Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Time to bring out those decorations and start planning those festive meals. Personally, I feel no meal is really complete without some tasty Christmas themed drinks and cocktails (or mocktails).

Let’s be real Christmas can be such a stressful time! With those endless to do lists before the big day and the many shopping trips for gifts. One thing is for sure everyone could use one (or five) of these cocktails to sip on while enjoying their big feast or watching the kids tear apart the house playing with their new toys.

Never fear trying to figure out what drinks to serve, I’ve gathered a list of fantastic drink options that are sure to impress everyone who attends your Christmas this year, or for you to just enjoy after everyone has gone home.

Selecting Your Drinks

Whether you enjoy a warm, cold, or boozy drink this list has something for everyone to enjoy this Christmas season! If you are hosting a dinner, it’s always important to make sure you have a few options for your guests. I like to include a few options when having guests over, ensuring I have a mocktail on hand for those not drinking or are underaged.

Including a hot beverage to have with dessert is always nice as well, I’m personally a sucker for anything with eggnog in it and can’t wait to try a few of the boozy eggnog recipes off this list this Christmas. Check out these delicious Christmas drinks below to find some inspiration for this holiday season. Happy Sippin!

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

I hope you were able to find a few drinks that suite you. Let us know what drinks you made and how they turned out by dropping a comment below! Happy Holidays everyone!