Yoga is one of my favourite activities to do at home. Although taking classes is nice, there’s plenty of guided yoga lessons online or on YouTube. Not only does yoga help you relax and recharge, it also gives you a workout too.


f you can learn to enjoy baking as a stay at home mom your life will be so much better. Being able to bake things for the kids’ lunches, homemade bread, or your own birthday cakes can not only save you money but kids love it too. 


Actual pen on paper journaling or creative writing! Personally, I’m a fan of guided journals and gratitude journals, but you can really fill in anything you want. Even a blank notebook will work!


If you can’t write, how about reading? This is yet another personal hobby of mine. It’s even better if you can join a book club and get out of the house once a month. Some even meet online!


Anything to focus on that isn't kid related is a win, something you can pick away at when tie allows for it - puzzles are perfect for that!

Puzzles or Mosiac Art