn about exposure, lightning, colour balance, and all the different facets of photography either online or through library books. Then set out with  your smartphone or any camera you have to practice your techniques.

Hobby Business

Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Crafts

You know those small business ideas that you have that you’d like to do part time but they wouldn’t make much money? They’re a great hobby to have. Maybe you like knitting and, after your materials, only earn a few cents an hour for what you sell your work for. Who cares! The sales pay to continue the hobby.


Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Writing

Writing is probably my favouirte hobby that I have and it doesn’t cost a cent. Whether you want to finally put together that novel you came up with or you’re just dabbling in a bit of poetry, writing can be a great way to unwind and be creative.


Volunterring as a hobby

It may be altruistic but volunteering can also be a very time consuming hobby. If you’re looking for a little something extra in your life, especially if you like to be involved and meet with people or socialize this is a great, no cost hobby for you. Some organizations that you might be interested in might even offer some stipend for your time or the experience can benefit your career going forward, so it’s a win-win financially and personally.

Bird or nature watching

Free hobbies that won't cost any extra - Nature

If you already have a set of binoculars at home, great, but you don’t need them to do this hobby. Everything  you need to identify your neighbourhood birds can be found online or inside the library. YouTube is a great resource for learning how their individual calls, too.


Yet another thing that can be supported for free by online resources or inside library books, meditation or yoga are great ways to centre yourself and find balance in your life. There are also great online communities out there where you can find people interested in your hobby to guide you.


Decluttering will help pass the time and make your house nicer

Although not quite a hobby if you find yourself itching for a way to spend your free time this is a great place to start. Who knows, maybe you’ll do so well you’ll find yourself helping your friends or blogging about it later.

The one your already started

Gardening is a great hobby

Yep, I know you had good intentions, but let’s be real: you probably already have hobby supplies laying around by some begun, but not finished, hobby. Now’s as good a time as any to get going.

So what kind of free hobbies do you want to try?