Pink Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

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I love pink – it’s such a pretty colour. Even as a guy, I don’t mind having it around the house. But if you really love pink, then you’re going to adore these pink kitchen accessories and appliances. Seriously, you can get anything in pink nowadays!

Pink Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

pink Non Stick Silicone Utensil Set

Pink Cooking Utensils

Who doesn’t want to cook with pretty pink utensils? These also look adorable sitting inside a container on your counter rather than hidden in the drawer.

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Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick pink pot and pan set

Ceramic Pink Pot and Pan Set

Pots and pans don’t often get a lot of love. If you keep them in the cupboard they’ll still be something to make cooking a bit brighter – but this set really shines if you have open storage in your kitchen.

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pink and white Buffalo Plaid PVC Tablecloth

Pink Buffalo Check Table Cloth

Dressing up the table to match the kitchen is a must. Or you can use this tablecloth to add a pop of colour in an otherwise pinkless dining area. Your choice!

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pink Aluminum Dish Drying Rack

Pink Aluminum Dish Drainer

Everything needs to match. Where do you dry your pick dishes anyway? If your dish rack is often on the counter then something stylish is a must.

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pink retro salt and pepper shakers

Retro Salt and Pepper Shakers

I love salt and pepper shakers, they make such cute decorations and collectibles. This vintage set is perfect for everyday use and cute for entertaining too. This is one of my favourite pink kitchen accessories.

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pink Standing Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holders are practical kitchen accessories everyone needs – but you know what makes them better? That’s right; being pink.

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Pink Kitchen Accessories and Appliances pink keurig coffee maker

Keurig Coffee Maker

This has to be the cutest Keurig of all time. If it’s going to sit out on the counter it better match the theme!

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pink  Coffee Pod Holder for Keurig

Keurig Pod Holder

To go with your pink Keurig, of course. You can fill it up with your favourite coffee pods so there’s never too long of a wait between you and caffeine (or hot chocolate, if you prefer.)

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pink and white Cotton Waffle Weave Check Plaid Kitchen Towels

Plaid Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are a great way to add some colour to your kitchen without having to make a big commitment. Hang them from the oven door or diswasher!

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Pink and Silver Decorative Accent Tray for Storage and Display

Pink Rectangular Serving Tray

I like serving trays for a bunch of reasons: they can be good for corralling things on the countertop or table, make great decorative pieces if displayed, and are practical for entertaining guests.

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Pink and Copper Coated Stainless Steel Utensils

Kitchen Gadget Set

This gadget set fill your cupboards with all kinds of pink! As someone who likes drawers to be pretty on the inside too the idea of matching pink kitchen accessories totally speaks to me.

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pink Reusable Kitchen Towels Dish Cloth

Swedish Kitchen Dishcloths

I LOVE Swedish kitchen dishcloths – they’re so nice to work with. And what better kind to get for your pink kitchen than pink ones?

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pink Wireless Electric Small Food Processor

Mini Food Chopper

Meal prep tools don’t have to be boring and drab. Cute accessories like this mini food chopper don’t just make prep easier, they make it a little more fun too.

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pink Stainless Steel Colander With Handle and Legs

Pink Edged Strainer

Absolutely everything must be pink! Seriously though, if you want to grab a new strainer, why not get one that fits your kitchen’s theme?

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pink Gorilla Grip Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts Set

Pink Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

Silicone oven mitts are nice for a bunch of reasons. First of all, they’re really heatproof so you don’t need to worry about burning through a cloth mitt. Second, they’re easy to clean in case you’re like me and accidentally put your thumb in the casserole sometimes.

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pink Retro Pink Stand Mixer

Pink Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are usually left out and have become kind of a focal piece in modern kitchens. I love the design of this one – it’s pink on the top and chrome on the bottom so you get a retro look that makes a huge statement.

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pink Non-Slip and Heat Resistant Kitchen Hot Pads for Countertops

Silicone Trivet Set

Trivets are handy to rest hot pots and pans on when you’re cooking and serving so they don’t damage your kitchen or table.

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two pink and white Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

Kitchen Timer

If you don’t have a timer on your stove or microwave, or need a second one, a dedicated kitchen timer is super handy. Unlike ones on appliances, these ones can be taken out of the room too – so you don’t have to stay in the kitchen and watch your baking.

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pink and chrom two slice toaster

Pink and Chrome Toaster

Toasters are another small appliance that’s often left on the countertop most of the time. This cute chrome and pink one is a huge upgrade from the plain black or stainless steel options you usually see.

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three piece pink Ceramic Baking Dish

Ceramic Baking Dish Set

Pretty baking dishes aren’t just great for cooking, they also make serving a lot easier – just leave it in the dish!

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pink kitchen aid hand mixer

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer

If you don’t have the space for a full sized mixer these little hand ones actually do a great job. You can do almost everything a regular mixer does with it and for a fraction of the price.

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pink two piece cutting boards

Cutting Board Set

Pretty cutting boards are great for both everyday use and for serving guests. I also like to keep mine out on the counter (standing up) so having nice looking cutting boards is a must.

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pink two Quart Non Stick Saucepan with Glass Lid

2 Quart Mini Pot

This little pot is so cute and the perfect little saucepan to add to your collection.

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Assorted Pink and White Potholder Set

Set of 4 Gingham Pot Holders

Pot holders, like oven mitts and dish towels, are an easy way to add some colour to any style of kitchen. Plus they’re practical, too.

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sixteen piece pink Stoneware Dinnerware set

Pink Stoneware Dish Set

This dishes are really pretty and I love that that they’re stoneware instead of ceramic. If you want to upgrade your dishes a set like this one can add cohesiveness with the rest of your pink kitchen accessories.

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Seven Piece Kitchen Set Pink

Kitchen Knife Block

Since the knife block usually sits out on the counter it becomes part of your kitchen decor. This knife set is handy for meal prep and cooking, and looks super stylish sitting out too.

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large food containers with pink lids

Large Food Container Set

These food containers are made to go inside your cupboards or pantry to hold bulk food. The pink lids add a little of colour but the sides are still clear so you can easily see what’s inside.

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pink blender

Smeg Blender with Pink Base

I love the Smeg products, they all have this cool retro vibe going on. This blender is no exception, and looks especially great with a pink base.

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pink ceramic spoon rest with owl

Ceramic Spoon Rest

I use my spoon rest all the time and it’s definitely a part of the kitchen. This pink one is a great way to add one more bit of pic to your kitchen counters while still being something that you’ll use all the time.

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pink egg cooker

Egg Cooker

I personally use the stove to make eggs but I can totally see how an egg cooker like this one can be useful. Of course, it has to be pink!

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pink Gorilla Grip Mixing Bowls Set of two

Set of 2 Gorilla Grip Mixing Bowls

These mixing bowls are really nice. The Gorilla Grip style means they won’t slide around when you’re using them.

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pink bread box with black writing that says bread

Pink Bread Box

Bread boxes have kind of gone out of style but if you have a vintage kitchen they look adorable sitting on the counter. This one also adds another little pop of pink to any kitchen.

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pink apron with pockets

Pink Apron

If you’re spending time in your pink kitchen you just have to wear a pink apron!

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pink mini rice cooker

Mini Rice Cooker

Mini rice cookers are so handy. Unlike trying to cook rice on the stove it always turns out fluffy and delicious – plus no fuss and really easy clean up.

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Metal Pink Food Storage Tin Canister

Set of 3 Canister Set

Canisters add extra storage to the kitchen counter. You can put anything in them like coffee, tea, sugar, or flour.

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ten pack pink Glass Meal Prep Containers

10 Pack of Food Containers with Pink Lids

Packing up leftovers has never been so stylish. These containers work just as good as other locking airtight storage containers, but they’re better because the handles are pink. Probably.

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Pink Ceramic Utensil Holder

Pink Utensil Holder

You need something to hold your pink (or other colour) utensils on the counter, right? Personally this is how I store all my cooking utensils that I use regularly so they’re handy right next to the stove.

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pink Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

Expandable Kitchen Storage Shelves

By putting one of these shelves in your pantry or cupboard you gain an extra level of storage space. They’re great for small food items like spices or to organize small bowls, mugs, etc.

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pink Metal Utility Rolling Cart

Pink Kitchen Cart

If you need some extra storage (or something that can be moved) in the kitchen a cart really comes in handy. This one, of course, is pink so it’s practical and super cute.

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pink Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

Automatic Trash Can

The lid of this pink trash can opens all by itself making it the perfect addition to the kitchen. It’s nice enough looking to keep out in the open, too.

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pink Handheld Frother Whisk

Milk Frother

Yes, you can even get a pink milk frother. This would be cute to pull out when guests or over but is also sturdy enough for daily use.

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pink Glass Transparent Spice Jars

Spice Jar Set

This spice jar set is super handy because of the handles. You can add those spices (or homemade spice blends) that you use every day or use them for other things like cake decorating.

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GreenLife Cook Duo Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 6QT Slow Cooker

6 Qt Slow Coker

This little slow cooker is great for making small batch meals, side dishes, or hot drinks. Since it sits on the counter all day it should be cute!

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pink digital food scale

Food Scale

Food scales are a kitchen staple. Weighing baking ingredients is more accurate and you can use it for weighing meat to determine cooking times. It’s also handy for those counting calories.

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pink Gorilla Grip Premium Mini Silicone Oven Potholder Mitts

Potholder Mitts

Pink and practical, what could be better? These potholders are made of silicone so you don’t get burned as easily, but they’re not quite as bulk as oven mitts.

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pink Electric Grill with Hot Pot

Electric Grill with Hot Pot

On one side there’s a grill, the other a hotpot to cook casserole style dishes. This set is handy for the kitchen or if you need to cook up a meal outside the home.

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pink and white two Pack Hanging Hand Towels

Cotton Hand Towels

These hand towels are just too cute not to share. You can hang them on anything and they don’t fall off thanks to the button.

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I absolutely love the idea of doing a pink themed kitchen and I lowkey want everything on this list. It’s so cute! Hopefully you’ve found some great pink kitchen accessories and appliances for your home.

If you found this helpful, leave me a comment – or better yet tag @thebestnestblog on Instagram with your pretty pink kitchen!

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