Camping is super fun for couples and kids alike. Here’s our very best advice to make your trip go off without a hitch so you can have more fun.

Tips for Camping With Kids

10 Tips for Camping With Kids

Follow these 10 tips to make your next camping trip fun for the kids and let mom and dad catch a break while they we are at it. The great outdoors, a magical place where nothing but the sounds of nature to surround yourself with and let all your troubles slip away....

75+ Things to Pack in Your Camper For Kids

75+ Things to Pack in Your Camper For Kids

We just bought a new (old, fixer upper) camper and I'm super excited to get it perfect for my family. There's plenty of packing lists out there, and generally most people already know what to pack in their camper. But what do you pack in your camper for kids?...

Cheap Ways to Accessorize an Older Camper

Cheap Ways to Accessorize an Older Camper

If you're dealing with an older camper, it can sometimes feel like accessorizing it isn't as fun. Let's be honest: when things are dated you kind of just... give up. At least in the decorating department. But I'm going to show you some real life cheap ways to...

Things you need for camping

5 Unexpected Things You Need for Camping

I’m a big fan of camping with and without kids. We tend to rough it - which means tent camping. Sure it’s a cabin-style tent but it’s not an RV so... Anyway. I’m always surprised what we miss and the unexpected things you need for camping that don’t make the...

Be Bear Safe While Camping

How to be Bear Safe While Camping

Growing up doing Girl Guides (Girl Scouts for you Americans) I spent a lot of time camping. Often these group campsites were out in the wilderness without many people around. Sure, we had fun and made crafts and camped. But we also learned a whole lot about how to...