Secret to frugal living

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It’s really easy to get caught up scouring the interest for money saving tips. And yeah, there’s plenty out there. I mean who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? The secret to frugal living has to be out there somewhere, right? I’ve been looking for awhile… And I found it. Sort of.

The secret to frugal living is doing less

This kind of seems like a oxymoron but hear me out on this one. There are so, so many things we can do to save money. Active things like hanging your clothes to dry and making things from scratch. Or those posts that say to cut something really expensive out that we weren’t buying anyway. We know about those things and we’re looking for something more.

How can someone really save money?

Do less.

It’s not about what you can do to save, but what you don’t do to spend that’s the real secret to frugal living. How do you save $100 on new clothes? Don’t go shopping. How can you cut down your grocery budget? Stay out of the grocery store.

What we never see when we measure frugal living is the absence. We always want to see active frugality not the passive stuff. There’s nothing fascinating about watching potatoes grow but growing those potatoes is frugal living.

What can you NOT do to live more frugally?

  • Stay in instead of going out
  • Choose free hobbies instead of spending money on them
  • Don’t cook expensive meals
  • Wash your clothes less and be more organized about what’s still clean
  • Don’t buy a new car, new outfit, new bag, new rug, new anything you don’t desperately need
  • Never shop “for fun”
  • Instead of buying books or magazines, borrow them
  • Don’t subscribe to streaming services like Netflix
  • Avoid wasting anything
  • Not giving in to silly kid expenses

Yeah, frugality can actually seem kind of boring. But that’s what I love about it.

What not doing things means for me

Not only does not doing those things save me money, it also makes my life simpler. By writing off common trends like new clothes and expensive handbags I have less worry about keeping up with things. I enjoy cooking from scratch and eating at home. Since I don’t work outside the home I don’t have to worry about racing home to make dinner or picking up take out.

It might not be how everyone wants to live but it works for me. Saving money means more time with my family and to do what I feel called to – which is homemaking.

I love living frugally

I wish this post didn’t sound so negative because it isn’t. I like eating at restaurants from time to time but I’m truly happy using our hard earned money for more important things, like fixing up our home, and spoiling the kids. I wake up happy every morning that I don’t have to get dressed up for an office so that I can pay for luxuries we don’t even need.

Sometimes it’s hard. I can be envious of others. But I know that being frugal is the right lifestyle for us. My advice to anyone thinking about trying to live on one income, or more frugally, is make a challenge. Try an no spend weekend. Or see how long you can go without spending on anything but essentials.

You’d be amazed at how much money you save.

What’s your secret to frugal living?

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