Unnecessary Baby Products

So you’re having a baby, congratulations! It’s time to get shopping for all that fun baby gear. That fantastic, overpriced, and often unnecessary baby gear. There are lots of unnecessary baby products. Hopefully you save a few bucks by making a rocking baby registry (I personally use Amazon) but whether you’re adding to your wish list or your shopping list, make sure you skip the non essentials.

Unnecessary Baby Products You Can Skip

You’re probably wondering who I am to tell you what you do and don’t need for a baby, right? Well I have 5 kids, including a set of twins. Trust me, I know.

Baby care products to skip

  • Baby powder. It’s actually not great for babies’ lungs to be breathing this stuff in. If baby has a diaper rash, use regular old cornstarch and diaper cream.
  • Wipes warmer. The one exception is if you’re cloth diapering this is really handy to keep the wipes moist. Otherwise, unless you have a very fussy baby, you can skip this hassle.
  • Bath thermometer. Use your elbow to test the temperature, it’s more sensitive than your hand.
  • Baby tub. Although this might be nice to have in certain situations, I never used them. Instead, bathe baby in the sink, in the regular tub, or just bring them in the shower or bath with you.
  • Special baby laundry soap. Most babies are just fine having their clothes washed with everyone else’s. This will save you both time and money.

Unnecessary baby gear

  • Changing table. This might be personal preference but changing tables are often more  hassle than they’re worth. They’re only used once and present a fall hazard for baby. If you insist on one grab a dresser/change table combo that can still be used later.
  • Baby food maker. If you want to make your own baby food just use a regular blender. Or, even easier, try something like baby led weaning and go right to finger foods.
  • Crib bedding. When baby is in a crib you should only have a fitted sheet in the bed, no blankets and definitely not bumper pads. As baby becomes a toddler you might want to add a blanket and pillow but you still don’t need bumper pads. Skip the matching nursery set.

Other unnecessary purchases

  • Baby shoes. Babies don’t walk, shoes look cute, but you don’t need them. Plus they usually fall of or don’t fit right.
  • Pre-packaged baby snacks. Babies don’t need baby granola bars or cereal puffs. Fruit and veggies are great finger foods, so are plain Cheerios. Cheap and easy.
  • Custom car seat covers. It’s not safe to use anything that’s not approved by your car seat manufacturer.
  • Overpriced dishes/cutlery. Again, babies don’t need a lot of special things. If you want to get plastic dishes Ikea has really inexpensive options.
  • Limited-use toys. When toy shopping look for things that are more open ended or will grow with your child.
  • Toddler juice. Toddlers don’t need juice!
  • Generic keepsakes. It’s ok to sometimes want to buy something sentimental. A baby book, photo box, or whatever it is that means a lot to you is a sound investment. What isn’t worth the money is keepsakes that you’re “supposed” to have but don’t really care about, or that you’ll never look back on.

What did you buy for baby that turned out to be a waste of money?