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This past weekend we decided to cancel our streaming services. As a work at home Mom, and someone trying to move to a more natural, country, and wholesome lifestyle, I felt like watching TV mindlessly didn’t fit in. I actually think most stay at home moms should cancel Netflix if they want to be better wives and mothers. We really need to pull away from the TV.

Why Stay at Home Moms Should Cancel Netflix

Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting to watch TV less and less. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of interesting or funny shows on there for me to watch. It’s just that every time my partner and I go to put the TV on together I find myself not wanting to watch anything.

There are a few shows I would like to watch, and ones I’m waiting for new seasons are. I will find a way to check out these shows eventually.

Cancelling everything

For us, that includes Netflix, Crave, and Crunchyroll. Actually, I was supposed to cancel Crucnhyroll a few months ago and forgot, so we’ve been throwing $7 a month down the drain. Here’s the breakdown of costs for us in Canadian dollars.

Netflix – $13.99 per month
Crave – $19.99 per month
Crunchyroll – $6.99 per month

Total: $40.97 per month. That’s almost as much as cable!

We do have a couple other subscriptions we’re hanging onto. The Xbox Gamepass is good until this time next year so it’s not an extra cost, plus it means the 9 year old can play Fortnite with his friends. We also have a Spotify family plan which we use all the time.

Why should stay at home moms cancel Netflix?

Really, it’s all stay at home caregivers I’m talking about here. The reason I’m calling out that specific group is because they’re the ones who have the most opportunity to watch these services. In quality daycare, children are not exposed to screen time. As a stay at home parent, you shouldn’t be providing the same level of care – it should be better!

This is also an important lesson for work at home moms who use the TV as a babysitter. I know I’m majorly guilty of this.

The benefits to cancelling your streaming services or cable

Besides just cost savings there are plenty of reasons why cutting out these services is good for your family. Every week the Xbox sends me a weekly screen time report for my son’s account. Sometimes, but not always, the twins will go onto his to watch Netflix instead of mine. This past week it was 32 hours! Now, yes, some of that is running in the background, but can you imagine? It’s way too much.

Time with your partner

At the end of the day do you and your partner turn on the TV and sit in silence? Yeah, everyone has shows they like to watch together. And yes, I know you just want to relax. But if you’re watching TV you’re not talking. You’re not connecting. At least not on an emotional or spiritual level.

After a long day with the kids you probably need some adult interaction.

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Sign that says "there is more to life than Netflix"

Less wasted time

If you’re a stay at home mom who actually gets time to watch TV then first of all, tell me your secrets. Most of the time it’s probably a case like mine where I don’t actually have time but I am taking it anyway. Sometimes it’s a well deserved break. Sometimes it means binge watching the entire series of This is Us and getting nothing else accomplished. Not good.

Just like with our phones and social media, the TV can be a huge time waster for moms.

Much better for the kids

Kids don’t need screen time, and they certainly don’t need to be watching Netlfix all day long. The problem with Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services for small kids isn’t just the time watching TV though. Unlike traditional TV or movies it involves no patience. Not only is the next show playing automatically but it enables them to switch between them easily.

In my opinion this instant gratification and constant switching between shows is bad for developing brains.

Not cutting out screen time completely

That being said, I won’t completely cut out our screen time. Sometimes my boys are tired and we no longer nap. We use a movie as quiet time in the afternoons, especially after a morning at preschool. Sometimes it’s far too cold to play outside and we all need a break from activities. And yes, even though I said you shouldn’t, sometimes you just have to get work done.

After we cancel Netflix, here’s our alternatives:

  • Youtube. A favourite of my older kids but the twins are not allowed to watch it.
  • DVDs. We have kids shows and plenty of movies for the kids to watch.
  • Free streaming sites. My partner and I love to watch 22 Minutes on CBC which we just stream for free online.
  • Video games. We like to play them in our house and have quite a lot.
  • Free channels. There’s an antenna on our roof that we need to look into but if that doesn’t work we’ll pick one up so we can watch some of our free, local channels. These channels have news, kids morning and weekend shows, and daytime TV.

Are you going to cancel Neflix?